Angels fall like rain

“A race is on, I’m on your side, and hearing you my engines die. I’m in a mood for you, for running away. Stars come down in you, and love… you can’t give it away.” The Ghost in You :: The Psychedelic Furs “I don’t want to leave.” ~ Bob “So don’t. Stay here with me. We’ll start a jazz band.” ~ Charlotte It comes on unexpected, like the faded memories of a near completed dream. You wake up and rub your eyes, try to recapture what has just transpired in that subconscious film of sleep. You remember what you … Continue reading Angels fall like rain

I’ll be your engine driver in a bunny suit

keep art alive; “divine indifference” by scott altmann Old journal writings from August 4, 2007: Waiting in the Target dressing-rooms, circles around the cars Max thinks are best; I fancy the Lightning McQueen with his tongue sticking out, though Veronica scrunches her nose up and calls it rude. Suppose I like to be a bit rude, now and again. I always find it amusing that people who do not know me well find me so serious and serene, either overly-kind or somewhat distant. I’ve been called mysterious, a poet, an artist, a lover, a mother, and occasionally a bitch. And, yes they are … Continue reading I’ll be your engine driver in a bunny suit

Come pick me up

We’d hit the bottom,  Ithought it was my fault, and in a way i guess it, was. I’m just now finding out, what it was all about. We moved to, the West Coast, away from everyone. She never told me that you called. Back when I was still, I was still in love. Till I opened my eyes, and walked out the door, and the clouds came tumbling down. And, it’s, “bye-bye. goodbye, I tried.” And, I twisted it wrong just to make it right . iIhad to leave myself behind, and i’ve been flying high all night. So, come pick me up, I’ve … Continue reading Come pick me up

I’ll follow you into the dark

“That’s why I love you. because you say ridiculous fucking things like that. Normal people don’t say things like that, Jacob. All my life I waited for someone who would say things like that to me. And for someone I didn’t feel alone in the presence of. Someone who understood. Someone who would make me feel like it wasn’t just me against the world. Even when we’re not together. Even when I think you’re having rough, dirty sex with Rosalita the barmaid in Needles, California, I’m still comforted by the fact that you’re out there. Just knowing you exist changed the world for … Continue reading I’ll follow you into the dark

Indulging in my self-defeat

keep art alive; art by joshua petker The summer song. you know the kind, it sticks to your skin like humidity, like melted ice cream dripping down your fingers, like a lip-gloss kiss. The summer song is typically catchy, pop-music candy; low on lyrical significance, but high on addictive melodies. The chorus is key. Repetition and sing-a-long ease are the necessary ingredients, and a comfortable dose of simplicity. The song needs to have cross-over potential, not just between musical genres, but generations, too. It needs to have the hip-factor, the mainstream appeal, and some other something that pushes the song … Continue reading Indulging in my self-defeat

Regardless of what they say

Roads (live) :: Portishead Oh, can’t anybody see, we’ve got a war to fight, never found our way, regardless of what they say. How can it feel, this wrong? From this moment, how can it feel, this wrong? Storm, in the morning light, I feel, no more can I say, frozen to myself. I got nobody on my side, and surely that ain’t right, surely that ain’t right. Oh, can’t anybody see, we’ve got a war to fight, never found our way, regardless of what they say. How can it feel, this wrong? From this moment, how can it feel, … Continue reading Regardless of what they say