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The Letter C :: Friday Five

The Letter C :: Friday Five

Let’s get alphabetical for this Friday Music Friday Five. What are your favorite songs, albums, artists and bands that start with the letter C? Can you name a few of them without looking? Can you close your eyes and alphabetize your favorite Music, pulling out the C’s you love the most?

Cocteau Twins, Music, Friday Five, The Letter C

The Letter C :: Friday Five

Leonard Cohen, Music, The Letter C, Friday Five


1. “Crucify” :: Tori Amos

“You’re just an empty cage girl,
if you kill the bird.”

2. “Come Pick Me Up” :: Ryan Adams

“I wish you would come pick me up,
take me out,
fuck me up,
steal my records,
screw all my friends.”

3. “Cherry-coloured Funk” :: Cocteau Twins

“Still we can find our love down from behind.”

4. “Crystal Village” :: Pete Yorn

“You were there,
and it was good in the beginning.”

5. “Cosmic Dancer” :: T-Rex

“I danced myself out of the womb.
Is it strange to dance so soon?
I danced myself into the tomb,
but when again once more.”


1. Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke, The Letter C, Friday Five

“Bring it on Home to Me”

2. Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen, Music, Friday Five, The Letter C

“Chelsea Hotel #2” (live)

3. Chrissie Hynde

Chrissie Hynde, Music, Friday Five, The Letter C

“Back on the Chain Gang”

4. Nick Cave

Nick Cave, Music, Friday Five, The Letter C

“The Ship Song” (live)

5. Chan Marshall (Cat Power)

Chan Marshall, Cat Power. Music, Friday Five, The Letter C

“Cross Bones Style”


1. Cocteau Twins

Cocteau Twins, Music, Friday Five, The Letter C


2. Concrete Blonde

Concrete Blonde, Friday Five, Music, The Letter C

“God is a Bullet”

3. The Cure

The Cure, Music, Friday Five, The Letter C

“A Forest” (live)

4. The Church

The Church, Music, Friday Five, The Letter C


5. The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers, Music, Friday Five, The Letter C


Friday Five, lyriquediscorde

Bathtub Songs :: Friday Five

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Bathtub Songs :: Friday Five

There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” ~ Sylvia Plath

Playing along with the Music Theme of “Clean”, this week’s Friday Five is Bathtub Songs. Bathtubs can be a thing of childhood. They can be a space for lovers, or a space for solace, renewal, individual “cleansing”. Baths can be intimate, playful, sensual or healing. Oh, and of course, you can get yourself clean in them.

How many songs can you think of that mention the bath?

Bathtub Songs :: Friday Five

Bath, Bathtub, Bath Songs, Friday Five, Top 5, Top Five, lyriquediscorde

1. “Norwegian Wood  (This Bird has Flown)” :: The Beatles

(The Beatles version is not available via YouTube. Cover below. Beatles original available here)

She told me she worked in the morning, 
and started to laugh.
I told her I didn’t,
and crawled off to sleep,
in the bath.”

2. “Sylvia Plath” (live) :: Ryan Adams

“She’d ash on the carpets,
and slip me a pill,
then she’d get me pretty loaded on gin.
Then maybe she’d give me a bath.
How I wish I had a Sylvia Plath.”

3. “Bathwater” :: No Doubt

“But I still love to wash in your old bathwater,
love to think that you couldn’t love another.
I can’t help it,
you’re my kind of man.”

4. “Bathtime” :: Tindersticks

“Are the taps running, darling?
Is the air thick with steam?
Can I find some place to cry these tears of shame?”

5. “Bathtub” (live) :: Waxahatchee

my skin soft and hot.
I was sure you were right,
but you’re not.”

Bath, bathtub, Friday Five, Bath Songs, Top 5, Top Five, lyriquediscorde

Friday Five :: Songs versus Artists versus Bands that begin with “C”


Songs versus Artists versus Bands that begin with “C” 


Now we turn to the letter C for some “Friday Five” love. Oh C, how many things do I love that start with you? Okay, well I have to start with coffee because it is the one habit I am not willing to ever give up. I’d be remiss to not mention chocolate, too, though make mine dark chocolate, please. Music wise, I have a for life love of Counting Crows and Cocteau Twins, as well as Concrete Blonde and Cowboy Junkies. Movie wise, I love Chungking Express, Cabin in the Woods and Chasing Amy, and on the smaller screen I’m always up for some (Richard) Castle and those firefighters at Chicago Fire. Oh, and Chicago, though there are some bittersweet feelings about the city, I do love it. Cannery Row, both the place and the book have my heart, too. Oh, and Captain America. I could never forget you, Steve Rogers. I could go on, bet you could, too…


As with the letter “A” and “B” a few weeks ago, narrowing down my favorite “C” songs to just five isn’t an easy task, so like with “A” and “B”, I will put a spin on the list and add artists and bands that begin with “C“, too. Hey, I can change the rules when I feel like it – change is a “C” word after all!


