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George Michael Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Top 10 George Michael Songs

Top 10 Lists Lyriquediscorde Iona

It’s that time again. Top Ten Tuesday time with another Top Ten Song List, by request. This time around its George Michael getting the Top Ten treatment thanks to Amber’s request. I was thrilled to get this request as I’ve been a fan of George’s since his days in Wham!, have seen him live a few times, met him once in the late 80’s at a dance club, and even owned and wore a “Choose Life” t-shirt when I was 16 years old. I know George’s music and voice and thought coming up with this list would be easy. I was wrong. Diving into his Songs with Wham, Solo, duets, and covers made me realize how many Songs of his I love and have so many memories attached to them. So many to choose from. This one was very hard to narrow down to 10. Also, it made me sad all over again that he’s gone. But, just as Music heals and soothes my own life, listening to these Songs heals and soothes the loss, too. There’s always Music.

Wham George Michael Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

I first heard George Michael’s voice at a friend’s house. We were having a sleepover/music marathon and she had just gotten the Wham! Album Fantastic. We couldn’t get enough of “Young Guns (Go For It!)” and”Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do!)”. We watched the Videos to both, learned the dance moves, and every word – singing and dancing-a-long. I’m not sure the social commentary on unemployment, “the dole”, and young marriage hit us at the time. We were too busy getting addicted to the catchy pop-soul sounds. And, admittedly, how attractive George was.

Around the time the second Wham! Album came out, Make It Big came out they had made it big. Everyone knew the Songs and so many people I knew had huge crushes on George. My Mom had a big one, too. The Songs were a bit more mainstream, but still catchy, poppy, and soulful.

Wham! George Michael Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Music for the Morning After had a slightly less impact on the charts, but in my house, it was just as big of a hit. My Mom had it spinning on the living room turntable all the time. I veered away at the time, obsessing over other Music, but I still knew the Songs and had my favorites. “I’m Your Man” was the standout from that Album, well, that and “Last Christmas”. I have very vivid memories of singing-a-long to both, in the car, with my Mom.

And then George went solo. Without a doubt, I know the Faith Album by heart, backward and forwards. These were Songs to dance to, to move to, to sing, to make out to, and to FEEL. There was freedom in these Songs, empowerment, and sexuality, – and I needed all of those strong feelings to beak out of things in my life that had damaged me, and held me back. This Album helped me in a lot of big ways.

George Michael Faith Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Listen Without Prejudice was the last Album of George’s that I truly embraced and loved. My All-Time Favorite George Song is on it, as are many others that I love, and that has helped me in my life. I think sometimes I forget what these Songs, and George Micheal has meant to me. But, in compiling this list I’m sure remembering.

Here are my Favorite George Michael Songs – My Top 10. What are some of your Favorites?

GM Top 10 LD

Top Ten George Michael Songs
Top Ten Tuesday

1. “Freedom ’90” by George Michael
from the Album, Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 (1990)

2. “Everything She Wants” (Remix) by Wham!
Originally from the Album, Make It Big (1984)

3. “I Want Your Sex Pts. 1 and 2” by George Michael
from the Album, Faith (1987)

4. “Father Figure” by George Michael
from the Album, Faith (1987)

5. “Praying For Time” by George Michael
from the Album, Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 (1990)

6. “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” (live) by George Michael and Elton John
from Live Aid (1985)

7. “Young Guns (Go For It)” by Wham!
from the Album, Fantastic (1983)

8. “I’m Your Man” by Wham!
from the Album, Music from the Edge of Heaven (1986)

9. “Faith” by George Michael
from the Album, Faith (1987)

10. “One More Try” by George Michael
from the Album, Faith (1987)

George Michael Top Ten Tuesday LD

Led Zeppelin Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Top 10 Led Zeppelin Songs

Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Here we are again. Top Ten Tuesday with another Top Ten Song List, by request. This time its Led Zeppelin getting some Top Ten attention thanks to Jackie’s request. Led Zeppelin has always been one of these Bands on my Music outskirts. They are this huge Rock Band with this huge Rock presence, and I know so many of their Songs, but it wasn’t until I sat down today and started going through them that I realized how many Songs I knew, and loved. Music is ever a surprise to me – in a good way.

Led Zeppelin Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

When I started picking out Tracks for My Top Ten I started to realize that most of my Favorites have a Film or TV connection. And, most of those “connections” are due to Cameron Crowe. Its no big shock to anyone who knows me that I love Cameron Crowe Movies (and TV) and that I adore how he incorporates Music. His Movies get me in ways few others do, and I get them deeply. Recently, it was his all too short-lived TV Series, Roadies, that I fell hard for. So much of the Music from that show made its way into Playlists and Obsessive Plays by me. Another case of Crowe’s Music influence through film, on the Big Screen, and Small.

