Hole Gold Dust Woman Under the Covers

“Gold Dust Woman” by Hole

What happens when one of my Favorite Women in Music covers another of my Favorite Women in Music? "Gold Dust Woman", originally by Fleetwood Mac (lead sung by Stevie Nicks) covered by Hole (lead sung by Courtney Love) is an example of when this kind of Cover Song magic happens. Though the original will forever … Continue reading “Gold Dust Woman” by Hole

She fell in love with me

Venus Stopped the Train (live) :: July Talk "I kept my distance because she fell in love with everyone. Smoking grass and taking Christmas trees, she fell in love with me. I was polite to her, a soft sadness had her much more than her loneliness."

I think that I’m beginning to know her :: Under the Covers

Fall at Your Feet :: Clare Bowditch "The finger of blame has turned upon itself, and I'm more than willing to offer myself. Do you want my presence, or need my help? Who knows where that might lead; I fall."