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Mulholland Drive Alison Reimold art Monday Playlists

Mondays on Mulholland; Love in Los Angeles

Mondays on Mulholland; Love in Los Angeles - A Monday Playlist

Mondays on Mulholland; Love in Los Angeles
A Monday Playlist

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“Mulholland Queen” by Jonathan Wilson
“Electrolite” by R.E.M.
“Queen of the Underworld” by Jesse Malin
“California” by Josh Ritter
“Until You Come Along” by Golden Smog
“Echo Park” by Joseph Arthur
“Angeles” by Elliott Smith
“No Surprises” by Radiohead
“Girlfriend in a Coma” by The Smiths
“No Stars” by Rebekah Del Rio
“Tiny Vessels” by Death Cab For Cutie
“Lost Cause” by Beck
“Crying” by Roy Orbison
“Far, Far Away” by Wilco
“La Cienega Just Smiled” by Ryan Adams
“Time Spent in Los Angeles” by Dawes
“Lay Lady Lay” by Magnet
“California” by Mazzy Star
“Most of the Time” by Bob Dylan
“Los Angeles, I’m Yours” by The Decemberists
“Roses” by Pete Yorn
“I Wish I Was Sober” by Frightened Rabbit
“Free Fallin'” by Tom Petty
“Dogs of LA” by Liz Phair
“Carnival” by Natalie Merchant
“California” by Joni Mitchell
“Tiny Dancer” by Elton John
“Honey Don’t Think” by Grant Lee Buffalo
“Does He Love You?” by Rilo Kiley
“Concrete Sky” by Beth Orton

Mondays on Mulholland; Love in Los Angeles

Seamlessly weaving around the sun :: A Playlist


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Amy Sol

Seamlessly weaving around the sun :: A Playlist
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“Afterglow” :: Phaeleh, featuring Soundmouse
“Technicolour Beat” :: Oh Wonder
“Affection” :: Cigarettes After Sex
“Hayling” :: FC Kahna, featuring Hafdis Huld
“In the Waiting Line” :: Zero 7
“Trigger Hippie” :: Morcheeba
“In Binary” :: Lamb
“Beijing to Berlin” :: Tricky, featuring Ivy
“Crystalised” :: Martina Topley-Bird, featuring Mark Lanegan and Warpaint
“2 Wicky” :: Hooverphonic
“Sour Times” :: Portishead
“You’ll be Lonely” :: Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
“Can You Get to That” :: Funkadelic
“No Diggity” :: Chet Faker
“Faded” :: ZHU
“Until the Morning” :: Thievery Corporation
“Porcelain” :: Moby
“Past, Present & Future (Rock ‘n’ Roll)” :: Wax Tailor
“Fun for Me” :: Moloko
“On Hold” :: The xx
“Three Hours” :: Nick Drake
“You Wish” :: Nightmares On Wax
“Take it There” :: Massive Attack, featuring Tricky and 3D
“Don’t Leave” :: Faithless, featuring Rollo Armstrong & Sister Bliss
“You’re Not Alone” :: Olive
“Release the Pressure” :: Leftfield
“Get Some” (Beck remix) :: Lykke Li
“I Exhale” :: Underworld
“Useless” (The Kruder + Dorfmeister session) :: Depeche Mode
“Troubled by the Way We Came Together” :: Natalie Imbruglia
“Challengers” :: The New Pornographers

