Top 10 Road Trip Movies

Today’s Movie of the Day is 10 Movies of the Day – My Top 10 Road Trip Movies.

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Monday Movies :: The Letter “A” :: 10 Things

Monday Movies :: The Letter “A” :: 10 Things

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Top 10 Road Trip Movies :: Monday Movies

Top 10 Road Trip Movies :: Monday Movies

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My Top 10 Movies :: The Letter A :: Monday Movies

My Top 10 Movies :: The Letter A
Monday Movies

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Away We Go (2009) :: A-to-Z of Movies :: My Top 5

Away We Go (2009)
Written by Dave Eggers & Vendela Vida
Directed by Sam Mendes

“I think we might be fuck-ups.” ~ Verona

“We’re not fuck-ups.” ~ Burt

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My Top 300 :: 31-35

31. Whip It! A movie that completely captures friendship and a sense of family found outside of your family, both themes that I tend to love in movies and books when I find it. There is a plethora of great performances in this, especially from two favorites of mine, Ellen Page and Juliette Lewis. This is…

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