Here are my top five “letter C” songs for this week’s Friday Five.  What are your five songs?

1. Come Pick Me Up :: Ryan Adams

“I wish you would come pick me up,
take me out,
fuck me up,
steal my records,
screw all my friends.”

2. Crystal Village :: Pete Yorn

“You were there,
and it was good in the beginning.”

3. Chelsea Hotel #2 :: Leonard Cohen

“And clenching your fist for the ones like us,
who are oppressed by the figures of beauty,
you fixed yourself,
you said, ‘well never mind,
we are ugly but we have the music.'”

4. Crucify :: Tori Amos

“You’re just an empty cage girl,
if you kill the bird.”

5. Catch :: The Cure

“And she used to fall down a lot,
that girl was always falling,
again and again.
And, I used to sometimes try to catch her,
but I never even caught her name.”


Here are my top five “letter C” artists (with “C” songs) for this week’s Friday Five.  What are your five “C” artists?

1. Sam Cooke


A Change is Gonna Come :: Sam Cooke

“Its been a long,
a long time coming,
but I know a change gon’ come.”

2. Leonard Cohen


Closing Time :: Leonard Cohen

“Yeah the women tear their blouses off,
and the men they dance on the polka-dots ,
and it’s partner found,
it’s partner lost,
and it’s hell to pay when the fiddler stops:
it’s closing time.”

3. Johnny Cash


Come Along and Ride this Train :: Johnny Cash

“I heard a story that I’d like to share with you,
and I know a valley that I’d like to take you through,
I will show you things that I am sure you’d like to see
come along and go with me.”

4. Nick Cave


Carry Me :: Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

“I heard the many voices,
speaking to me from the depths below,
this ancient wound,
this catacomb,
beneath the whited snow:
come to me, come to me, come to me.”

5. Joe Cocker


“Come together,
right now,
over me.”

Here are my top five “letter C” bands (with “C” songs) for this week’s Friday Five.  What are your five “C” bands?

1. The Cure

Charlotte Sometimes :: The Cure

“People seemed so close,
playing expressionless games,
people seemed so close,
so many other names.”

maxresdefault (1)

2. Cocteau Twins

“Still being cried and laughed at from light to blue,
and should I be hugged and tugged down through this tiger’s masque,
and should I be sung and unbroken by not saying,
you mind not saying.”


3. Concrete Blonde

Carry Me Away :: Concrete Blonde

“And any promise we make,
is as easy to break,
as the plastic people on your wedding cake.”


4. Counting Crows

Carriage :: Counting Crows

Surprise surprise,
I miss your hair,
you miss my eyes,
and all this solitude is my confidence eroding.”


5. Cowboy Junkies

A Common Disaster :: Cowboy Junkies

“A candle burning for everything I’ve ever wanted.
A tattoo burned for everything I’ve ever wanted and lost.
I had a long list of names that I kept in my back pocket,
but I’ve cut it down to one and your name’s at the top.”


Friday Five :: Cinematic Kissing

Cinematic Kissing :: Top Five


One Day (2011)
not on the list, but I did love that kiss

Since this week’s music theme is one we’ve done before (i.e. kissing, see past Friday Five of Songs About Kissing here), I thought I’d mix it up and list my five favorite cinematic kisses. Oh my stars, if I thought narrowing five songs down, choosing only five movie kisses is even worse. But, I’m going to give it a shot, nevertheless.

Here are my top five “kissing” cinematic moments for this week’s Friday Five. This one was tough to narrow down to five. What are yours?

1. Drive (2011)

The kiss scene


 2. Garden State (2004)

Kiss at the Abyss


3. 9 1/2 Weeks (1986)

Slave to Love :: Bryan Ferry


4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Am I ugly?


5. True Romance (1993)

Phone booth kiss


Friday Five :: Songs versus Artists versus Bands that begin with “B”

The Bangles-VS-ID40-2013-02-07@04-30-46

Songs versus Artists versus Bands that begin with “B” 


Now we turn to the letter B for some “Friday Five” treatment. Oh B, how many things do I love that start with you? The Beatles and The Bangles, my adolescent to adulthood love of The Breakfast Club, bananas, breakfast, the beach, boardwalks, bicycle rides, other movies like Beautiful Girls and Broken English, and the “Before” series (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight). I could go on, and I bet you could, too.


