I woke up in a painting

First song of the day is a new discovery. “Geometry” reminds me of some of the kid’s programming my younger kids used to watch in the early 2000’s. The duo, Rubblebucket, remind me a bit of Talking Heads, Devo, Belle and Sebastian, and Tom Tom Club. An odd mix of groups and comparisons to children’s TV, but I hear it all, and truly my ears and insides welcome it today. Mondays should start with joy and a call back to simpler days, don’t you think?

“Geometry” by Rubblebucket
Song of the Day

I’m moving to the music. I’m moving my body. Shaking off the bad dreams, the sore muscles, the kink in my neck. My emotions are carnival dizzy lately and I have to keep asking the ride operator to stop so I can think. So I can breathe. I’m not sure what to do next. But, I’m trying to trust my instincts. My insides. My intuitions.

“Geometry” by Rubblebucket – from the album, Earth Worship (2022)

“When you talk to me,
I start to believe.
I can believe in myself.
When you’re far out to sea,
in your personal hell,
draw a line to me –
and I’ll draw a line to you.
Let’s make geometry.”

Rubblebucket are from Brooklyn, New York. The primary members are musical couple (now separated) Annakalmia Traver and Alex Toth. (source: Wikipedia) Earth Worship is Rubblebucket’s fifth studio album. I do love when I discover new music and there is a lot to dive into and aurally swim around in.

If you want to join me in discovering more about Rubblebucket, and their music, draw a line and click right HERE.

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