They weren’t meant for anyone :: SOTD

SOTD :: The Milkman’s Horse (2015) :: The Libertines
from the album, Anthems for Doomed Youth

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Inside a chapel of shiny apples :: SOTD

SOTD :: Chapel Song :: Augustines

“Tear up the photograph –
cause it’s a bright blue sky.”

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My heart was haunted with the ghost of all my doubt :: SOTD

“I wouldn’t trade,
I wouldn’t sell,
come high water or hell,
I’m gonna love you well.
If you were the ground
I’d lay in the dirt,
throw on the rocks and let it hurt –
cause I’ve been homeless,
and a slave to loneliness.”

SOTD :: You & I :: Honeyhoney

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Today I woke up and I’m this :: MOTD

13 Going on 30 (2004)
Written by Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa
Directed by Gary Winick

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For three good reasons :: SOTD

You’re My Waterloo :: The Libertines
from the album, Anthems for Doomed Youth (2015)

“I’ll be your gypsy lane.”

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We were kids then :: RSOTD

Junebug (live) :: Robert Francis
from the album, Before Nightfall (2009)

“I remember everything,
that was love I could not keep.
You were beautiful then,
I’m still in too deep.”

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I’m gonna lose you :: RSOTD

Random song of the day –
Lose You (live) :: Pete Yorn
originally from the album, musicforthemorningafter (2001)

“Stop before you fall into the hole that I have
dug here.
even as you are starting to feel the way I used to.
I don’t need a better thing
just to sound confused.
Don’t talk about everyone –
I am not amused
by you.”

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Up here in the city feels like things are closing in :: RSOTD

Oh My Sweet Carolina (live) :: Ryan Adams
originally from the album, Heartbreaker (2000)

“I ain’t never been to Vegas,
but I gambled up my life ,
building newsprint boats I race to sewer mains.
Was trying to find me something,
but I wasn’t sure just what –
funny how they say that some things never change.”

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You are as alone as they all said you’d be :: Random Song of the Day

Sahara :: Bear’s Den
from the album, Without/Within (2013)

“All my life I wasn’t honest enough,
and I thought I would never get over you.”

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Put it in a place you keep what you need :: Random song of the day

Gamble Everything for Love :: Ben Lee
from the album, Awake is the New Sleep (2005)

“Tell me are you feeling lost?
Have you crossed into places
that you never knew to get through?
Tell me are you gonna cry all night?
Tell me the truth
and I’ll tell you the truth.
If you gamble everything for love,
you’re gonna be alright.”

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