Countdown to Pete Yorn’s ArrangingTime :: Day 10 of 11

Countdown to Pete Yorn’s ArrangingTime :: Day 10 of 11

It’s Day 10! The final countdown day! ArrangingTime is almost here! Are you ready for it? Do you have your copy pre-ordered? Are you gearing up for your own Lost Weekend with a new set of tunes by Pete Yorn? Are you going to head out to one of his live shows on the ArrangingTime tour? Is anyone going to be seeing him at Coachella?

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And we both mourned for each other :: RSOTD

So Long, My Lover :: Carl Barât
from the album, Carl Barât (2010)

“So holy together,
no devils could tear us apart.”

Random song of the day

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She smells of daisies

Big Jet Plane :: Angus & Julia Stone
from the album, Down the Way (2010)

“Be my lover,
my lady river.
But can I take you,
take you higher?
Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane.”

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Yeah they both end in trouble and start with a grin

Down in the Valley :: The Head And The Heart
from the album, The Head And The Heart (2010)

“I know there’s California,
and all of the places I ain’t ever been to but,
down in the valley with whiskey rivers,
these are the places you will find me hidin’,
these are the places I will always go.”

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