Movie ABC’s :: The Letter “A”

Movie ABC’s :: The Letter “A”
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Looking for a comprehensive list of movies? How about an alphabetical weekly list of Movie ABC’s starting with The Letter “A”? The following list crossed genres and decades, with a notable leaning towards independent films, or movies with solid storytelling. Movies with a good soundtrack and/or music theme are prevalent, as well.

So, pop some popcorn, or pick-up a bag (white cheddar is pretty tasty) and queue up a movie from the list below.

For more information on each film, click on the title.

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Monday Movies :: The Letter “A” :: 10 Things

Monday Movies :: The Letter “A” :: 10 Things

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About a Boy (2002) :: A-to-Z of Movies :: My Top 5

About a Boy (2002) :: A-to-Z of Movies :: My Top 5

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Away We Go (2009) :: A-to-Z of Movies :: My Top 5

Away We Go (2009)
Written by Dave Eggers & Vendela Vida
Directed by Sam Mendes

“I think we might be fuck-ups.” ~ Verona

“We’re not fuck-ups.” ~ Burt

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