As with the letter “A” a few weeks ago, narrowing down my favorite “B” songs to just five isn’t an easy task, so like with “A” I will put a spin on the list and add artists and bands that begin with “B“, too. Rules are nothing if not to be broken and bent (oh hey, both “B” words, too).


Here are my top five “letter B” songs for this week’s Friday Five.  What are your five songs?

1. Back on the Chain Gang :: The Pretenders

“I found a picture of you,
oh oh oh oh,
those were the happiest days of my life.”

2. Burrito :: Pete Yorn

“Come on over tonight,
come on over this morning.”

3. Breathe Me :: Sia

“Be my friend,
hold me.
Wrap me up,
unfold me.”

4. Between the Bars :: Elliott Smith

“Drink up baby,
look at the stars,
I’ll kiss you again between the bars,
where I’m seeing you there,
with your hands in the air,
waiting to finally be caught.”

5. But Not Tonight :: Depeche Mode

“The stars in the sky,
bring tears to my eyes,
they’re lighting my way tonight,
and I haven’t felt so alive,
in years.”

CD_Covers_Collage_by_RobCoxxyHere are my top five “letter B” artists (with “B” songs) for this week’s Friday Five.  What are your five “B” artists?

1. Blue Jean :: David Bowie

“She got a police bike,
she got a turned up nose.”


2. Be Your Husband (live) :: Jeff Buckley

“Be your husband,
if you be my wife.”

jeff_buckley_1080p_wallpaper_by_toemass202-d6xjo6a3. Breathing :: Kate Bush

gets inside,
through her skin.
I’ve been out before,
but this time it’s much safer in.”


4. Big Time Sensuality :: Bjork

“It takes courage to enjoy it,
the hardcore and the gentle,
big time sensuality.”


5. Best Fake Smile (live) :: James Bay

“No you don’t have to wear your best fake smile,
don’t have to stand there and burn inside,
oh oh oh if you don’t like it.”


Here are my top five “letter B” bands (with “B” songs) for this week’s Friday Five.  What are your five “B” bands?

1. Bright Eyes

Bowl of Oranges

“So, that is how I learned the lesson that everyone is alone,
and your eyes must do some raining if you are ever going to grow,
but when crying don’t help and you can’t compose yourself,
it is best to compose a poem,
an honest verse of longing or simple song of hope,
that is why I’m singing…”


2. Belly

The Bees 

“So, I’m your best friend,
you love me and,
well, I’ll tell you something,
we’re on the road to messy.”


3. Band Of Horses

Blue Beard

“What if we die,
no end and no conclusion?
How could you smile?
Just walk away?
Well I don’t know,
I don’t know.”


4. Blur


“She’s a gun.”


5. The Bangles

Bell Jar

“But there’s a sadness,
hidden in the bizarre.
Moonlight and madness,
living in a bell jar.”

The Bangles: Prince gave them the song Manic Monday to record.

Friday Five :: Songs versus Artists versus Bands that begin with “A”


Songs versus Artists versus Bands that begin with “A” 


There are so many things I love that start with A. Ava Gardner, Almost Famous, Apples (and Apple Martinis), Alice in Wonderland, Adventureland, Arctic Monkeys, The Avengers, Ryan Adams, audio books, albums, art and artists. I could go on, and on.

hulk comic character iron man thor captain america black widow the avengers hawkeye the avengers _www.wallpapername.com_38

How to narrow down my favorite “A” songs to just five isn’t an easy task, so I thought I’d put a spin on the list and add artists and bands that begin with “A“, too. Hey, it’s Friday, I was up for a challenge.


Here are my top five “letter A” songs for this week’s Friday Five.  What are your five songs?
1. All These Things That I’ve Done :: The Killers

“I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier.”

2. America :: Simon & Garfunkel

“So I looked at the scenery,
she read her magazine;
and the moon rose over an open field.
‘Kathy, I’m lost’, I said,
Though I know she was sleeping.
‘I’m empty and aching and
I don’t know why.'”

3. All Apologies (live) :: Nirvana

“I wish I was like you,
easily amused.”

4. Angeles :: Elliott Smith

“I could make you satisfied in everything you do,
all your ‘secret wishes’ could right now be coming true,
and be forever with my poison arms around you.”