There are definitely Crowe influenced Zepplin Songs in this list.

Tori Amos Led Zeppelin Cover

Another gateway to Led Zeppelin is Tori Amos. My first Tori was the Single/EP for “Crucify” which included Covers of Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin. I love all three of the Covers so much. Her version of Zeppelin’s “Thank You” is one of my Favorite Tori Covers, and has made itself on many a Mix, especially ones made for past lovers.

There was also an older brother of a good friend of mine, back when I was in that pre-adolescence to adolescence era. I’d say it was an influential time for me with Music, but there’s honestly never been a time that wasn’t. This older brother though, he was in high school already, a few years ahead of us. He played guitar and smoked a lot of weed.

He had beautiful hair that looked soft to touch, and sometimes he let his sister, my friend, put eyeliner on him. He was in a band and they used to practice in their garage. Every so often we got to watch. She and I would sit on this over-sized couch that smelled like musty laundry, incense, and pot. They would sometimes try to play Zeppelin Songs. They were not good, but I imagined sometimes they were.

What are your Favorite Led Zeppelin Songs? Here’s mine:

Led Zeppelin Top Ten Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Top Ten Led Zeppelin Songs
Top Ten Tuesday

1. “Tangerine”
from the Album, Led Zeppelin III (1970)

2. “Going to California”
from the Album, Led Zeppelin IV (1971)

3. “Thank You”
from the Album, Led Zeppelin II (1969)

4. “The Rain Song”
from the Album, Houses of the Holy (1973)

5. “That’s the Way”
from the Album, Led Zeppelin III

6. “Your Time Is Gonna Come”
from the Album, Led Zeppelin (1969)

7. “Ten Years Gone”
from the Album, Physical Graffiti (1975)

8. “Ramble On”
from the Album, Led Zeppelin II (1969)

9. “Misty Mountain Hop”
from the Album, Led Zeppelin IV (1971)

10. “The Ocean”
from the Album, Houses of the Holy (1973)

Led Zeppelin Top Ten Tuesday by Request Lyriquediscorde

Garbage Top 10 Songs Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Top 10 Garbage Songs

Top Ten Songs Top Ten Tuesday Header

Top Ten Tuesday is back again with another Top Ten Songs list by request. This time its Garbage that is getting some Top Ten attention thanks to Amber’s request. I thought for sure I’d done a Garbage Top Ten List in the past, but after a few searches through the lyriquediscorde Archive, I don’t see one. I’m surprised, but actually quite happy that this will be a fresh and new go at picking my ten Favorite Garbage Songs.

Garbage Top 10 Songs Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Thinking back, I do not have a pinnacle Garbage moment of when their Music came into my life. Instead, I feel like they’ve always been there since the Romeo + Juliet Soundtrack introduced me. It was 1996, and I was going through various Music Obsessions, including Trip Hop, Indie Folk, Britpop, and so many women in Music. I feel like Shirley Manson and Garbage fit a little into all of that, sound and style wise. Perhaps that’s why I don’t remember one big Garbage moment because they were weaving their Songs through all of it.

Since 1996, Garbage Songs have been a part of so many Mix Tapes, CD’s and Playlists I’ve made. There are a few Songs that seem to be usual suspects, finding their way into Playlists over and over and over. These were the first Songs I that made their way into this Top Ten List.

Garbage Top Ten Songs Top Ten Tuesday LD

Garbage formed in Madison, Wisconsin in 1993. It consists of Scottish Musician Shirley Manson (vocals, guitar), and American Musicians Duke Erikson (guitar, keyboards), Steve Marker (guitar), and Butch Vig (percussion). All four have been involved in songwriting and production. The band has sold over 17 million Albums worldwide. (from Wikipedia)

Through the years Shirley Manson has become one of my Music Favorites. Her voice, her strength, her presence, her kickass personality, and her big part in Women in Music are inspiring. Its transcended my love of Garbage and gone into some of the other endeavors and collaborations she’s been a part of. I would love to see/hear a Solo Album from her, along with a pairing up with Alison Mosshart, of The Kills and The Dead Weather.

