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Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johannsson Now Hear This

“Bad Dreams” by Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson

Now Hear This

Cinematic. From the opening notes and chords, all I can think is cinematic, which I suppose is somewhat fitting since half of this duo is Film Star Scarlett Johansson. Pete Yorn, a lyriquediscorde favorite, has reunited with his Break Up partner from 2009. Scarlett and Pete are back together, though if this first Single off of the soon-to-be-released EP Apart is any indication, “together” is far from the story these two have to tell.

The give-and-take of the verses plays out like a therapy session or a confessional one-on-one with a best friend. It’s time to be over the Break Up, at least that’s what they all keep telling you, but it’s never that easy. Not sleep, not awake, not being Apart.

Sleeplessness leads to exhaustion, and then when you finally close your eyes, the dreams come. “Bad Dreams” of being back together, of never being back together, of being alone. The manifestations of all those fears that your psyche plays out, they feel brought to life in this Song. Being afraid of the mess in your life, and in your self, to being afraid of age and forgetfulness, and of never sleeping well, or loving well, again. Anyone who’s been through a serious Break Up knows what their Singing about.

You keep breaking post Break Up. But, at least you have Songs to Sing while you try to piece it all back together, now that you’re Apart.

“Bad Dreams” by Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson
off of the upcoming EP, Apart
Coming June 1 from Capital Records

Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johannsson Now Hear This

Photo by Sophie Muller

We now start counting the days until the arrival of the EP Apart from Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson. Stay tuned for more news and features on Pete Yorn leading up to the June 1st Release. In the meantime, Turn Up the Volume and hit Replay on “Bad Dreams”. I know I’m already Obsessing over it.


Now Hear This – “Girls/Boys” by MOONOVERSUN

Now Hear This Lyriquediscorde

Full of color and catchy “wonky” pop flavor, “Girls/Boys” feels ready for both radio play and the dancefloor. A duo in every way, Isaac and Sofia of MOONOVERSUN, proclaim equal creative partnership in writing, producing, performing, and directing their own videos. Their Song, “Girls/Boys” proclaims the same, self-empowerment and share of voice, to an addictive beat.

MOONOVERSUN describe “Girls/Boys” as an anthem to self-love and empowerment stating

[The Song is] about not worrying what others think and just having a good time. A problem we and others constantly face is people putting us in certain roles; boy as the producer and girl as the performer just because of our gender, which we feel can be reductive. There are so many sick female writers and producers out there so why do people make this assumption?

“Girls/Boys” by MOONOVERSUN
Now Hear This

MOONOVERSUN hail from London and Brighton, and are often seen and heard at WONK nightclub nights where their Music is often accompanied by balloons, bubbles and a general lack of inhibition. Turn this up and close your eyes and you can almost see it.


So, what is “Wonky” Pop? I wasn’t sure myself until I looked it up and sampled the sounds. Wonky Pop was a loose grouping of Musical acts that played what the BBC has called “quirky, catch and credible pop,” rooted in the eccentric side of 1980’s Pop Music that had a bit of a heydey in the late 2000’s. Mika, Alphabeat, and Frankmusik are mentioned as Wonky Pop Artists. (from Wikipedia)

To me, “Girls/Boys” sounds influenced by New York Indie Punk like La Tigre, Indie Dance Pop Artists like Grimes, Charli XCX and Dance Pop/Nu Disco Artist Alex Crossan (Mura Masa), and a little bit of La Roux. This Track is getting some obsessive play from me and has found its way to my workout Playlist rotation. Give “Girls/Boys” a listen and see how addictive it is – you’ll want to hit the dance floor, or a spin class, right away.


JD King Love Me Back Now Hear This Lyriquediscorde

Now Hear This – “Love Me Back” by J.D. King

Now Hear This Lyriquediscorde Header

A little Twang, a little Folk, a little Psychedelic, and a little bit LA – that’s what the new Track by lyriquediscorde Favorite J.D. King is made of. And let me tell you, it is destined to become your next big thing.

