Beyond the Lights (2014)

Another music movie I watched this past weekend that I loved so much I watched it twice. Beyond the Lights managed to tell a story that isn’t necessarily new, and that could have been incredibly contrived and full of the hero saves the damsel in distress, but wasn’t. No, this told a story about two people who had allowed their “dreams” to be navigated, and scripted, by other people (in this case, one of each of their parents). These “dreams” eventually became shackles and stones tied tightly to them causing each to sink into their own potential demise. Continue reading Beyond the Lights (2014)

Take Care (2014) :: MOTD

Take Care (2014)
Written by Liz Tuccillo
Directed by Liz Tuccillo
Available on Netflix to stream

One of my favorite things to do is turn on Netflix and randomly pick a movie to watch that I know absolutely nothing about. Most of the time I end up happily surprised and more than glad I did. I think some of the enjoyment comes from not knowing anything, and subsequently having no expectations. I found Take Care this way. It was the second film in the “recommended” list, and I was drawn to it immediately because of my cinematic-crush on Thomas Sadoski (thank you, The Newsroom, for introducing me to Thomas), and my love of indie romantic comedy type films, especially ones written and directed by women. Continue reading Take Care (2014) :: MOTD