Stealing Beauty: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1996)


Stealing Beauty: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1996)
Monday Soundtracks :: Top 5 Songs

Another movie soundtrack that I wore out playing in the 90’s is the soundtrack to the Bernardo Bertolucci movie, Stealing Beauty. It is trip hop goodness mixed up with some classics by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone and Billie Holiday, together the blend is dreamy beautiful.

I miss my CD I had of this, and really need to get another copy soon.

There isn’t a bad song on this. I love them all.


Top 5 songs from Stealing Beauty: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:

1. I’ll Be Seeing You :: Billie Holiday

2. 2 Wicky :: Hooverphonic

3. Glory Box :: Portishead

4. Alice :: Cocteau Twins

5. I Need Love :: Sam Phillips


Words fall through me :: Soundtrack Shout Out


Once :: Soundtrack Shout Out

Soundtrack and music are the basis, the plot, the through line, and the heart and soul of the film Once. This is the closest to a musical that a non-musical movie has ever been, and for me there is no way to even write about Once without the music playing in the background. All the stories I have crafted in my head while listening to a myriad of songs, this is a cinematic coming to life of that kind of creation. A musically beautiful film about love and longing, and “what might have been“.

Once Trailer


Leave :: Glen Hansard


Timing is everything, at least that’s what they say, but what happens when two people meet by chance, by accident, and connect in ways they did not expect? Musical connection, a cord winding and wrapping around them that leads to friendship, shared dreams, and attraction. But if they cannot be together, if that is a nowhere possibility, should they leave, or stay, just this once?

If You Want Me :: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

When Your Mind’s Made Up :: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova,
with scenes from the film

When the shit falls,
all you want to do is run,

This is my favorite song from the film, it is one that never ceases to make the tears come from my eyes.


Do I watch the film and wish for a different ending? Yes, though I know for these two there is no other way to go, right then, in what we see. I suppose I sometimes watch and fill in a later time, a someday, where their mind’s may change.


Say It To Me Now :: Glen Hansard

And, if you’ve got something to say,
say it to me now.”

I am awfully fond of this one, too; yet another track from the film that makes me cry, a song that rips and tears, getting right to my core.


Say that you’ll stay :: Soundtrack Shout Out Wednesday


Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist :: Soundtrack Shout Out

There are an infinite number of reasons why I love this movie the way  I do, spanning the ways and means of the personal, the cinematic, the writing, the characters, the cast, and, of course, the music. Norah is among a small list of fictional characters that I relate to so deeply they often feel like watching reflections of pieces of me in Norah. The music is the thing, and the thing, as in the music, is wonderful. Songs that feel plucked out of playlists I listen to, weaving in and out of a story of friendship, self-awareness, letting go, letting someone in, finding your voice, your confidence, your musical match, and falling in love again.



A five minute boyfriend/a first kiss.

This is my song” dance

Dancing is one of those times when you have to let yourself go, and let that self-critical, self-control side of oneself just go away. There is awkwardness, but you can also see the tease of letting go between them, the very cusp of a connection, and of a recognition of something between them.

We are the Jerk-Offs

The power of a live show, and the undefinable connection that can sometimes happen between musician and audience member, is as powerful as any other chemical reaction; musical chemistry in action.



Another movie that takes on a story in one night, and what a one night adventure in a city can do. It is a plot device/genre that I adore, as quite a few movies on my list of favorites can attest to. Nights lost to chasing after someone, something, or that ever elusive perfect moment, is also relatable. I think most of us have had those kind of nights, and looking back I can honestly say they were magical.



In the studio” with Nick and Norah
(I love the song in this scene, so much – How to Say Goodbye)

How to Say Goodbye :: Paul Tiernan


After Hours :: We Are Scientists

Very Loud :: Shout Out Louds

Lover :: Devendra Banhart

Last Words :: The Real Tuesday Weld


I love the story of Nick and Norah, definitely on my list of my favorite love stories, as well as favorite story in one night films.