What are your Favorite Garbage Songs? Here’s mine:

Garbage Top 10 Songs Top Ten Tuesday Lyriquediscorde by Request

Top Ten Garbage Songs
Top Ten Tuesday

1. “#1 Crush”
from the Albums, Absolute Garbage (2007) and Romeo + Juliet Original Soundtrack (1996)

2. “Milk”
from the Album, Self-Titled (1995)

3. “Stupid Girl”
from the Album, Self-Titled (1995)
co-written by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones

4. “Special”
from the Album, Version 2.0 (1998)
includes vocal interpolation of Lyrics from The Pretenders Track “Talk of the Town”

5. “Only Happy When It Rains”
from the Album, Self-Titled (1995)

6. “Even Though Our Love Is Doomed”
from the Album, Strange Little Birds (2016)

7. “Cup of Coffee”
from the Album, beautifulgarbage (2001)

8. “Queer”
from the Album, Self-Titled (1995)

9. “All Over But the Crying”
from the Album, Bleed Like Me (2005)

10. “Supervixen”
from the Album, Self-Titled (1995)

Shirley Manson Top 10 Songs Garbage Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Cat Power Top 10 Header

Top 10 Cat Power Songs

Top 10 of the Week Lyriquediscorde

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another Weekly Top 10. This week I have another Artist request, this one coming from Musician and Lyriquediscorde Reader/Listener, John. He gave me a list of Artists/Bands he’d like to see a Top 10 of, and I picked Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall, for this Week’s List. Looking back, I did an artist spotlight on Cat Power that included a Top 10, but that was 3 years ago so it seems just about the right time to do a new one. Plus, it gives me an excuse to indulge in some Cat Power Albums, which is never, ever a bad thing.

Cat Power Top 10 Songs Top 10 Tuesday

Cat Power (Chan Marshall) came into my life in the Autumn of 2003. She’d had a few albums by then, but they’d previously passed me by. I was sent a song of hers, Metal Heart, from a long distance friend who said he’d thought of me the second he’d heard it. I kept playing it, over and over and over and over, and over again. I was obsessed with it, the sadness, the heft of sound, the way it reminded me of The Velvet Underground and Hope Sandoval, and Patti Smith.

The next Song he sent my way was Cross Bones Style, and I fell just as hard for its haunting style and sound.

Chan Marshall Top 10 Cat Power Songs Lyriquediscorde

Those songs and Chan’s voice reminded me of New York City, not that I have any real memories of the city as  I’ve still never been there. But her Songs, well they made me remember a city I’d never been to. They play out as a Soundtrack to my dreams of being there, of how I would feel there. They Sing to my fantasy of how the city is to me.

Moon Pix was the first Album I acquired, and The Covers Record came next. I was entranced by Cat Power’s Covers. Yes, I’m always a sucker for a good cover, and there isn’t a single miss on the Album. But, some of these Songs were more than that to me. They transcended the originals, they became something of their own. “Wild Is the Wind”, “I Found a Reason” and “Sea of Love” found their way into my heart, and into love letters delivered in the shape of mixed CD’s that I sent off to a poet I once so deeply loved.

What are your Favorite Cat Power Songs? Here’s Mine:

Cat Power Top 10 LD

Top 10 Cat Power Songs
Top 10 Tuesday

1. “Metal Heart”
from the Album, Moon Pix (1998)

2. “Cross Bones Style”
from the Album, Moon Pix (1998)

3. “The Greatest”
from the Album, The Greatest (2006)

4. “He War”
from the Album, You Are Free (2003)

5. “Lived In Bars”
from the Album, The Greatest (2006)

Cat Power Top 10 LD

6. “I Don’t Blame You”
from the Album, You Are Free (2003)

7. “New York”
from the Album, Jukebox (2008)

8. “I Found a Reason”
from the Album, The Covers Record (2000)

9. “Feel Like Me” (with Cassius)
from the Album, Ibifornia (2016)

10. “Werewolf”
from the Album, You Are Free (2003)

Cat Power Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Nick Cave Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Top 10 Nick Cave Songs

Top 10 of the Week Lyriquediscorde

This Week’s Top 10 is by request from a fellow blogger, and Music Fan, William from A 1000 Mistakes. He is a big Nick Cave fan and requested I do a Top 10 Nick Cave List. Although I’ve included some Nick Cave Songs in Favorite Lists, I’ve yet to do an actual List of just his Music, so this has been a fun challenge. Its always tough to narrow down 10 only, and there is always this post-List grieving that goes on because there are Songs left out, but I persist, and that struggle is part of the fun, right?

