I’m a Lone Ranger as far as I’m concerned

“I love a sad cowgirl song,” my younger daughter said recently. It stuck with me. Sad Cowgirl Music. Is that a new sub-genre, like Sad Girl Music? I think it can be, and I think I love it, too.

In the spirit of a sad cowgirl song, today’s Song of the Day is “Lone Ranger” by Julianna Riolino. Another new discovery of mine this week, I keep repeat playing it – over and over. I was listening to it today as I drove back from the airport, freeway speeds, window rolled down, volume turned up, feeling like my own kind of lone ranger.

“Lone Ranger” by Julianna Riolino
Song of the Day

When I was small my grandfather bought me one of those ride-on toy horses. It was mounted on a frame and when I sat on it and rocked back and forth, the horse rocked with me. I named her Silver, after Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. “Silver is a boy horse,” my grandmother explained. Not my Silver. No. She was a glittery girl horse that was going to take me up a trail that would lead all the way to the moon.

“Lone Ranger” by Julianna Riolino – from the album, All Blue (2022)

“And pretend love,
you’re a dear.
Lend me your kisses and dismiss,
when you fear that I love you.
And I’ll miss.
That I can’t bear to lose your kiss.”

Julianna Riolino is a singer-songwriter from Toronto. All Blue is her debut album – one I just discovered yesterday. Pitchfork describes her sound as Dolly Parton if she was writing music in Laurel Canyon. (credit: Pitchfork) I like that description. Yeah, I can hear it.

Want to hear more sad cowboy music and Dolly via the canyon tunes from Julianna Riolino? Saddle up and ride your “Silver” to her website HERE, and to her bandcamp HERE.

photo by Colin Medley

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