God only knows what I’d do without you :: Soundtrack Shout Out Wednesday


My Life Without Me :: Soundtrack Shout Out

An uplifting, thought provoking story about death that speaks more about life, My Life Without Me reminds me somewhat of Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru, and to some extent, Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life. It is the often told, and re-told, tale about living life to the fullest when one feels their life is at the twilight of the end, and about how we learn to focus on our dreams, our desires, and what and who matter most when we face mortality. This is not necessarily a new tale, but it is beautifully done, and hits on a lot of personal spots in myself as I watch as both a Daughter, a Mother, and a dreamer. The music of the soundtrack is subtle, yet evocative, and as moving as this independent cinematic gem.


My Life Without Me (2003)

Opening scene

Such a moving opening, poetic, honest, raw and vulnerable. I have such a love for rain, for poetry, for language, and for truths that come from deep within.

Supermarket dancing

For as long as I can remember I have found wandering in a grocery an almost zen experience. The passing of colors and shapes, labels and advertising, that when you blur your eyes just right become a breathtaking blur of movement and hue. I love the dancing going on in her background, just outside her perepheral vision, or perhaps it is just her perception of what the world is around her that we are seeing.

Senza Fine :: Gino Paoli



Sometime Later :: Alpha

Try Your Wings :: Blossom Dearie

God Only Knows :: The Langley School Project

Ann and Lee


You know there’s nothing more than this :: Soundtrack Shout Out Wednesday


Lost In Translation :: Soundtrack Shout Out

In my forever top-five favorite movie list is Sofia Coppola’s amazing film, Lost In Translation. Everything about this film gets itself inside of me, delights me, makes me think, feel, open up, and usually cry some, as well. For me, the film is about loneliness, change, companionship, connection, and the unexpected love we find in people. It is about the conflict and confusion we all feel as we struggle to be true to who we are, still feeling that we are “growing-up” even when our age, would suggest that we are “grown-up” (we never are though, not really, not in the way we have been made to believe). Charlotte and Bob Harris are two of my forever favorite fictional characters, and share one of my favorite on-screen love stories, ever. The look and feel, and the music, in the film are incredible, too, taking me and pulling me into their world, in their moments of being lost, and found.

Lost In Translation Trailer


Charlotte sings Brass In Pocket

Bob Harris sings More Than This

One of the best moments in the film are when Charlotte and Bob go to a late night karaoke room and sing, Brass In Pocket (Charlotte) and More Than This (Bob). The connections, unspoken, though sung, that happen between them while they are singing are unshakable and mesmerizing to watch.

The scene/scenes are some of my favorite “music in movies” scenes, and also remind me of how much I love going out for karaoke nights.

Alone in Kyoto :: Air
with scenes from Lost In Translation

More Than This :: Roxy Music
with scenes from Lost In Translation



The ending of Lost In Translation is a perfect ending that leaves us with a tender moment between Charlotte and Bob Harris, with a much anticipated shared kiss, and a hell of a lot of mystery. We never know what Bob whispers to Charlotte, and for me, I love that we never know. I love the chance to sit back, close my eyes, and write my own “what happens next”, because I think there are so many ways their story could go that vary from never seeing each other again, going back to their spouses and their lives, and holding those sleepless nights together as a beautiful memory, or they could meet-up at a later time, at a different point of both their lives, and be something together, as Bob and Charlotte, in a real, day-to-day kind of way. And, of course, there are a million other tiny stories and scenarios that could take place, and that possibility, that not knowing, is fascinating and delicious, to me.

The whispered goodbye

Just Like Honey :: Jesus and Mary Chain
with scenes from the ending of Lost In Translation



What do you think Bob and Charlotte’s next chapter was?

Love in these modern times :: Soundtrack Shout Out Wednesday

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang :: Soundtrack Shout Out

Although this is more of a holiday film, there are still songs in the soundtrack that I love all-year round. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is forever on my list of favorite films, a movie that has so many things I love – humor, flawed and wonderful characters, a real romance, friendship, emotion and vulnerability, and damn good writing – it is also one of my favorite “Los Angeles” movies (stay tuned, that may be March’s Movie Moment Theme!). Oh, and the movie also stars Robert Downey, Jr., an actor who has had my heart since the eighties. He also sings my favorite song on the soundtrack, Broken.

I love the theme music/score, too, in all its post-modern film noir trappings.

Broken :: Robert Downey, Jr.