Band tee shirts and red lipped kisses :: A Monday Playlist


Band tee shirts and red lipped kisses :: A Monday Playlist
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Rebel Without a Cause: Love Theme :: Leonard Rosenman
lippy kids :: Elbow
Two of Us on the Run :: Lucius
She’s Got You :: Patsy Cline
Fireproof :: The National
Crystals :: Of Monsters & Men
Fireproof :: The National
Killing Me Softly with His Song :: Fugees
Let’s Get Lost :: Elliott Smith
Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise :: The Avett Brothers
Fix It :: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Drink ‘Til We’re Gone :: Lucero
Keep Yourself Warm :: Frightened Rabbit
Never Quite Free :: The Mountain Goats
No Room in Frame :: Death Cab For Cutie
She’s Not Me :: Jenny Lewis
Kiss This Thing Goodbye :: Del Amitri
Knowing Me, Knowing You :: ABBA
I’m Not the One :: Pete Yorn
Kiss & Tell :: Bryan Ferry
Steal My Kisses :: Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
Mexican Wrestler :: Jill Sobule
If I Didn’t Know Better :: Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen
Hypocritical Kiss :: Jack White
Fade Into You :: J. Mascis
Gypsy Faded :: Joseph Arthur
3 Rounds & a Sound :: Blind Pilot
Grace Cathedral Hill :: The Decemberists
Let it Bleed ::: The Rolling Stones
Oh! Sweet Nothing :: The Velvet Underground

Let’s take it back to 1987 :: A Throwback Thursday Playlist


Let’s take it back to 1987 :: A Throwback Thursday Playlist
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Just Like Heaven :: The Cure
No New Tale to Tell :: Love & Rockets
Heart & Soul :: T’Pau
Wishing Well :: Terence Trent D’Arby
Lips Like Sugar :: Echo & The Bunnymen
Red Hill Mining Town :: U2
The One I Love :: R.E.M.
Never Tear Us Apart :: INXS
Hazy Shade of Winter :: The Bangles
Rain in the Summertime :: The Alarm
This Corrosion :: Sisters Of Mercy
True Faith :: New Order
The Passenger :: Siouxsie & The Banshees
Love Removal Machine :: The Cult
I Go Crazy :: Flesh For Lulu
We Close Our Eyes :: Oingo Boingo
Pop Goes the World :: Men Without Hats
Victim of Love :: Erasure
Like the Weather :: 10,000 Maniacs
I Want Your (Hands on Me) :: Sinead O’Connor
Luka :: Suzanne Vega
Understanding Jane :: The Icicle Works
4th of July :: X
Brilliant Disguise :: Bruce Springsteen
Ship of Fools :: World Party
Big Love :: Fleetwood Mac
Stop Me if You Think You’ve Heard this One Before :: The Smiths
Never Let Me Down Again :: Depeche Mode
Heartbreak Beat :: The Psychedelic Furs
Can’t Hardly Wait :: The Replacements

Just for one day :: M5MO


Keep Art Alive :: “Standing with Teraoka” :: Art by Aaron Nagel

My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

You can stream the music obsessions each week here on Spotify

1. Drink ‘Til We’re Gone :: Lucero

“‘Cause one day they’re gone,
and all you got left,
some empty bottles,
and an old country song,
plays on and on.”


2. All the Beautiful Things :: Eels

“Birds come down from sky so blue,
see all the beautiful things you do.
Why can’t I just get with you.”


3. Slow Dog :: Belly

“Maria carry a rifle.
Maria carry a dog on her back.”


4. Blue Light :: Mazzy Star

“There’s a blue light,
in my best friend’s room;
there’s a blue light,
in his eye.”


5. Heroes :: David Bowie

“And you,
you can be mean,
and I,
I’ll drink all the time.
Cause we’re lovers,
and that is a fact.
Yes we’re lovers,
and that is that.”


Hello darkness, my old friend :: M5MO


Keep Art Alive :: “The Response” :: Art by Aaron Nagel

My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

You can stream the music obsessions each week here on Spotify

1. The Apocalypse Song :: St. Vincent

I’ll be swifter than the speed of light.
Carbon my body a billion years of time.
You wake with the stitches over both your eyes,
and deny me my body and all earthly delights.”


2. Transcontinental Bender :: The Ford Theatre Reunion

“It must have been one hell of a weekend.”


3. A Case for Shame :: Moby, featuring Cold Specks

“A fine line will set you apart.
Swallow my name,
swallow it down,
sing me a song.”


4. Cover My Face :: Miranda Sex Garden

“I know you’re watching,
you know I see.
My face in your eyes,
I know you see.”


5. The Sound of Silence :: Disturbed

“People talking without speaking.
People hearing without listening.
People writing songs that voices,
never share,
and no one dare,
disturb the sound,
of silence.”


