Dawes :: My Favorite Artists/Bands

Dawes :: My Favorite Artists/Bands Tomorrow night I am going to be seeing Dawes perform live for the first time at the Hollywood Forever cemetery, inside the Masonic Lodge. As I listen to their past three albums, and the first two tracks from their upcoming one, I am realizing just how much their music means to me. So many of their songs have made their way into a variety of playlists over the last few years, as well as played muse to my writing more times than I can count. Two songs in particular, Time Spent in Los Angeles, and A Little Bit of Everything, were integral parts of big decisions I made in my life in terms of where I chose to call home (at least for now), and more consequential, where my heart chose to belong to.

Conor Oberst :: My Favorite Artists/Bands

Conor Oberst :: My Favorite Artists/Bands I became enraptured by Conor Oberst singing and songwriting during a particular year that had a huge impact on my musical taste. It was the in the early aught's, during the same time frame that I discovered Arcade Fire, Death Cab For Cutie, The Libertines, and Conor's incarnation, Bright Eyes. I think it was Lua I heard first, a track discovered on a Mix CD that a good friend of mine made, and sent out for a musical Valentine's present. Or, it could have been Lover I Don't Have to Love, heard off of a Pandora station. I cannot recall which was first, but I do remember falling hard for both songs, especially the former. It wasn't long after that I went out and bought I'm Wide Awake It's Morning and LIFTED Or the Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground.

Fiona Apple :: My Favorite Artists/Bands

Fiona Apple :: My Favorite Artists/Bands Fiona Apple immediately reminds me of the nineties, even though I have listened to her music far past those years. Perhaps it is due to the fact that so many of the songs off her first two albums resonated so deeply with me during the nineties. I listen to …

Pete Yorn :: California Extended You and Me Tour :: Live Music Project

Anyone who knows me personally, or who has been a reader here, will know that Pete Yorn is a favorite artist of mine. I've written about his music, his albums, and most recently, to promote the You and Me Tour. The tour consists of Pete and a guitar and harmonica, no set-list, a stage, an audience, and a different show every night. He takes requests from the crowd, he plays cover songs and deep tracks, and some of the "fan favorites", too. California had not been graced by the tour until this month, and though I would have liked to take the epic complete California tour, alas my day job has its demands, and the family likes to eat. But, three of the gigs are here in Southern California, and nothing was going to keep me away.

Damien Rice :: My Favorite Artists/Bands

Damien Rice :: My Favorite Artists/Bands I think it was Cannonball that I first heard, and I think it may have been playing in a television show, Alias, if I remember correctly. I can almost see the scene, and feel the pin-prickles move across my skin while it played. The song stuck around long past the scene itself, and I soon was searching for it to include in a mix tape I was making. The lyrics to the song were heavy and heartbreaking, and I felt each line as it was sung. Love that could sink you, that could break you into pieces, that could teach you to lie, yet love that you still wanted to hold tight to; yes, I knew how that was.

Death Cab For Cutie :: My Favorite Artists/Bands

Death Cab For Cutie :: My Favorite Artists/Bands Transatlanticism was an album bought on a whim one afternoon when I'd gone to a record store on my lunch break to browse, pick up some new music, and cheer myself up. Ever since I was a very young girl I have always associated record stores with mood lifting, as my Mother used to take me with her to visit the music any time she was down, or needed to reconnect, or sometimes just because. It was one of those days, stresses at work, problems at home, and I was in desperate need of some musical therapy. The name of the album, and the striking cover, are what drew me to the album, so I bought it "sound-unseen", and it when I slid it into my car stereo's CD player and hit play, and The New Year started to play, the healing began.

Grant-Lee Phillips :: My Favorite Artists

Grant-Lee Phillips :: My Favorite Artists Mighty Joe Moon, Grant Lee Buffalo's second album, was my first encounter with Grant-Lee Phillips, though I do think I'd heard Jupiter and Teardrop, from their debut album, Fuzzy, on a mix tape that a friend of mine had made me before I'd left on a road trip to San Francisco. Regardless, it is Mighty Joe Moon that I remember distinctly as my first time with Grant-Lee's songwriting and folk/rock/alt-country/and something else entirely sound.