Give Me Five with Tricky

Oppressive heat overtook the weekend and ignited yet another brush fire in the close-by mountains above. When was it that fire season became a think in Los Angeles? It seems embedded in our lack-of-seasons around here, fueled by climate change and carelessness (in some ways the same thing really). Out the window this morning one … Continue reading Give Me Five with Tricky

Storybook Kelly Vivanco

These are the ghosts

Happy October 2nd. This piece is a redo/revision of a memory of mine, fictionalized to be about two sisters with big imaginations, and a love of horror (and castles made of blankets and 1970's TV trays). It is also inspired by the song "These Are The Ghosts", by The Bees, and this hauntingly gorgeous piece entitled "Storybook" by another of my favorite artists, Kelly Vivanco.

And love, love, love is only heaven away

Happy October 1st and happy October themed writing. This one is part of a project I'm contemplating - a collection of Flash Fiction stories about women and girls. This one is inspired by both The Psychedelic Furs song "The Ghost In You", and the stunning piece entitled "Atropa Belladonna" by one of my favorite artists, Sarah Joncas.