"The Bomb" by Florence and the Machine

“The Bomb” by Florence and the Machine

“The Bomb” was my first listen favorite on one of my favorite albums of 2022, Florence and the Machine’s Dance Fever. There are other favorite songs. Honestly, all of them are loves of mine. But, “The Bomb” exploded in my ears, and my heart, first and I have to honor that kind of love at first listen, sometimes.

“The Bomb” by Florence and the Machine
Song of the Day – December 1, 2022

“The Bomb” by Florence and the Machine – from the album, Dance Fever (2022)

“I’ve blown apart my life for you.
And bodies hit the floor for you.
And break me, shake me, devastate mе.
Come here, baby, tell me that I’m wrong.

I don’t love you,
I just love the bomb.
Buildings falling is the only thing that turns me on.”

Unrequited love is not quite right, no, this is more heartbreak dangerous than that. Loving someone unavailable, whether emotionally or in actuality. Someone taken, or when you are taken. Someone not ready to love, or you, not ready to love. What is so devastingly, achingly, appealing to that kind of love? Is it the ego at play? The challenge? The uncertainty? Sometimes I think it is just something of youth. Young hearts clumsy with others, and with themselves. But, I’m not sure that’s really true.

Florence Welch, Florence and the Machine – photo by Per Ole Hagen

Did you know the original inspiration for Florence’s album, Dance Fever, is choreomania (which is also the title of a song on the album). Choreomania is the medieval European “dancing plague,” wherein hordes of people would flail and twitch until they reached exhaustion, injury, or death.

Of course, there are theories and questions about whether this mania happened. There are many paintings and artifacts (see above) that tell of choreomania. The theories range from religious cults being behind the processions of people dancing. That the dancing was meant to relieve the people of stress and to remove poverty of era out of their minds. There are reports of it being a mass psychogenic illness caused by a form of social influence.

Or maybe it was the music?

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