My Top 20 Bands - Music Listography Revisited

My Top 30 Favorite Bands – Music Listography Revisited

Another new year of my life (one-day post-birthday), and I’m feeling that list making craving again. I think its time to revisit my Music Listography book. Lists are one of my favorite addictions, and the act of curating often leads to creation. Music as muse. I could use a visit from the muse to get this new me year going.

Feel free to add your 30 to the comment section, or make your own Listography list in your own spaces, online or offline.

I will include playlist links for Spotify and YouTube, as well as in-post Spotify playlist, so you can press play and spin all 30 right here, right now, if you’d like.

Though I will be following the book from each list to the next, my answers will not reflect a particular order. I am such a music obsessive that it will be challenging enough to stick to things like “top 30“, much less try to decide whose #1, or #13, that’s just too cruel. So, without further ado, here we go with the first revisited list.

My Top 30 Favorite Bands

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30. Duran Duran

photo by Koh Hasebe

29. The National

28. Siouxsie and the Banshees

photo by Fin Costello

27. Garbage

26. The Replacements

25. Nirvana

24. Hole

23. The Libertines

22. Mazzy Star

21. Bikini Kill

20. The Kinks

photo by Ivan Keeman

19. The Cure

photo by Paul Cox

18. Blondie

photo by Mick Rock

17. Rilo Kiley

16. Pretenders

photo by Fin Costello

15. Roxy Music

photo by Brian Cooke

14. July Talk

13. The Clash

12. The Go-Go’s

photo by George Rose

11. X

10. Throwing Muses

9. Cocteau Twins

photo by Bob Berg

8. The Decemberists

7. Fleetwood Mac

6. R.E.M.

5. Bauhaus

photo by Peter Noble

4. The Velvet Underground and Nico

3. The White Stripes

2. The Kills

1. The Beatles

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