Love (2016-2018)

Our most recent binge was the Netflix original series “Love”. I had seen most of the first season back when it first aired on Netflix, and though I’d liked a lot of it I’d had issues with the ending and had never gone back to finish the series. We were looking for something new to…

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Soundtrack

Soundtrack Saturdays presents Buffy the Vampire Slayer the Album

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Roadies :: Episode 2 :: “What Would Phil Do?”

Roadies :: Episode 2 :: “What Would Phil Do?”

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I thought we were safe but I was wrong :: SOTD

SOTD :: The Book Song (1992) :: Frente!

“Sometimes I wish I was blind.
I thought I saw,
a whole lot more,
than this.”

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Just for one day :: Under the Covers

Heroes :: Peter Gabriel

“And you, you can be mean,
and I, I’ll drink all the time.
‘Cause we’re lovers,
and that is a fact.
Yes we’re lovers,
and that is that.”

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