“Bunny Is A Rider” by Caroline Polachek

Today’s Song of the Day is a catchy, sticks in my head, earworm that was also a daughter DJ in the car discovery. I love the overarching Alice In Wonderland theme, the sound enhancements, and the beat. Alice spinning circles in Wonderland, or at a Rave. Play the song more than once and it will stick with you like its stuck with me.

Caroline Polachek has a new EP, Welcome To My Island, that “Bunny Is A Rider” is featured on. She was born in Manhattan, raised in Connecticut, then settled in Brooklyn where she co-created the duo Chairlift. Her eclectic/experimental indie pop as a solo artist is peppered by her many influences, from Enya to Celine Dion, to Kate Bush, to Japanese songs and anime themes. And yes, for this song, Lewis Carroll’s Alice.

“Bunny Is A Rider” by Caroline Polachek
Song of the Day

“Bonnie Is A Rider” by Caroline Polachek – from the EP, Welcome To My Island (2022)

“Bunny is a rider.
Giddy up, can’t find her.
No sympathy.
Hmm, ain’t nothing for free.
Dirty like it’s earth day.
Tryna wet that palette.
Can you cut that check.
Crush that wreck.
Run out empty on ’em.
AWOL on a Thursday.
Tryna go ask Alice.
Tryna catch that rabbit

Back in the late 80’s I used to go dancing at an underground club called Alice’s House, as well as one called Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Both had early Rave vibes, mixed with House and Disco music. Both were dance destinations. We’d spin and spin ourselves in circles, dizzy from the music and the drugs and being young and fearless. “Bunny Is A Rider” brings back memories of those places, and those days – and the spinning girl I was back in 1989.

Caroline Polachek – photo by Nedda Asfari

To hear more of Caroline Polachek, to support the music, and catch her live, follow the rabbit down HERE.

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