Despite that reluctant groundhog who bestowed upon us six more weeks of Winter today, “Love Me Back” rebuffs those Winter Woes and brings Spring right along for us to fall in love with.

JD King Lyriquediscorde Love Me Back

I adore the playfulness of this Track and its accompanying film. The Roger Corman feel to it, with the Psychobilly leopard clad kitty and her would-be-lover the romantic, dark pirate, playing Music with a band of animals, fighting in the street, and falling in and out of love – it all just sweeps- me up and takes me away.

The film was shot on location at the Ramones Ranch in Los Angeles, where the song was also recorded in J.D.’s home studio. It was directed by J.D.’s longtime collaborator Avery Wheless (HUSH), and the film stars J.D., Avery, and actress Kansas Bowling, also featuring cameos from Parker Love Bowling, JuJu Sorelli, and Linda Ramone.

“Love Me Back” fits perfectly into the upcoming Spring season (no matter what you say, Sir Groundhog, Spring will get here). The Song also weaves right into this month of Valentines and lovers.

In February, aren’t we all looking for someone to love us back?

J.D. says of the Song “Love Me Back”:

“Love Me Back” was a subconscious ditty I just came up with while waiting in a car. We recorded it live to tape and it sounded pretty great with just 4 tracks. The film represents the fool who looks to others for love and validation while not yet realizing that love truly comes from within. So, myself acting the fool in this case, gets quite a lickin’ from a carefree wildcat goddess for this misunderstanding. I sort of used a Buster Keaton persona for the acting part which I’ve always wanted to try.  I hope you enjoy “Love Me Back”!

JD King Love Me Back Now Hear This Lyriquediscorde

I say Turn this Track up Loud and grab a hold of that one you love, make out with them until both your lips are pucker-pink, whisper love words to each other and maybe go take off on a spontaneous adventure together, the kind that warrants saved postcards and snapshots, and beloved memories forever.

Just don’t forget to take this Song along for the ride. I know I will. You can grab the track here, and also follow J.D. and his Music on Facebook and Instagram.

You see, I’m already loving “Love Me Back” back, it’s impossible not to.

Thank you, J.D., for another deliriously catchy, and gorgeously lovely new Song. I can’t wait for a Full Album from you – Moon Gardens – coming soon!

“Love Me Back” by J.D. King


Juliana Hatfield Now Hear This Lyriquediscorde

Juliana Hatfield covers Olivia Newton-John – Now Hear This!

Now Hear This at Lyriquediscorde

When I was a young girl one of my favorite Artists, and Idols, was Olivia Newton-John. I’ve written a lot about her at various times and places. I had (still have) all of Olivia’s 70’s and 80’s Albums on Vinyl, including the Soundtracks. And yes, I do still play them. Maybe not as much as I did when I was a pre-adolescent and wanted to be her, but her Songs still make it into Playlists, and I do still give the Albums a spin sometimes.

Olivia Newton John Now Hear This Lyriquediscorde

In the 90’s I discovered Juliana Hatfield, round about the time she was in the Juliana Hatfield Three. “My Sister” was the first Song I heard, and I was hooked on her voice and her Music ever since. I have most of her Music, be it Solo, or with Blake Babies or The Lemonheads, on CD or Vinyl, and I definitely include Juliana in a lot of Playlists. Lyriquediscorde used to also do a monthly Feature showcasing Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield (Evan and Juliana Days).

Juliana Hatfield Now Hear This Lyriquediscorde ONJ

Imagine my excitement and OH MY STARS joy when I read today that Juliana is coming out with an Album of Olivia Newton-John Covers! Yes, I did a little dance, and yes, I went immediately and pre-ordered it here.

Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John Now Hear This LD

Here is a Pre-Album Released Single:

“A Little More Love” by Juliana Hatfield

And, here’s the Original:

“A Little More Love” by Olivia Newton-John

“I have never not loved Olivia Newton-John,” Hatfield says in a press release announcing the album. “Her music has brought me so much pure joy throughout my life.” (from NPR)

Same with me, Juliana. Same with me.


Crimson Saddle Velvet Boots – Now Hear This!


“Crimson Saddle Velvet Boots” is the 3rd Single released from JD King’s highly anticipated, upcoming album Moon Gardens. This one is our FAVORITE (so far) at Lyriquediscorde. The 60’s infused, Psych-meets-Folk, with the Southern California ocean and the nearby canyons influence weaved through it – “Crimson Saddle Velvet Boots” is a MUST HEAR. The accompanying film (because this is film and not simply a music video) is spacey, stunning, and surreal. I feel psychically elevated when I take it all in – the audio and the visual – as if it is becoming one with my headspace, and bloodstream.

“Crimson Velvet Saddle Boots” by JD King

Or maybe it is JD’s headspace, and bloodstream, we are floating in when pressing play. It’s quite a trip, this musical and visual time-travel experience. Squint and you may just feel like you’ve gone back to 60’s Los Angeles, sipping candy-colored drinks by a pool with floating blow-up flamingos, riding on motorcycles without helmets down Malibu beach, or creating art all-night in the Topanga Canyon of those days past.


The film above was directed by filmmaker Avery Wheless, with cinematographer Juju Sorelli and Gilles O’Kane. It stars JD, and renowned visual artist Ale Washington, with costume design by artist Lucas Davis.

The video stars King, and renowned visual artist Ale Washington, with costume design by artist, Lucas Davis.


Be sure to PRESS PLAY a few times with this song. Take it in. Get lost in it. And get yourself ready for the releases of Moon Gardens – COMING SOON!

Above the Terra, Downtime Survivors, Rich Sihilling, Music, Now Hear This

“Above the Terra” :: Downtime Survivors :: Now Hear This

Now Hear This, Music

“Above the Terra” :: Downtime Survivors :: Now Hear This

Above the Terra Downtime Survivors, Now Hear This, Rich Sihilling, Music

Now Hear This – “Above the Terra” – my pick for an Extraordinary Track of the Week comes from Downtime Survivors, a Down-Tempo, Dream Pop Project from Electronic Music Composer Rich Sihilling. Last week, I was spinning and shouting about the Song “Ministry Of Times”, which is an Epic Electronic Tune by Rich Sihilling, and this week one of his Projects has those spins and shouts starting all over again.

“Above the Terra” is a post-modern Trip Hop tune that’s gone down a dimly lit alley ways where Dream Pop and Down-Tempo hangout and smoke a clove. The song is Fantastical and Lucid Dream infused, igniting a visual kaleidoscope in the mind’s eye.

Press play on the Video above and that kaleidoscope becomes realized, with flashes of color, shape, movement and magical stimulation for the subconscious. You will not be able to turn your eyes away.

“Above the Terra” is one of the Best New Songs I have spun this week. It is a Unique Project from Southern California based Electronic Music Producer, Rich Sihilling. The Otherworldly Song should be played loudly, optimally with headphones, or a set of quality speakers. You will be transported, aurally and visually, just Press Play and take it all in.


Now Hear This, Music

“Ministry of Times” :: Rich Sihilling :: Now Hear This

“Ministry of Times” :: Rich Sihilling

Rich Sihilling Ministry of Time, Music, Now Hear This

“Ministry of Times”, one of the Best New Songs I have heard this week comes from Southern California based Electronic Musician Extraordinaire, Producer and Artists who was one of Los Angeles’ first live performing Techno Acts. “Ministry of Time” should be played loudly, with headphones or a speaker system. Expansive sounds are on your way once you Press Play, so be ready.

