At least I was in another life

“Opening” starts playing. The opening lyric of “Butterfly. At least I was in another life” swirls around my living room. I think that I don’t want to wait to fly in another life; I want to fly now.

“Opening” by Dora Jar
Song of the Day

Dora Jar is a newer discovery of mine. Northern California rooted, she started out in that “bedroom pop” sub-genre of indie and pop, but to me she’s transcended that box and flown out and away from the “bedroom”.

“Opening” is off of Dora’s 2021 album, Digital Meadow. It is the opening track, which it fits perfectly as. March feels like new life to me. Spring. My own new year’s. I feel like I’m opening up, too.

“Opening” by Dora Jar – from the album, Digital Meadow (2021)

“Do you really wanna know where I go and I see an opening?
If you’re ready come along,
I’m gonna leave the station.”

To hear more and learn more about Dora Jar, fly on over HERE.

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