Nick Cave Top 10 LD

I came to Nick Cave’s Music a bit late. I’d heard Music friends of mine talk about him, and I’d seen a few of his Albums. I even think I’d heard one or two of those Albums playing at one of the Record Stores I worked at, but I’d never really listened. Then I went and saw the 1991 Film Until the End of the World (one of my favorite Movies and Soundtracks) and heard the Song “(I’ll Love You) Till the End of the World”. I was immediately enamored with the Song and Nick’s voice. I had to hear more, and more I did.

That Movie and that Song held significance from a moment in my life and the relationship that overtook me then. Here’s something I wrote once about the Song:

Some songs break my heart a little bit with every listen, not because of the Song itself, but the memory evoked.

A dark movie theater whispered thoughts, and non-thoughts exchanged, and afterward, in a dark room, our bodies bending and swaying together. We had seen each other reflected in the actors’ eyes on that movie screen, we had seen our own desperation in the twists and turns of the plot. We held on tight, late into where the night meets the day, the scent of sandalwood incense permeating the air around us, my blue dress crumpled up on the floor.

We were so young, yet felt old and desperate for change, for movement, for what we thought living was really about. I think we believed it would last “until the end of the world”, the two of us. In reality, though, we hardly made it through those first six months. You were cold and critical, I was emotionally damaged and restless, and together, well we never truly meant it when we said I love you.

Strangely enough, it still hurts to remember, even all these years later.

Nick Cave Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

A few of his Songs have played Muse to my writing, especially some of my poetry. There is something so passionate, so visceral, so raw, that the Songs just can’t help but fuel creativity. I’ve thrown many a Song below (and others) on Mix Tapes, and Playlists. I’ve used certain Songs to craft characters from, and I’ve fallen in, and out of love to a few of these Tracks.

So, without further ado, here’s my Nick Cave picks. I’d love to hear what yours are!

Nick Cave Top 10 Songs Header Lyriquediscorde

Top 10 Nick Cave Songs
Top 10 Tuesday

1. “The Ship Song” (live)
originally from the Album, The Good Son (1990)

2. “(I’ll Love You) Till the End of the World”
from the Soundtrack Album, Until the End of the World (1991)

3. “Henry Lee” (featuring PJ Harvey)
from the Album, Murder Ballads (1996)

4. “Into My Arms” (live)
originally from the Album, The Boatman’s Call (1997)

5. “Straight To You”
from the Album, Henry’s Dream (1992)

6. “Jubilee Street”
from the Album, Push the Sky Away (2013)

7. “Rings of Saturn”
from the Album, Skeleton Tree (2016)

8. “Lie Down Here (and Be My Girl)
from the Album, Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (2008)

9. “(Are You) the One That I’ve Been Waiting For”
from the Album, The Boatman’s Call (1997)

10. “Heathen Child” by Grinderman
from the Album, Grinderman 2 (2010)

Nick Cave Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde Top 10 Songs

Depeche Mode Top 10 Lyriquediscorde

Top 10 Depeche Mode Songs

Top 10 of the Week Lyriquediscorde

Another Top 10 Request is here – this one’s for you, Angelica. This time for Depeche Mode. This is another request that I was surprised I’d not done yet (closest was a Top 5 Depeche Mode Songs Post done in 2013). I’m excited to be getting requests for Lists I’ve not yet done yet. It is fun, and challenging (very), to spend time with a favorite Artist or Band of mine and come up with 10 Favorite Songs. Depeche Mode has been in my life since about 1984 when I bought their Album Some Great Reward, and they’ve stayed in my life since then. So, I’m ready for this, if not a little anxious at trying to narrow down only 10. But, one must stick with the constraints of the Top 10, right? The struggle is part of the fun.

Depeche Mode Top 10 Lyriquediscorde

As I mentioned above, Some Great Reward was my gateway into Depeche Mode addiction. It was the Band’s fourth studio Album and was filled with what seemed like a Greatest Hits Album. Every Song felt like a Hit. From there I dove into their earlier releases and bought up every subsequent Album that came out after. I always had at least one of their Cassettes in my first car, and many of their Songs wound up on many a Mix Tape.

Depeche Mode is one of the bands that is immediately wrapped up in memories of my adolescence, of stacks of vinyl albums and cassettes tossing around in my backpack, mix tapes made with care, and falling in unrequited love with that boy I could never have. It is reminiscent of that kind of youthful energy that burned through me and persisted despite the darkness I was growing up within.

