Belly: My Top Ten

Let’s return to Lyriquediscorde Top Ten with Belly. Belly, and Tanya Donelly, are favorites of mine since the 90’s. I remember hearing the Belly album, Star, at my favorite coffee house at the time – the Winged Heart – which was walking distance from my apartment. I can close my eyes and see myself there, long floral 90’s whimsigothy dress, short hair, my baby daughter asleep in a stroller, sitting by the front counter after close, Star on CD playing over the speakers inside.

I remember singing “Stay” as a lullaby to my baby daughter that year.


Though I never got the chance to see Belly play, I did see Tanya play with Throwing Muses a few years before I heard Star at the Winged Heart. Someday I hope to catch Tanya, or Belly, if they tour again. Concert wishes.

My Top 10

Song 1. “Stay” – from the album, Star (1993)

“But I love him dear,
And I love him dear,
And I’ve loved him hundreds of thousands of years..”

Song 2. “Thief” – from the Tank Girl Original Soundtrack (1995)

“She wears her dress high,
as high as she pulls her hat down low.
She’s seeking out the places those other people can’t go.”

Song 3. “Silverfish” – from the album, King (1995)

“I’ve been much stranger.
I’ve watched you from afar.
Now everything shows on my skin and my clothes.
I’m flying so over it.”

Song 4. “Trust In Me” – from the album, Bees (2021)

“Slip into silent slumber.
Sail on a silver mist.
Slowly but surely,
Your senses will cease to resist.”

Song 5. “Sad Dress” – from the album, Star (1993)

“Feel it, fight it.
Sleep inside it.
Your dress says so sad.”


Song 6. “Judas My Heart” – from the album, King (1995)

“Low hangs the moon, oh oh.
Inside this room.”

Song 7. “Full Moon, Empty Heart” – from the album, Star (1993)

“See this child twisted over from me
At the window backwards…”

Song 8. “Broken” – from the Twister Original Soundtrack (1996)

“I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh.
I want to hold you high and steal your pain away.
I keep your photograph, and I know it serves me well.
I want to hold you high and steal your pain.”

Song 9. “Feed the Tree” – from the album, Star (1993)

Song 10. “Seal My Fate” – from the album, King (1995)

“Untame my brain.
Give me a name.
Hear my faith.
Seal my fate.”

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