Put it in a place you keep what you need :: Random song of the day

Gamble Everything for Love :: Ben Lee from the album, Awake is the New Sleep (2005) "Tell me are you feeling lost? Have you crossed into places that you never knew to get through? Tell me are you gonna cry all night? Tell me the truth and I'll tell you the truth. If you gamble everything for love, you're gonna be alright."

Now if you don’t mind :: Random Song of the day

Leave (live) :: Glen Hansard originally from the soundtrack album to Once (2007) "Let go of my hand, you said you came to, now leave." It always happens, the unexpected mention of your name, and the flood begins. I keep thinking I'm done feeling, feeling you, feeling sadness, feeling loss, feeling love, feeling anything at all for you. But as the song sings, truth has a habit of falling out of your mouth, or in this case, out of my everything. Maybe it will never leave, these feelings, this sense of loss, the pain that shoots through me like an poison arrow, or a close-range bullet, at the mere mention of your name.

But every night I call your name :: Random Song of the Day

Burn :: The Cure from the album, The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1994) "So slide back down and close your eyes, sleep a while, you must be tired." My first car was this piece of crap red Honda, two doors, hatchback, manual transmission, bad radiator, temperamental tail lights, on its last legs, automotive love of my life. That last part, yeah, I meant it. She was that one car that I will never forget, and the one I truly loved. She represented freedom to me, and adventure. She held my secrets, she carried me and my dearest friends all over Southern California. She was there for me when I was at my happiest, and at my lowest moments.