They came with me, their Music, carried along in concert tickets and music played out of my first car’s speakers, and late nights in Hollywood clubs when I would dance next to some of the band’s members, seeing them as not so different, and as just as lost, as I was. We knew some of the same people, we did some of the same drugs, we hid in some of the same shadows.

I’ve seen them live twice (once at the infamous Rose Bowl show). I wish I’d seen them during their last tour.

Depeche Mode Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Their music was there, too, when I made an error in judgment, falling into the arms of someone who did not belong to me, believing in all his lies even though I deep down I knew they were lies. He played their songs non-stop when we were together, their lyrics becoming interchangeable with his lies, as he held me close and whispered words of love, then left me to be with someone else, whispering the same words, the same lies. He took their music with him when she and I confronted him, half-drunk, at a New Year’s Eve party. She and I stayed, he left, and so did the songs.

Depeche Mode and I only broke up for a short while after that. An unfortunate case of a boy ruining a band, albeit only temporarily. I rarely think of the connection anymore except when one particular Song plays. That song will most definitely not be on the Top 10 list below.

But, there were so much more to choose from. This list was tough to narrow down, and there is a stack of Songs that I am mourning a little for being left out. But, these 10 are the ones that mean the most to me, the ones with the biggest memories and connections, the ones I still Turn Up Loud and Sing-A-Long to.

Depeche Mode Top 10 Header Lyriquediscorde

1. “But Not Tonight”
from the Album, Black Celebration (1986)

2. “It Doesn’t Matter”
from the Album, Some Great Reward (1984)

3. “Shake the Disease”
from the Album, Catching Up with Depeche Mode (1985)

4. “A Question of Lust”
from the Album, Black Celebration (1986)

5. “See You”
from the Album, A Broken Frame (1982)

6. “Policy of Truth”
from the Album, Violator (1990)

7. “Everything Counts”
from the Album, Construction Time Again (1983)

8. “Somebody”
from the Album, Some Great Reward (1984)

9. “Enjoy the Silence”
from the Album, Violator (1990)

10. “Stripped”
from the Album, Black Celebration (1986)

DM Top 10 Songs Lyriquediscorde

Jane Birkin January Header January 2018 Recap Lyriquediscorde

Lyriquediscorde January 2018 Recap

The first month of 2018 has gone by. It flew by quickly, perhaps a little too much so. But, there is a good reason for that as it was a month of Bliss, of Love celebrations, of Music, Movies Books, and times spent with family, friends, and the man I love. Oh, and four mischievous cats. This year one of my “resolutions” was to keep track of things I enjoyed a bit more, chronicling the Music, Art, Books, Films, TV, and Adventures I experience. And, because I love lists, it will be done as a Top 10. So, here’s to first months and new resolutions, and here’s to January 2018. Thanks for being a good one.

Jane Birkin January Header January 2018 Recap Lyriquediscorde

Lyriquediscorde January 2018
My Top 10

1. The Jam

The Jam Lyriquediscorde January 2018

Paul Weller became a big thing to me last year as I delve deep into his Music as I was falling in love with my boyfriend. Though I indulged in all of Weller’s endeavors, it was mostly his Solo work that I got into. This past January (and into February, honestly) I started to really dig into The Jam, Album-by-Album, and their Songs became part of my daily life, and many a “Top 5 Obsessions” Playlist. My most played Jam Songs in January? “Art School”, “Butterfly Collector”, “Private Hell”, “Pretty Green”, and “Down In the Tube Station at Midnight”.

“Pretty Green” (live) by The Jam

2. “San Junipero”

San Junipero Lyriquediscorde January 2018

I think I watched “San Junipero” 3 times in a row the first time, and then a few more times after. It’s difficult to sufficiently explain how this episode of “Black Mirror” affected me. It’s impact felt visceral, deep within, emotional, and even a bit life-altering. I had a dozen questions (still do), and it kept swirling around in my head for days and days after (still comes back every so often). There was something about it that made me believe in an “after”, even if it is one by design, or maybe especially if it is. It also made me feel understood, especially in the way I love. I may need to watch it again tonight, after writing this I’m itching to see Yorkie and Kelly again. I can hear “Heaven On Earth” in my head, can you?

3. We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

We Are Okay by Nina LaCour Lyriquediscorde January 2018

Besides being one of the most gorgeous book covers I’ve ever seen, We Are Okay was truly an amazing read, one that was the best choice for a “first book of the year”. Here’s a snippet from the review I wrote of it:

Nina LaCour has a way with words, with details, with raw emotions, and with characters who open up slowly, realistically, and in the end, beautifully. I rooted for Marin the entire time, as well as I did for Mabel and Javier and Ana, and even Gramps. I wanted to know what happens next, at school, in Marin’s life, in all of their stories.

