“End of the Road” by Noga Erez

My oldest daughter made me a playlist titled Midnight Highway. 50 songs under the theme “road trip to the end of the world”. As a lover of road trips, and playlists, this is so up my lane. Today’s Song of the Day is my first listen favorite, titled “End of the Road” – very on theme. I’ve spent the morning exploring more of Noga Erez music, and so far I’m loving what I’m hearing. There is a little Billie Eilish, a little M.I.A., and a lot of her own twist on indie pop. Her hooks slay, and her songs stay with you long after the first play.

Noga Erez is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Israel. She came to be known via an Apple commercial, the same year she released her debut album. “End of the Road” is from her sophomore release, KIDS. She started her music journey in the jazz genre, which eventually led her to something more electronic and pop-infused. She considers her biggest inspirations to be Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, and Björk.

“End of the Road” by Noga Erez
Song of the Day

“End of the Road” by Noga Erez – from the album, KIDS (2021)

“I don’t know what really, really happens at the end of the road.
But my trip is mad.
I ain’t finished,
I got loads.”

I love the spirit of this song, it tickles at something I’m striving to learn, and adopt into my own existence. The not knowing what comes next – and being okay with that. Just going, living, being in the moment. Because, yeah, I’m not finished. I got loads and loads of life to go. Sounds easy when you read it, or hear it, but living it isn’t easy at all. Maybe I’ll throw this song on to shake myself back to the now when I drift into over-planning for the “end of the road”.

If you want to keep going down the now road with me, and listen to more Noga Erez while we go, make a stop HERE.

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