With a nod to Eye Q Records and Sven Vath, “Ministry of Times” merges a sonic bridge between the past, the now, and the future. The world from space travels as fast as the life below, close up, sped up to the match the beats. There is something both hypnotic and complex when the visuals meet the Music. It unleashes layers of emotions that transcend the need to dance. Though, trust me, you will need to dance.

Listen to other tracks by Rich Sihilling HERE.

Grimm, Kat Robichaud, Live, San Francisco, Cabaret, Misfit Cabaret

Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret presents GRIMM – 2/24 & 2/25 and 3/3 & 3/4

“What care I for human hearts? Soft and spiritless as porridge! A faerie’s heart beats fierce and free!”

Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret presents GRIMM – 2/24 & 2/25 and 3/3 & 3/4

Lyriquediscorde favorite, Kat Robichaud, is throwing a fantastically twisted fairy tale cabaret experience called GRIMM that is a definite DO NOT MISS. It is being held in San Francisco – this weekend and next weekend – and you should do whatever you can to BE THERE.

Tickets available for GRIMM here


Misfit Cabaret, Grimm, live, music, lyriquediscorde, Kat Robichaud

Photo by Mike Lloyd Photography

What is GRIMM all about?

Tiptoe with us to the secret corners of the forest where hidden creatures play- where sprites and demons plot deception around a devilish fire and shimmering nymphs lithely dance under an iridescent moon. Mere mortals are seduced by goblin kings and the purest hearts are bewitched by glittering midnight. Journey – if you dare!- to Misfit Cabaret’s GRIMM– a dark fairytale variety show that will send chills down your spine!

Kat Robichaud proudly presents GRIMM – a night of decadence, bawdiness, and damsels (not) in distress. Come experience the fantastical variety show everyone is talking about!

Featuring Kat Robichaud and The Darling Misfits as your hosts!


Photo by Mike Lloyd Photography

We’ve featured Kat Robichaud’s music here at lyriquediscorde quite a few times (read Kat’s 10 Question Interview here, as well as a piece on the Misfit Cabaret (and a tribute to Bowie) here). Kat is part Glam Rock, part Goth, part tear the house down Rock-and-Roll, and part pure meant for the stage theatrics. She’s a whole lot of creative magic and this new cabaret adventure is bound to be unforgettable.

Here’s one of my favorite Kat songs:

“The Apple Pie & The Knife” :: Kat Robichaud & The Darling Misfits


Photo by Mike Lloyd Photography

The show will also feature Eliza Rickman as the woodland creature, Johnny Rockitt as The Darkness in an homage to Tim Curry, Shadow Circus Creature Theater’s wild goblins and ghouls, Eka Leigh Malboeuf as our Luck Dragon rope aerialist, Hollow Eve as the darkest Snow White rendition, and Bo Vixxen as our burlesque blackbird!

And as always, your Darling Misfits drive the evening with their enchanted instruments of rock and roll.

GRIMM 5.jpg

All photographs by Mike Lloyd Photography

Brian Matthew :: Now Is Good :: Now Hear This


Now Hear This :: Brian Matthew :: Now Is Good

Discovering music is a favorite pastime of mine, one that has taken a bit of a pause of late due to the push and pull of the holiday season, as well as some personal shifts and changes that had me burning the proverbial candle at both ends. But, as the year winds down, and the air clears, I find myself diving back into my quest for new sounds and wanting to share the gems I pick up along the way. So, settle down somewhere comfortable and prick up your ears, because some new, and some new-to-me music, will be coming this way over the next week, and well into the new year, when this space will be buzzing and spinning on the regular again.


As the sun is setting just outside my favorite window, the air warmer than its been lately, but still with a wisp of Southern California December slight chill, I find myself listening repeatedly to track 4 and 5 of a new CD that fell into my hands this week. I keep trying to weigh in on which of the two songs are my favorite, but honestly I just can’t say. They seem to flow into each other perfectly, swirling about in my ears while I watch the world outside turn on, the moon taking over and saying “goodnight” to the sun.