When I got to the last page, I had tears in my eyes, a smile on my face, and a wanting for more. That’s a pretty good way to feel when you end a book, don’t you think?

4. The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water Lyriquediscorde January 2018

Oh, my stars – The Shape of Water was remarkable. I thought I’d love it, as Guillermo del Toro Films are some of my favorites, but I didn’t know it would move me the way that it did, nor did I expect that the characters and performances would be so outstanding. Here’s a snippet of my review:

I love that the misfits are the heroes, have the most heart and humanity, and love big. And that they become family to each other.

5. “Lovesick”

Lovesick Lyriquediscorde January 2018

I adore Antonia Thomas, have since “Misfits”, another show I loved. I also adore well-done stories about friends/”chosen family” that is unconventional, and real. This is everything I could want in a twenty-something/quarter-life-crisis/coming-of-age/rom-com/dramedy, and more. One episode in and I already cared about Dylan, Evie, and Luke. I even grew to care about Angus. Oh, and the Music is outstanding.

Season 1 and 2 I binged through in January, so I still have 3 to enjoy in February. I’ll miss them when its over – hoping there will be a Season 4.

“Lovesick” is available to Stream on Netflix. I highly recommend it – ultimate binge-worthy goodness.

6. Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin Lyriquediscorde January 2018

Jane’s been a Favorite of mine for a long time, but it’s only recently (this past January) that I started to really love her style. She’s become a style-inspiration/icon to me. I’ve also been going mad for all things 60’s as of late, so she fits right into that Obsession. I’d love to learn more about her life. I plan on doing a search for any biographies on her.

This weekend I watched a Film she was in (“Blow Up” – stay tuned for a review sometime next week) and was excited when I realized it was her. It was a small part, and she was quite young. I’d like to see any other Films she was in, too.

7. Juliana Hatfield and Olivia Newton-John

Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John Lyriquediscorde January 2018

Though the Album is not out until April (soooo long to wait!), the first Single (“A Little More Love” came out in January, and I pre-ordered the Album in January, too. Olivia was my Idol growing up, and I’ve loved Juliana since the 90’s. This project makes me so happy that I actually jumped up and squealed when I first heard about it. I’m counting the days for its release! Here’s a snippet of a small piece I did when the Single came out, and the Album was announced:

When I was a young girl one of my favorite Artists, and Idols, was Olivia Newton-John. I’ve written a lot about her at various times and places. I had (still have) all of Olivia’s 70’s and 80’s Albums on Vinyl, including the Soundtracks. And yes, I do still play them. Maybe not as much as I did when I was a pre-adolescent and wanted to be her, but her Songs still make it into Playlists, and I do still give the Albums a spin sometimes.

In the 90’s I discovered Juliana Hatfield, round about the time she was in the Juliana Hatfield Three. “My Sister” was the first Song I heard, and I was hooked on her voice and her Music ever since. I have most of her Music, be it Solo, or with Blake Babies or The Lemonheads, on CD or Vinyl, and I definitely include Juliana in a lot of Playlists. Lyriquediscorde used to also do a monthly Feature showcasing Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield (Evan and Juliana Days).

Pre-order the Album here.

“A Little More Love” by Juliana Hatfield

8. Domenico’s, Belmont Shore

Domenicos Long Beach Lyriquediscorde January 2018

My Favorite Italian restaurant is also one of the first restaurants to serve pizza in California. Opened in 1954, by Domenico and Beverly Spano, it has been in the Belmont Shore area since. My boyfriend and I discovered it last year when we were looking for an Italian restaurant that felt authentic, had that classic atmosphere, and good food. We found everything, and more, at Domenico’s (the food isn’t good, its great). Now the place has become one of “our places”.  We went again the last week of January, right around our year together anniversary. It was wonderful.

A tip if you want to visit Domenico’s. If you go for lunch they give you complimentary soup with your meal. The tomato bisque is incredible.

9. Fiona Apple When the Pawn

Fiona Apple When the Pawn Lyriquediscorde January 2018

Rediscovering some of my CD’s from the 90’s during my to-and-from work commute. Fiona Apple’s Second Studio Album, When the Pawn got heavy-rotation in January. Though Tidal has always been my go-to “Fiona-Favorite” When the Pawn is a close second and may be edging its way to first now that I’ve come back to it.