Theme music :: John Ottman

I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm :: Les Brown


I don’t see what anyone can see in anyone else but you :: Soundtrack Shout Out Wednesday


Juno :: Soundtrack Shout Out

I am an Indie Movie lover. One glimpse at my list of favorite films will reveal that though there are exceptions, my most loved movies are those that are of the Indie variety, so much so that awhile back I was cataloging and reviewing, and celebrating, my Indie movie finds (editor’s note: this feature to return in March). I think my love for these films has to do with the writing, the character development, and the music – as a writer, and a music lover/obsessive, these things count with me. Juno, definitely on my list of favorite movies, is an Indie that I love, a romantic comedy that I actually enjoy, and has one hell of a soundtrack.


All I Want Is You :: Barry Louis Polisar
opening of Juno

Anyone Else But You :: Michael Cera and Ellen Page
ending scene of Juno

The ending scene is so beautiful to me, their voices together, open and connected, vulnerable, real, it is just this lovely little moment to end the film with. I love the love they have, and end up with, it is one of my favorite things about the film. I also love the family dynamic that is portrayed her, in all its good and bad points, and how they all react to the challenges and mistakes that are made. Juno’s relationship with her father is my most favorite, especially in the tender, honest moments between them, moments that hold some of my favorite quotes from the film about life, love, compassion, forgiveness, and going on.


All the Young Dudes :: Mott the Hoople

Superstar :: Sonic Youth

Sea of Love :: Cat Power

Anyone Else But You :: The Moldy Peaches


So I can breathe :: Soundtrack Shout Out Wednesday


Into the Wild :: Soundtrack Shout Out

My Grandfather loved to drive, loved to see new places, loved the open road and change. His day-to-day life was full of routine and stress, and he had struggled more than most trying to carve out a living as a young Mexican immigrant in a city that was full of distrust and bigotry. He was constantly reminded that he had married above him, and had to work harder to prove himself to nearly everybody he met, which meant he worked nearly all of the time. But, on the rare free moments he would always want to get in the car, or later his cherished motor home, and just drive. I fell in love with the road, with road trips, with travel, and with exploring and adventure alongside him, ever making him promise that he would always take him with me. He told me once I had a gypsy soul, just like his, and he was right.

Into the Wild captures the spirit and soul that lives within me, and that lived within my Grandfather. Though parts of it break my heart, the majority of the movie, of the story itself, is full of soaring moments of inspiration and awe to me. And the music, the soundtrack by a favorite artist of mine, Eddie Vedder is inspired and just perfectly right. I do not know what I love more, the story, the film, or the soundtrack. This is a film that definitely deserves a soundtrack shout-out.

Into the Wild trailer

Rise :: Eddie Vedder (with scenes from Into the Wild)

Meeting Tracy.

Angel from Montgomery :: Kristen Stewart and Emile Hirsch

Society :: Eddie Vedder

Guaranteed :: Eddie Vedder (with scenes from Into the Wild)

My favorite song from the film, and one of my all-time favorite songs ever. One of those songs that speaks/sings directly to my soul.

If ever there was someone to keep me at home,
it would be you

The lyrics above are one of the most beautiful lines of love I have ever read/heard. It brings tears to my eyes and makes my soul ache hearing it, in a good way, a good way kind of ache.

Some Kind of Wonderful :: Original Movie Soundtrack :: My Favorite Albums


Some Kind of Wonderful :: Original Movie Soundtrack (1987)

I have a weakness for John Hughes films, and their accompanying soundtracks. Two of the soundtracks from those films definitely make it on my favorite albums list, Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful. I still have my well-worn cassette and vinyl album of this movie, well-loved and played so often, each song a favorite, each song a sing-a-long moment. I love the memories that are attached to the songs, as well. Memories of one of my life-long, best friends, memories of friendship turned to love, of being in love with your best friend and memories of first kisses, first heartbreaks, and those moments of first falling in love.

This week’s my favorite album choice is the Some Kind of Wonderful soundtrack, and following are my three-sentence reflections by album track. Enjoy, and share your own thoughts and memories of this soundtrack in the comments.

Do Anything :: Pete Shelley

One late night we tangled and tossed over nothing at all except maybe our mutually held fear that we were feeling too much, too soon. We picked at a fight that was having itself, and consuming us, the both of us testing limits and waiting for the other to walk out the door. It is hard to trust love when there is so much past hurt and fear of losing.