Trailer Man

“Trailer Man” feels like a ride through the desert, the long stretches ahead and behind, the unknown just off the next exit, my gypsy soul turning the volume up while getting lost in that very best way. There is something late seventies in the vibe that permeates from this track, something reminiscent of the songs from the Laurel Canyon era, a little Crosby and Nash, a little Morrison and Manzarek, and a little Taylor and Mitchell. There is definitely a bit of Steely Dan in here, too (like I said, late seventies), and peel back the surface a little further, too, and there is definitely a Grateful Dead sensibility going on here which flows beautifully into that next track I find myself so fond of.

Passion & Chemistry

“Passion & Chemistry” take a slight turn from that desert road, upping the tempo just a bit, and pulling the sun out from behind the clouds. There is a sense of the ocean here, of movement and color. That Dead sensibility I mentioned before takes a harder hold of the reigns with this track, so much so that if you close your eyes you can almost see the crowds gathering, hands reaching out to smoke and sing and dance. This one almost requires getting up and taking the car out for a drive, turning the wheel to face the sun’s descent, hopefully somewhere over the ocean. Perhaps a drive to Venice Beach is in order with this one blasting out the open window.

Groovin’ On

Track 10, “Groovin’ On” is a close second (or is it third?) favorite on this album. Definitely the “jamiest” on the album, I’m tempted to play this one right after track 5, as it feels almost organic to come after “Passion & Chemistry”. Although this is a Winter discovery for me, I can’t help but think the entire album is ready made for a late Summer getaway. I may just have to have this on hand, and plan a slightly out of season road trip somewhere.

The album, “Now is Good” is available at iTunes here. Brian is a local Los Angeles singer-songwriter who also plays with the local band Harmonious Fits. You can catch up with where to see them, and listen to some other music on Facebook here.


If you are in the Los Angeles area you should start off your new year with some  live music and check out the next Harmonious Fits show in Santa Monica, on January 2nd, at TR!P.

Keep updated on future shows by following here for Brian, and here for Harmonious Fits.

Grow With Me :: Harmonious Fits

Feel Freeze :: Wet My Tongue :: Now Hear This


Indie Folk meets Dark Wave meets Electro Pop meets something that belongs in a film, or edgy television series – something a little off-the-beaten-path, a little bit dark and twisty, and a lot of cinematic flair. I was instantly reminded of the soundtrack to the film “Drive”, most especially of songs from Kavinsky and College. It also reminds me quite a bit of Trust’s song, “Candy Walls”, and The xx’s song, “Fiction”.

The songs starts out in a very sixties melodic folky way that reminds me of some of the music I grew up hearing my mother play. A bit of “California Dreaming” and Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon”, along with some Moody Blues tunes are tucked up in there, at the start, but then something takes over. A build and rise of electronic magic, a coming together of darkness and light that is captivating, alluring and downright sensual. It whips and swirls around me, taking me into the music, taking the morning and turning it into the middle-of-the-night.

Wet My Tongue :: Feel Freeze


Feel Freeze

Feel Freeze is a Danish electro-pop duo that are gearing themselves up to break waves in the UK while they continue their success in their home of Denmark. The duo is made up of Mathias Vinther Liholt and Raymonde Gaunoux.

“Wet My Tongue”, was mixed by Peter Iverson and mastered by Anders Schumann (Medina).

Feel Freeze describes the song as follows:

“Wet My Tongue is a musical journey that takes off in a light acoustic setting, but transforms itself into an eerie melancholic universe with cutting guitars, deep bass-drum and bubbly synthesizers. It takes place in the internet-time where people spend their days looking at pictures of each other on screens. It increases our need for physical contact. A growing desire. A cry for nearness. Wet My Tongue.”

Have a listen yourself, and let me know what you think. Personally, I cannot wait to hear more from Feel Freeze.

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