5. Achin’ to Be :: The Replacements

“And she’s kind of like a poet,
who finds it hard to speak
poems come so slowly,
like the colors down a sheet.

She opens her mouth to speak and what comes out’s a mystery,
thought about,
not understood.
She’s achin’ to be.”


Here are my top five “letter A” artists (with “A” songs) for this week’s Friday Five.  What are your five “A” artists?

1. Ryan Adams

Answering Bell :: Ryan Adams

Let your tears fall and touch my skin,
then your thunderclouds could rage and wail;
I will collect them all for you in butterfly jars.”


2. Tori Amos

Amber Waves :: Tori Amos

“So I went by cause I had the time,
and told the Northern Lights to keep shining.
They told me to tell you they’re waving.”


3. Fiona Apple

Across the Universe :: Fiona Apple

“Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cu,p
they slither wildly as they slip away across the universe.”

1280-jqhmzpy5g35a1t5yeqna25hy3x1bz9c4ze48weps4. Joseph Arthur

All the Old Heroes (live) :: Joseph Arthur

 “All the old heroes are like children to me now,
as I come to burn your shame away,
without knowing exactly how.”


5. Adam Ant

Apollo 9 (live) :: Adam Ant

“Hey hey what do you say?
Had me a woman she ran away.”


Here are my top five “letter A” bands (with “A” songs) for this week’s Friday Five.  What are your five “A” bands?

1. Air

Alone in Kyoto :: Air


2. Arcade Fire

Afterlife :: Arcade Fire

“Can we work it out?
If we scream and shout,
’till we work it out,
can we just work it out?


3. The Avett Brothers

Another is Waiting :: The Avett Brothers


4. Against Me!

Ache with Me :: Against Me!

“Your voice echoes in the back of my mind.
I see your face when I close my eyes.”


5. Arctic Monkeys

Arabella :: Arctic Monkeys


Friday Five :: Songs That I Can’t Get Enough Of


Songs that I can’t get enough of

Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo in "Begin Again"

There are songs you wake up with, singing in the back of your mind so strongly that it makes its way to your lips, waiting to be sung-a-long to. There are songs that you have to hear, again and again, hitting replay so many times that you think that backwards arrow will wear off. And, there are songs that you want to make everyone you know, and even those you don’t, listen to. Some call them earworms, though the image of a bug slithering into my ear unnerves me too much to ever embrace that term. No, for me, its always been “music drunk” that I refer to it as, and yes, there is usually more than one that I have going on in my musical mind.

My streaming outlets, mainly iTunes and Spotify, will give it all away as far as what songs I am currently musically drunk on, my aural obsessions tracked and accessible. I remember being both surprised, and not all that surprised, when I looked at my most played songs of the last year. There were, of course, the usual suspects, but there were also a few surprises in the bunch, too. It is not always predictable what song will cast me under a spell sometimes.

There are albums, too, but that will be saved for a different week’s “Friday Five”.


And I thought about how many people have loved those songs. And how many people got through a lot of bad times because of those songs. And how many people enjoyed good times with those songs. And how much those songs really mean. I think it would be great to have written one of those songs. I bet if I wrote one of them, I would be very proud. I hope the people who wrote those songs are happy. I hope they feel it’s enough. I really do because they’ve made me happy. And I’m only one person.” ~ Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

When we die, we will turn into songs, and we will hear each other and remember each other.” ~ Rob Sheffield, Love is a Mix Tape

“And mostly all I have to say about these songs is that I love them, and want to sing along to them, and force other people to listen to them, and get cross when these other people don’t like them as much as I do.” ~ Nick Hornby


Lux spent the ride dialing the radio for her favorite song. “It makes me crazy,” she said. “You know they’re playing it somewhere, but you have to find it.” ~ Jeffrey Eugenides, The Virgin Suicides

The way I choose to show my feelings is through my songs.” ~ Marianne Faithfull

The thing that will never go away is that connection you make with a band or a song where you’re moved by the fact that it’s real people making music. You make that human connection with a song like ‘Let It Be’ or ‘Long and Winding Road’ or a song like ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ or ‘Roxanne,’ any of those songs. They sound like people making music.” ~ Dave Grohl


Here are my top five “songs I can’t get enough of” songs for this week’s Friday Five.  What are your five right now?
1. Long Time Nothing New :: Pete Yorn

I’ve seen you this way before,
life’s strained but true,
well, what are we waiting for

2. Fair Game :: Sia

You got too close and I pushed and pushed hoping you’d bite,
so I could run, run and that I did but through the dust,
you saw those teeth marks,
they weren’t all yours you had been thrust into a history,
that had not worked for me,
into a history,
from which I could not flee

3. Ex’s and Oh’s (live) :: Elle King

They always want to come,
but they never want to leave

4. Between the Bars (live) :: Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield

People you’ve been before,
that you don’t want around anymore,
they push and shove,
and won’t bend to your will;
I’ll keep them still

5. Chrissie Hynde :: Butch Walker

“All I got right now is all I want,
Chrissie Hynde singing through a blown dash speaker about Ohio.
all she wants right now is to be the way it was,
the same as when you and me were one.”


