An afternoon at Resistor Records – and the music I took home with me

The town I live in is a small suburb of Los Angeles, tucked away beneath the foothills in the "other valley", the San Gabriel one, a place has a small town feel, a real sense of community, yet is only twenty minutes (well, give or take "LA" traffic) from Hollywood, and Downtown LA. Monrovia is one of those places where people actually know their neighbors and support the local businesses. Oh, and did I mention that we actually have the best record store in Southern California here? Well, we do.

What’s In My Bag? :: Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

What's In My Bag? :: Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea Market This was our first time visiting the Rose Bowl Flea Market that happens in Pasadena, California, the second Sunday of each month. It is a days worth of fun, with more treasures than you will have time to admire, and so much people …