Brilliant Mind :: Furniture

There were moments when words did not make sense anymore, when our brilliant disguises and our brilliant minds could not save us. I wanted something more lasting and real than you did, I wanted to be more than a clandestine, secret affair. I kept answering when you called, I kept giving myself to you, I kept reaching over time zones, I kept loving you, I kept hoping for more.

Cry Like This :: Blue Room

There are broken pieces in me that sometimes make it hard to trust love, or to trust myself in love. There is always that temptation to just turn around and run, to hold back the tears and the raw feelings, and just go. But, sometimes it is worth fighting for, to keep a love in your life, no matter what the love becomes.

I Go Crazy :: Flesh for Lulu

Late nights and early mornings, each of us on the flip side of time, still connected as if we were by each other’s side. My favorite moments were the ones filled with laughter, with fantasy, with intense conversations, with the sharing of each other’s worlds and wants. It is hard not to miss it, to not miss you.

She Loves Me :: Stephen Duffy

First kisses, they do stick in the memory forever, stuck sticky and at the ready to recall when we want to, when we need to. The shaking hands, the fevered heat, the racing pulse, and the feelings of lips on lips, twisting tongues, and clumsy hands reaching for everything. The need to be closer, and then closer still, that feeling lasts in the memory forever.

The Hardest Walk :: The Jesus and Mary Chain

Long lines that wrapped around tall buildings, shivering cold because we had left our coats in the car, nervous energy flickering throughout the crowd, everyone hungry with expectation. The walk down the long, dark hall, and that moment where the light appeared at the end of it. That is right about when you can hear the music soaring, the bass line thumping, and can almost feel the bodies swaying together into some kind of mix-matched one.

The Shyest Time

Growing up and out of being a shy and introverted girl was a constant struggle that was only eased by falling in love with acting. I took to the idea of playing someone that was not me eagerly, and took from it keys and clues to help make my own life more in color, and less against the wall and invisible. But, the shy, introvert of a girl is still in me, she is more of who I really am, though very few people would actually believe it who know me now.

Miss Amanda Jones :: The Rolling Stones

The version on the soundtrack is by the March Violets, which is not available on YouTube, but this is the original which does play during the film itself (both versions do). Both versions, whenever I hear them, always bring me right back to the movie. I loved that Amanda Jones was not a stereotype, just like most John Hughes characters there is complexity and depth going on underneath the surface.

Can’t Help Falling in Love With You :: Lick the Tins

This always, always, always reminds me of my life-long forever friend, Kate, and how much she immediately adored this song. I think we both had a copy, or two, of this album, and saw the movie more times than I can count. She was so much like Watts back when we were teens, she has always been so fearless and awesome.

Turn to the Sky :: The March Violets

I am better with words, especially written, as far as expression is concerned. I am often better in my dreams, and those post-conversation conversations when you can copy edit the best things to say. But, I would much rather hear the truth, unedited and pure and raw, then a scripted, well-rehearsed anything.

Most of the time I wouldn’t change it if I could :: Soundtrack Shout Out Wednesday

High Fidelity

High Fidelity :: Soundtrack Shout Out

A movie centered around a record store based on a book by Nick Hornby starring John Cusack with an amazing soundtrack, how could I possibly resist this movie, I mean, so many things I love all in one film, amazing. I spent many years working in record stores, and many more years haunting them almost religiously, feeding my never sated hunger for new music. Probably due to this life fact I enjoyed the scenes in the record store the best in the film, a close second would be the scenes with Rob and his record collection, and Rob making his music mixes. There is also a character named Laura who does not die, though the movie starts at the death of her and Rob’s relationship (it is revived though, so does that break my name/character curse?).

Did I mention how great the soundtrack is to this film?

High Fidelity trailer

The “Monday tape”

My own top 5’s on Tuesdays were inspired by the book and movie, High Fidelity. Also, “Tell Laura I Love Her” mentioned in the “Top 5 Songs about death” conversation is another “Laura/death” connection.

Top 5 Songs about death

Autobiographical record collection

Dry the Rain/Beta Band scene

Dry the Rain :: Beta Band

You’re Gonna Miss Me :: 13th Floor Elevators

Crimson and Clover :: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Most of the Time :: Bob Dylan