Maybe its because I’m older. Maybe it’s me looking back. I don’t know for certain. But, I do know that these Songs hit harder and deeper than ever before.

My Favorite Songs from this revisit? “Paper Bag”, “Love Ridden”, “Get Gone”, and “I Know”.

“I Know” by Fiona Apple

10. The Incredible Jessica James

The Incredible Jessica James Lyriquediscorde January 2018

Netflix is one of my favorite things if you can’t tell. Two of my January Top 10’s are from the network – “Lovesick”, and this – The Incredible Jessica James. This was the first Movie I watched in January, and I enjoyed it a lot. Here’s a snippet of a review I did of it:

Indie, unconventional “Rom-Coms” are a favorite of mine. Beyond the “Rom” in the “Com” (or Dramedy, which this seems more like), I love when the story goes beyond a romance, and also has a strong story arc for the main character/characters, and also showcases other relationships in the lead(s) life. A good Soundtrack does it for me, too. All of this and more were part of the Netflix Original Movie, The Incredible Jessica James.

So, there it is, My Top 10 for January 2018.

There are a few honorable mention – “Grey’s Anatomy” (starting watching from S1 in October, and hit S9 in January), Big Thief (especially the Song “Shark Smile”), the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Album (Wrong Creatures), Baby Driver, the Podcasts “Levar Burton Reads” and “Required Reading with Tom and Stella”, Ginger Tumeric Tea and Cheddar/Caramel Popcorn Mix (both from Trader Joe).

I’d love to hear some of your January loves. Share in the comments below.

Portishead Top 10 Tuesday LD

Top 10 Portishead Songs

By request, I am doing a Portishead Top 10 this week. When it was first requested (Thank you, Ryan), I thought for certain that I’d done one before, but this morning I searched through 7 years of posts, and I’ve surprisingly not done a Top Portishead list. That said, there are a plethora of Song of the Days and Playlists with their Songs in them, enough to showcase just how much I love their Music and Beth Gibbons voice.

Beth Gibbons Portishead Top 10 LD

Portishead, and specifically the Song “Sour Times”, were my first introduction to Trip Hop. I fell hard and fast for the Sound and it soon became one of my Favorite Music Genres.

Truly some of the most sensual, seductive, and downright sexy Music has come from the ethereal avant-garde trip hop Sounds of Portishead. Their Music feels like a delicious blend of Jazz, Acid House, Cabaret, Electronica, and New Romantic that have all come together to soothe and seduce the world. Their Songs have definitely done both for me – soothed and seduced.

“Sour Times” was the first Song I ever heard from Portishead. I heard it through a long-distance telephone call, the phone on the other line held up to a speaker, the Music turned up loud, and both of us, miles away from each other, were holding our breath. If I remember right you said the Song reminded you of me.

At the time, I took it as a compliment. I was touched by the comparison. Later, when things soured between us, I wondered if you said that all your “sour times” girls.

Portishead Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Beth Gibbons voice is breathtaking, and at times, completely unnerving. Its hard not to be moved by Portishead’s chill-inducing Music, and it’s hard to resist the urge to fall into someone’s arms while their Albums play as Soundtrack.

Top 10 Portishead Songs Lyriquediscorde

Top 10 Portishead Songs

1. “Sour Times”
from the Album, Dummy (1994)

2. “Roads” (live)
originally from the Album, Dummy (1994)

3. “Numb”
from the Album, Dummy (1994)

4. “Glory Box”
from the Album, Dummy (1994)

5. “Cowboys”
from the Album, Self-Titled (1997)

6. “Over”
from the Album, Self-Titled (1997)

7. “Wandering Star”
from the Album, Dummy (1994)

8. “Only You”
from the Album, Self-Titled (1997)

9. “The Rip”
from the Album, Third (2008)

10. “Requiem for Anna”
from the Album, Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited (2006)

Beth Gibbons T10 LD

Tanya Donelly Top 10 Lyriquediscorde

Top 10 Tanya Donelly Songs

Top 10 of the Week Lyriquediscorde

It’s time for Tanya Donelly to have a Top Ten list. She’s another of my Favorite Artists that I’m surprised I’ve not done one for already. Its never too late though, so I’m compiling one now. I’m considering her Solo work, her work with Belly, and any projects she’s done with other Artists. I’m not including Throwing Muses in my list selection, I’ll save them for a List all their own at some point.

