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My Top Music Obsessions of the Day :: 4/14/17

It's time for Friday's Epic Song Mix via My Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day, put together with Friday in mind, as well as the gear up and get ready for the weekend sentimentality. This is another Fine set of Songs that fit right in to the Play Loud category we started yesterday, so just do it, Turn up the Music and Play it Loud.

My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day, M5MO

My Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day :: 3/14/17

My Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day :: 3/14/17 Listen here at Spotify Tuesday arrived quickly this week. The music plays while March flies by, faster than January and February seemed to. Perhaps this is something that happens when you are happy, feeling engaged in each moment, and satisfied with where you are right now. That isn't a feeling I've had too often in my life, but I certainly have it now. I don't take it for granted, no. I cherish it. Turn the music up, sing-a-long, and feel damn lucky to be alive, in this life, in my life, right now. Today's MY Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day start with my favorite track off of Blur's most recent album, The Magic Whip. From there I hit play for a track off Wolf Alice's EP with the same title - "Blush" quite possibly being my favorite track of Wolf Alice (see pictured above). Arctic Monkeys' "505", tied for favorite with a "Mardy Bum", comes in at song number 3, then there is a newly discovered track from The Courteeners. We finish up today's 5 with Oasis' "Don't Look Back in Anger", a song I referenced in a conversation I was having with my carpool early this morning. You can click to listen to each video below, or choose the Spotify link to listen to the My Top 5 Song Obsessions of the Day :: Top Five playlist. I add each five songs shared to the playlist each day, so the playlist evolves as the week does.

Friday Five :: Songs versus Artists versus Bands that begin with “A”

The Letter A - Friday Five

My Top 300 Movies :: 186-190

186. Adult World Movies about writers are a big love of mine, as are coming of age stories, whether reality based stories, or works of fantasy. Amy is a struggling writer, a lost girl looking to sort out who she is in the world, and in many ways she is a blank slate of life experience. … Continue reading My Top 300 Movies :: 186-190

You can leave your hat on :: Top Five Friday :: Friday Music Theme

Top Five Friday Songs about Hats, Shoes and Glasses Hats 1. You Can Leave Your Hat On :: Joe Cocker "You give me a reason to live." 2. Raspberry Beret :: Prince "And if it was warm she wouldn't wear much more." 3. Time For Heroes :: The Libertines "There are fewer more distressing sights … Continue reading You can leave your hat on :: Top Five Friday :: Friday Music Theme