Ryan Adams :: My Favorite Artists/Bands

Ryan Adams :: My Favorite Artists/Bands I was in Michigan in the middle of a deadline at work when I first heard Ryan Adams. A friend of mine who I can credit with introducing me to some of my all-time favorite artists and bands, time and again, shared the song Harder Now That It's Over, and soon after, Sylvia Plath. I remember playing both songs over and over and over that day, the melancholic melodies of both songs soothing my overtired and overwhelmed nerves. I recall doing a frantic search via one of those popular music sharing sites of the early 00's (was it Kazaa then? I think this was post-Napster), and then going out and buying Gold that weekend. After that, it is a bit of a blur as to what came next for me and Ryan's music because a part of me feels like his music has always been in my life. I am not sure there is another artist that makes me feel things the way he does, nor any other artist that has so many memories that I associate with his songs.

Pete Yorn’s You and Me California Tour

If you are in California you should go now and pick up a ticket to see Pete Yorn this upcoming April. The "You and Me" tour is a night of Pete Yorn with a guitar (and harmonica at times) and no defined set-list, just songs requested and songs that seem right each night. I highly recommend a show, or two, or hey, join lyriquediscorde and go to three of them.

The National :: My Favorite Artists/Bands

The National :: My Favorite Artists/Bands All the Wine was my first time with The National. The song, All the Wine, was introduced to me by a lover at the time, and friend all the time, who sent me a YouTube video link of it. My first impression, besides initial confusion (the YouTube video had a still picture of a James Brown Christmas album through the entire song), was one of enthralled awe for the singer's voice. There was something unique about it, calm, yet edgy and dark, soothing, yet disarming all at once. I played the song over and over, albeit some of that was due to sentiment and that flush of attraction when first in love, but even after we split and time went by, I kept returning to it, playing again.

Sam Cooke :: My Favorite Artists

Sam Cooke :: My Favorite Artists I was nineteen the first time I really listened to Sam Cooke. I'm sure his music had been in my life before then, but in more of a musical adjacency, than in my conscious music reality. I have vague memories of singing the lyrics "don't know much about history" as a little girl, but I wouldn't have been able to tell you who sang the song. It was at nineteen, though, that I got my first record store job and started to become exposed to a variety of people's taste in music, not just the music I grew up with, and had sought out (so far) on my own. The experience was much like going to a foreign country, or a new city, or spending the night at a friend's house for the first time in that it expands your horizons, and makes the world suddenly seem so much bigger. I was surprised at some of the music I fell for. Music that before that had been in categories, or genres, that I didn't associate myself with, and I was digging the new discoveries, and the different sides in myself I was discovering, too.

You make it easy to let the past be done :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Mimi Yoon "How'd you do it, how'd you find me? How did I find you ? How can this be true, to be held and understood?" The back room in the basement with those high, nearly touching the ceiling windows that were always cracked open, the mingling scent of …

You’re my favorite flavor :: Air :: My Favorite Artists

Air :: My Favorite Artists I have been wracking my brain all morning to recall when I first heard Air's music, but it all seems a blur. I think it was when around early 2000, right after I got married the second time, right around the time we were packing up to move out of …

I’m not the kinda girl who gives up just like that :: Throwback Thursday

The Tide is High :: Blondie from the album, Autoamerican Throwback Thursday "Every girl wants you to be her man, but I'll wait my dear 'til it's my turn." A Little History: The Tide is High is a 1967 song written by John Holt, originally performed by the Jamaican group The Paragons, with John Holt as lead singer. The …