My Top Ten Blur Songs :: Top Ten Tuesday

My Top Ten Blur Songs :: Top Ten Tuesday

Since I’ve been in a bit of a Blur mood this week I thought it was time to do a Top Ten Tuesday of their songs. So, if you are looking for the best of the best of Blur, from their Brit Pop 90’s era all the way to their 2015 The Magic Whip release, look no further. Following are my picks for the best of Blur – My Top Ten Blur Songs for Top Ten Tuesday.

My Top Ten Male Singers :: Top Ten Tuesday

My Top Ten Male Singers
Top Ten Tuesday

The flip side of the last list by request. These lists continue to be near impossible to narrow down, and this was yet another tough one. The list of my favorites would go on, and on, and on – well past “ten”, but this is a “Top Ten Tuesday” list, so I painfully cut and put this list together. Some of these slots are subject to change, others will always be where they are. All that said, for today, for right now, this is a list of My Top Ten Male Singers on Top Ten Tuesday.

Love Songs :: Top Ten Tuesday

My Top Ten Love Songs
Top Ten Tuesday

By request, a Top Ten Tuesday list of My Top Ten Love Songs. This list has changed over the years, and I had to trim off quite a few favorites to limit the list to Ten, and tomorrow, or next month, or next year, if this request came to me again, the list might look different. That said, I know there are a few that have been there for as long as I can remember, and will probably be sticking around for forever.

The list tends to veer older, with a few, more recent songs, woven in. The classics though are awfully hard to compete with, especially in regards to songs about love. They transcend cheesiness and contrived sentimentality, gifting something a bit more vulnerable, imperfect, and real.

So, here’s my list, at least for today, by request…

AIR :: Top 10 AIR songs

AIR :: Top 10 Tuesday

Are you looking for the quintessential tracks from AIR? Whether you are a new listener seeking an aural introduction, or a veteran fan of the French electronic duo who wants to revisit you’re favorite songs, this Top 10 Tuesday list of AIR songs should help satiate your AIR-desires.