My Weekly Top 10 :: Week of 9/1/14

1. Coves One of the albums in my Top 5 New Releases this week was Soft Friday by Coves, the band name taken from an old term for “good friend“, made up of duo Rebekah Wood (vocals) and John Ridgard (multi-instrumentalist). I can’t seem to get enough of this album, the psychedelic rock meets indie pop with an edge that reminds me of The Kills, The Raveonettes, Metric and Jesus and Mary Chain if they let Hope Sandoval take over the mic. I’ve written a lot about how much good music came out this Summer, and as the season comes … Continue reading My Weekly Top 10 :: Week of 9/1/14

But who needs that? :: VOTD

Listen Like Thieves :: INXS from the album, Listen Like Thieves A Little History: Listen Like Thieves is the title song and third single from Australian rock band INXS’s fifth album, Listen Like Thieves. The song peaked at #46 in the UK Singles Charts, in 1986, and hit #54 on the US Billboard Charts, that same year. The music video takes on a Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome look and feel, a post-apocalyptic movie that had come out the same year of release as the Listen Like Thieves album. A Little Reflection: Off of one of my favorite albums, Listen Like … Continue reading But who needs that? :: VOTD

I’ll tell you all the useless things that I have learned :: video of the week

Everything I’ve Got in My Pocket :: Minnie Driver “I want to remind you how to laugh, sometimes you don’t even make a sound, ’til you fall down on the ground. And I’m going to love you every day, and maybe it’ll balance out the pain, that I can’t take away.” Continue reading I’ll tell you all the useless things that I have learned :: video of the week

Nothin’ but love, even when you can’t see it

Nothin’ But Love :: Brendan James Celebrating love and supporting marriage and love equality, Brendan James’ new video is incredibly moving and beautiful. Please watch, listen and share this video. Brendan James, on his decision to use this video as a platform for speaking (singing) out for marriage equality: “While on tour in September, I stopped in Atlanta at the request of an old college friend, Jeremy O’Keefe. Jeremy is now a successful filmmaker who was spending the summer in Atlanta. He asked if I would shoot a special music video with him, using my new song, ‘Nothin’ But Love,’ … Continue reading Nothin’ but love, even when you can’t see it

But I am free

“I was always an unusual girl. My Mother told me I had a chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality.” I have been fascinated with Lana Del Rey’s music, and the stories she tells in her songs, from the first time I heard her. I persisted in my interest and enjoyment of her music even through the terribly cruel press she received after an unfortunate appearance on Saturday Night Live. I was honestly sickened by what happened to her in the press and among music fans, how she went from being an internet darling, the talk … Continue reading But I am free