“Forever (Sailing)” by Snail Mail

“Forever (Sailing)” came to me as I woke up this morning. No, I don’t think it was in my dreams, though I suppose it could have been. Instead, I think it was sing-song calling to me, along with the pot of coffee ready for me to get it started. New Year’s Eve was rough and my emotions were not regulated well. I’m feeling the poked holes of loneliness again, and of uncertainty. But, I am hopeful. Forever fucking hopeful. And its a brand new shiny year. I’m opening myself up to possibilities, whatever they may be.

I wanted to go hiking this morning, but the weather is still rainy grey wet. Not really conducive for hiking on rocks and dirt to see a waterfall. Maybe next weekend. I am thinking of going on a walk though. The sun is starting to peak out and wave hello, and it looks like the rain may have stopped, if only for a short spell.

Valentine, the album “Forever (Sailing)” is on, has been in my rediscover radar these past few weeks. I’m digging in to deeper cuts, and swimming in the sounds. Right now, it’s today’s Song of the Day, that I keep replaying – my current listen favorite. I love the 70’s feel to the song, a little Stevie/Christie/Fleetwood Mac reminders mixed up into the indie pop sensibilities.

“Forever (Sailing)” by Snail Mail
Song of the Day

“Forever (Sailing)” by Snail Mail – from the album, Valentine (2021)

“You and I, like a ship –
Forever sailing.
You and I,
everything we try is failing.
Everything we do.
Everything we try.”

This feels akin to those poked holes I wrote on above, and the ache of loneliness. I feel it internally, and as a we. I feel this song so deep inside me, today.

“Forever (Sailing)” samples Madleen Kane’s song, “You and I”. The song has singer-songwriter Lindsey Jordan obsessing over an ex, or a soon-to-be ex, promising to chase after them forever. The track plays as a juxtaposition of sweet, lilting instrumentals over darker lyrical refrains.

“You and I” by Madleen Kane

Snail Mail is the indie pop/rock solo project of guitarist and singer-songwriter Lindsey Jordan. Lindsey hails from Ellicott City, Maryland. She started performing as Snail Mail in 2015, when she was just 15 years old. She signed with Matador Records and has released two studio albums since signing. Valentine is her second released album. (from Wikipedia)

Snail Mail

If you’d like to learn, and hear more, from Snail Mail, make your way over HERE.While there, check out some 2023 upcoming tour dates, too.

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