Dora Jar

“Spell” by Dora Jar

Early this morning, driving around in the rain and early morning chill, Dora Jar’s new single “Spell” played through the portable bluetooth speaker we sync to while we drive. Dora’s vocals and her lyrics are what drew me in to her songs. She’s another artist I was introduced to by my younger daughter, who played a few of her earlier tracks in our morning car rides together. Dora Jar was born in New York, but grew up in Northern California, and her music falls into the bedroom pop bucket that I tend to associate now with the Pandemic Years, even though I know it was a genre before 2020.

“Spell” by Dora Jar
Song of the Day

“Spell” by Dora Jar – from the single, “Spell” (2022)

“Let me in, Magdalene.
I was always the one,
you would toss,
to the wind.”

This song feels like the transition of Autumn to Winter, the changing seasons, the way they feel on your skin, and in the what you take in. I tend towards nostalgia and rememberings when the air gets colder. Dreaming about friends, and ex-lovers, then thinking on those dreams into the next days. Who did I let go of? And who let go?

“Spell” came out in October, definitely with those spell-spooky-haunting vibes. But the feelings, they carry me now, in early December. I take a walk outside and try to really see what’s around me. I close my eyes and try to really feel what is spinning around in me. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I just stay still.

Dora Jar – photo by Kevin Mazur

To hear more of Dora Jar, to support the music, and maybe even catch her live, spin around and land HERE and HERE.

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