This is where I say I’ve had enough :: M5MO


Keep Art Alive :: “Riddled” :: Art by Kelly Vivanco

My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

You can stream the music obsessions each week here on Spotify

1. First :: Cold War Kids

“Flying like a cannonball,
falling to the earth,
heavy as a feather when you hit the dirt.
How am I the lucky one?
I do not deserve,
to wait around forever when you were there first.
First you get hurt,
then you feel sorry.”


2. Saints & Sailors :: Dashboard Confessional

“And I’m throwing away the letters,
that I am writing you,
cause they would never do,
I would never do.”


3. Cough Syrup :: Young The Giant

“If I could find a way,
to see this straight,
I’d run away,
to some fortune that I should have found,
by now.”


4. Lost in the Light :: Bahamas

“After so many words,
still nothing’s heard;
don’t know what we should do.”


5. Dusty Trails :: Lucius

“It’s all in the manual that we’ve been writing,
a future instructional guide.
If we skip to add to our prefufilled dreams,
we’d be lost without our own advice.
We’ll be alright,
we’ll be alright.”


Must I dream and always see your face :: M5MO


Keep Art Alive :: “Sand Dollar and Abalone” :: Art by Kelly Vivanco

My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

You can stream the music obsessions each week here on Spotify

1. Last Goodbye :: Jeff Buckley

“This is our last goodbye.
I hate to feel the love between us die.
But it’s over,
just hear this and then i’ll go”
you gave me more to live for,
more than you’ll ever know.”


2. Most of the Time :: Sophie Zelmani

“Most of the time,
it’s well understood.
Most of the time,
I wouldn’t change it if I could.”


3. Catch :: Devics

“And she used to fall down a lot,
that girl was always falling,
again and again,
and I used to sometimes try to catch her,
but never even caught her name.”


4. Evangeline :: Cocteau Twins

“There is no going back.
I can’t stop feeling now.”


5. Doll is Mine :: Blonde Redhead

“Mine is an act of love.
Mine is a wish to solve .
And, mine is to sink by your side.”


Ink stains and blue eyed dreams :: A Monday Playlist


Ink stains and blue eyed dreams :: A Monday Playlist
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High & Dry :: Amanda Palmer
So Far Away :: Carole King
Extraordinary Machine :: Fiona Apple
Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright :: Bob Dylan
The Shadowlands :: Ryan Adams
The First Cut is the Deepest (acoustic) :: Sheryl Crow
Record Store :: Butch Walker
Leave :: Glen Hansard
Like a Fool :: Keira Knightley
Permafrost :: Laurena Segura
Stay with Me (live) :: Angus & Julia Stone
I Will Follow You Into the Dark :: Daniela Andrade
To Build a Home :: The Cinematic Orchestra, featuring Patrick Watson
Man of the Hour (live) :: Eddie Vedder
The Only Thing Worth Fighting For :: Lera Lynn
I’m On Fire :: Low
Medicine :: Daughter
Intro :: The XX
Let’s Dance :: M Ward
I Need Some Sleep :: Eels
All I Want :: Kodaline
I Wish I was Sober :: Frightened Rabbit
You’re My Waterloo :: The Libertines
Most of the Time :: Bettye Lavette
Dusty Trails :: Lucius
A Little Crazy (live) :: Nicole Atkins
Both Sides Now :: Joni Mitchell
Amie :: Damien Rice
Delilah :: The Dresden Dolls
We Might be Dead Tomorrow :: Soko

All that I have, all that I hold :: M5MO


Keep Art Alive :: “Night Wolf” :: Art by Kevin Peterson

My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

You can stream the music obsessions each week here on Spotify

1. Record Store :: Butch Walker

“I can’t call you by your stage name,
you’re still the girl I know.”


2. Roses :: Pete Yorn

“Day’s on,
day’s off,
we know this is dangerous.”


3. Hey :: Pixies

been trying to meet you.
must be a devil between us.”


4. I am a Scientist :: Guided By Voices

“And I know what’s right,
but I’m losing sight,
of the clues for which I search and choose,
to abuse.”


5. The Last Day of Summer :: The Cure

“It used to be so easy,
I never even tried.”


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