Friday Five :: Songs about home


Songs about home


Home is something that I’ve spent my life searching for, but rarely found. Not that I haven’t lived in many places, the home I grew up in, my Grandparents’ home, my first apartment, subsequent apartments to follow, a house in Salt Lake City, a house in Michigan, a shared tiny space in Chicago, to the house I live in now, and a few in-between, but most have not felt like home to me. My restless, gypsy spirit lights fires in my insides that urges me to keep moving, to keep searching, to keep changing, and most days I follow it. The only problem is, the constant search keeps me in an state of limbo that I can never feel settled within. If I am always in that self-created “purgatory”, ever waiting for a goal to be accomplished, or a destination reached, only to create a new one, then how can I ever find the feeling of home I seek?


My first apartment (though they’ve changed the colors since I lived there in the early 90’s).

Lately I’ve been adjusting my focus on now instead of later. I’ve been trying to let myself breathe and be, and feel a sense of permanency (even though I balk at that notion, and often kick and scream at it, too) in my life. I’m trying to make small changes to make my house more of a home, adding things that give it life and a sense of me within it, instead of it feeling like a temporary stop on the road to some place else. They are small changes, and they take time, and some days I’d rather just run, then put roots down to stay. But, I’m trying, and that’s all anyone can do.


My house now.

There are still places in my imagination that I’d like to try to make home someday, if even for a short period of time. Different states and countries that I’d like to give a go at. But, perhaps the goal should shift to future travels, trips that have a start and an end, and that souvenirs from these stops along the way can be brought back with me to become part of my “home”.


When I was a kid I imagined living in a house like this one.

How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home.” ~ William Faulkner

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”
~ Maya Angelou

If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.”  ~ L. Frank Baum


And when the day arrives I’ll become the sky and I’ll become the sea and the sea will come to kiss me for I am going home. Nothing can stop me now.” ~ Trent Reznor

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” ~ Jane Austen

Home is where one starts from.”  ~ T.S. Eliot


Music, though, and people, they have always been more home to me than a place. In the vein of the former, though, I thought I’d make this week’s Friday Five about home, and my Top 5 favorite “home” songs. There were so many more songs that came to mind that I love then expected, so expect a playlist to follow.

Here are my top five “home” songs for this week’s Friday Five.  What are some of your favorite “home” songs?

1. Take Me Home :: Concrete Blonde

“Things get better everyday you stay alive,
then I’m amazed every day that the sun decides to rise.
Every minute,
every hour,
is another chance to change;
life is beautiful & terrible & strange.”

2. Come Back Home :: Pete Yorn

“Say my name,
before you disappear.”

3. Bring it On Home to Me :: Sam Cooke

“If you ever change your mind,
about leaving,
leaving me behind,
oh-oh, bring it to me,
bring your sweet loving,
bring it on home to me.”

4. This House is Not For Sale :: Ryan Adams

“Do you remember when we even bought this thing?
I danced you across the wooden floor and you signed the lease.”

5. Welcome Home Son :: Radical Face

“Peel the scars from off my back,
I don’t need them anymore.
You can throw them out or keep them in your mason jars,
I’ve come home.”


Cameron Crowe Movies :: Friday Five


Movies by Cameron Crowe :: My Top Five

1. Almost Famous


I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if ya never take it seriously, ya never get hurt, ya never get hurt, ya always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.” ~ Penny Lane

“Hold me closer, Tiny Dancer.”

My second favorite movie of all-time, especially the extended/director’s cut version which is just perfect to me. I wish I could take a month off and spend a vacation on Doris the bus with the band, and William Miller, and Penny and the Band Aids. There is heartbreak here, there’s desperation and loneliness, and there are all these flaws and missteps we make as we grow, but there is all this music, and the music is key, it is what connects all of them together, for better, and worse – which is what I think the scene above illustrates so perfectly – my all-time favorite music in a movie scene.


