My Top Songs for a Wedding or Commitment Ceremony :: MusicListography

List the songs to play for a Wedding or Commitment Ceremony courtesy of Music Listography : Your Life In (Play)Lists Listen via Spotify Playlist – Here Editor’s Note: Though I have been married three times, I have never had a real wedding or commitment ceremony, or reception. That said, I’ve put together many playlists for other…

My All-Time Favorite Movies :: FilmListography

List your favorite films of all-time
courtesy of Film Listography : Your Life In (Play)Lists
Have a listen to my Top 30 Movies in Music here on Spotify

Editor’s Note: This is an impossible list to compile and keep at a reasonable number. I am going to limit myself to 30, but oh my stars is that a hard number to narrow down to – I love so many movies, but there are always more posts to ramble on about the ones I love that did not make this list.