I did experience Tanya Donelly first with Throwing Muses, a band I obsessed over in the early 90’s when I was first living out on my own. Belly would come quickly, and I’d fall hard and fast for their first Album. There are many memories attached to Star. 1993 was a big year in my life. King in ’95 is full of its own trunks of memories. Oh the 90’s, in many ways they were more of my “coming of age” years than my teen years were.

Belly Top 10 Tanya Donelly Lyriquediscorde

It was the late 90’s when Tanya went solo with Lovesongs for Underdogs. I felt like an “underdog” myself and was in the midst of a lot of issues, many which did a lot of damage to my self. But, there were good parts in those last years of the 90’s. I had found the internet and online communities that would change my life for the better. Lovesongs was with me through recovery and starting over. It was with me when I took big steps with love and change and a brand new life.

2002 and Beautysleep. “Keeping You” still makes me cry. This was the year my second child was born. It was a year of many wishes coming true. It was a year that was beautiful and hopeful, and full of promise. It didn’t last, not all of it, but I still remember the way it all felt.

There’s been other Albums and Songs, but none impacted me in quite the same way. All of the above though, I’ve kept and carried with me, and I still listen to all of those Albums often.

Tanya Donelly Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Top 10 Tanya Donelly Songs

1. “Keeping You” by Tanya Donelly
from the Album, Beautysleep (2002)

2. “Stay” by Belly
from the Album, Star (1993)

3. “Acrobat” by Belly
from the Album, Lovesongs For Underdogs (1997)

4. “Seal My Fate” by Belly
from the Album, King (1995)

5. “Feed the Tree” by Belly
from the Album, Star (1993)

6. “Sad Dress” by Belly
from the Album, Star (1993)

7. “Silverfish” by Belly
from the Album, King (1995)

8. “Goat Girl” by Tanya Donelly
from the Album, Lovesongs For Underdogs (1997)

9. “This Hungry Life” by Tanya Donelly
from the Album, This Hungry Life (2006)

10. “Judy Staring at the Sun” by Catherine Wheel with Tanya Donelly
from the Album, Happy Days (1995)

Tanya Donelly Top 10 Tuesday LD 

Regina Spektor Top 10 Lyriquediscorde

Top 10 Regina Spektor Songs

Top 10 of the Week Lyriquediscorde

I could have sworn I’d done a post on Regina Spektor, a Top 10, or a Favorite Artist post. Alas, after searching over the years of posts I see nothing of the sort. What I do find though is Regina’s Songs on many – MANY – playlists through the years. It is definitely time for a Regina Spektor Top 10 Songs feature, past time actually.

Regina Spektor Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Regina’s Music came into my life in the early aughts. It was “Us” I heard first, on the 2004 Album Soviet Kitsch. I would later hear it in the film 500 Days of Summer. Next, I would hear the Song “Samson”, which would immediately make me cry. The Album it resides on, Begin To Hope, would become “My Regina Album” meaning it would be the one I would buy, obsess over, play non-stop, and add Songs from it on so many playlists and mixes. The Songs on that Album hit memories and feelings of love, loss, and change. They hit deep, and as I write this, and “Samson” plays in the background, I feel memories flooding and tears welling up in my eyes.

“Far” was a “grower” and took some time for me to fall for, but eventually, I did. I felt the same way about “What We Saw From the Cheap Seats”. It took some time, but I did get there with it. But then came Remember Us to Life, and that feeling I had with Begin To Hope was back again. I fell hard and fast for all the Songs, the Bonus Track especially – “The One Who Stayed and the One Who Left”.

I think what I love most about Regina is her unusual vocal tone and the Piano. Though I love guitars, it is Pianos I fell in love Musically, my first “instrument love” so to speak, back when I was learning to play myself. Her slightly off-kilter way of telling a story in Song is something I adore, too.

Regina Spektor Top 10 Songs LD

Top 10 Regina Spektor Songs

1. “Samson”
from the album, Begin to Hope (2006)

2. “Fidelity”
from the album, Begin to Hope (2006)

3. “The One Who Stayed and the One Who Left”
from the album, Remember Us To Life (2016)

4. “Better”
from the album, Begin to Hope (2006)

5. “Us”
from the album, Soviet Kitsch (2004)

6. “Hotel Song”
from the album, Begin to Hope (2006)

7. “Blue Lips”
from the album, Far (2009)

8. “One More Time With Feeling”
from the album, Far (2009)

9. “On the Radio”
from the album, Begin to Hope (2006)

10. “You’ve Got Time”
from the Netflix Series, “Orange Is the New Black” (2013)

Regina Top 10 Songs Lyriquediscorde

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