2. Singles


Somewhere around 25, bizarre becomes immature.” ~ Janet Livermore

“I prefer bless you.”

I forget sometimes how much I love this movie until I sit down and watch it again. I was the same age as the characters when it came out, living on my own (albeit with a boyfriend and in California), and so much of it resonated with how I felt at the time (it still resonates, even if it is so very 90’s), and the music was just incredible, as is the case with all Cameron Crowe movies. It has also become a movie I watch and say “whatever happened to…(Bridget Fonda, Campbell Scott, Kyra Sedgwick, and even Matt Dillon – all who are terribly underused in the “2000’s”).


3. Say Anything


I am looking for a dare to be great situation.” ~ Lloyd Dobler

“In your eyes”

Though I have my Lloyd Dobler issues which I have written pages and pages about, I do love so much of this movie above and beyond Lloyd and Diane, I even love Lloyd on his own, it is just in the “future with Diane” that I have major problems with. The movie though, it is so much of the late 80’s to me, the music, the feel of the film, characters like Corey and her songs about Joe, and Lloyd’s sister, and the epic party, and the long drive home when Lloyd and Diane have to take “Barbra Streisand’s son” home, and the dialogue that felt true to the age, and the time.


4. Vanilla Sky


“Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.” ~ Sofia

Alternate realities are a thing for me, something I love and find interesting and intriguing and think a lot about, and music and pop culture are also my thing, so pouring them into each other, stirring and shaking them together into this artistic story about perception and reality, and self, is remarkable to me. I know it isn’t a favorite of critics, and has been harshly compared to the original, but I still really like it, a lot. The music is incredible, too, but I think I could say that about all of Crowe’s films.

“One kiss.”


5. We Bought a Zoo


You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.” ~ Benjamin

“True joy.”

This story got to me big time, the family dynamic that is not so typical, the unexpected path chosen, the things we do to make our children happy, the found happiness that sometimes we fall into, fail at, but get right eventually. This movie touched me, and it touched my own children, too. I’d say the music, but haven’t I mentioned music each and every time (it is wonderful though).


Friday Five :: Songs with My Name


Friday Five :: Songs with My Name


What’s in a name, and what does it say about the person you are, or about the person you become as your life unfolds? If it is someone else who chooses, how does the name become who we are? Does our name define us before we are aware of it? Or do we mold our name into part of who we are as we get older? As someone who has named three children, and countless pets, I have wrestled and wondered on these questions many times.

I have a theory that has built up over the years that my first name, whenever used fictionally or artistically (films, books, song titles, song lyrics, television, etc.) are always associated with death and loss. Music especially seems to use the name for both scenarios, or for craziness (loss of sanity is still loss). When I was first dating my husband and the holidays came around, when I asked what I’d like as a gift I said “find me a song with my name in it that isn’t about death or loss”. It was a harder challenge than he’d first thought, and in the end the only song he could find involved a Laura who was in the throes of a robot-invaded apocalypse and was kidnapped by a robot. I suppose that is a step above death, right?

When thinking of putting a Friday Five theme together this week I thought about doing songs about names, but there are so many, too many really, and I’m quite sure I could not just pick five. I decided to take on my own name, cursed as it artistically seems to be, and share my five favorites of the bunch.

I’d love to know what your favorites are of your own name, and also, if you by chance know any non-death, loss, kidnapped by robots songs with “Laura” in them, please share.


A favorite fictional Laura, dead, and wrapped in plastic, Laura Palmer

Here are my 5 Laura songs:

1. Laura :: Bat For Lashes

“You’re the train that crashed my heart,
you’re the glitter in the dark;
ooh Laura, you’re more than a superstar.”

2. Landlocked Blues (live) :: Bright Eyes

“And Laura’s asleep in my bed,
as I’m leaving she wakes up and says,
‘I dreamed you were carried away on the crest of a wave
baby don’t go away,
come here'”

3. Laura Palmer :: Bastille

The night was all you had,
you ran into the night from all you had,
found yourself a path upon the ground.
You ran into the night,
you can’t be found

4. Laura :: Ella Fitzgerald

And you see Laura on the train that is passing through,
those eyes how familiar they seem,
she gave your very first kiss to you,
that was Laura,
but she’s only a dream

5. Laura :: Flogging Molly

“So bye bye, Laura,
’cause no one could take your place.
Bye bye, Laura,
your beauty will never fade”


Laura (1944)
Film noir about a New York City police detective who is investigating the murder of beautiful and highly successful advertising executive, Laura Hunt.