Malibu (1998) :: Hole :: SOTD

Malibu (1998) :: Hole :: SOTD

“And the sun goes down,
I watch you slip away.
And the sun goes down,
I walk into the waves.”

There’s nothing left to lose :: SOTD

SOTD :: Don’t Wanna Cry :: Pete Yorn

“I know men aren’t supposed to act this way,
but things they got too real;
I couldn’t stay.
Now I know one day we will both feel good..
But if I could be with you,
you know I would. ”

Casting shadows on my face :: SOTD :: TBT

SOTD :: Wait :: Alexi Murdoch

“Cause everywhere I seem to be,
I am only passing through.
I dream these days about the sea,
always wake up,
feeling blue;
wishing I could dream of you.”

Don’t worry about me :: SOTD

SOTD :: Lost In My Mind :: The Head And The Heart

“Put your dreams away for now,
I won’t see you for some time,
I am lost in my mind.”