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Give Me Five…featuring Tegan and Sara

November is ending, or nearing the end. December is around the corner and I’m ready, and not ready, all at the same time. Creative energy is fizzy-flowing through my bloodstream. It tickles my senses and pushes me to get up early, to write, to not want to waste time.

Whenever I start obsessively listening to music again my creativity alights. I’m so glad to be back here again – listening, creating, writing. Sweater weather, sunrise coming early, the taste of a smoothie made with fresh fruit and oat milk, and so much coffee. This feels like the start of a good ending of November.


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“Faded Like a Feeling” by Tegan and Sara – from the album, Crybaby (2022)

“Been a while,
we lost touch,
I feel like a stranger.
I ran out on you, love.
I hate that you blame me.

I change like the seasons,
and we faded like a feeling.

Recently, I fell back in love with Tegan and Sara. I fell for them the first time in 2007, with the song “Nineteen”, and the album The Con. I was into them during their Grey’s Anatomy stints, and after. I honestly never fell out of love with them, I just stopped listening to them as much as I used to. But then Crybaby came out, as well as the series High School, based on Tegan and Sara’s memoir, and I fell hard again.

Earlier this month I found a Record Store Day/Live vinyl album of theirs which I can’t wait to spin later today. I think I’m going to need all their albums, on vinyl, now.

To hear more from Tegan and Sara, swing on over HERE. To learn more about the series “High School”, click on over HERE.


Sharon Van Etten – photo by Maria Alejandra Cardona 

“Give Out” by Sharon Van Etten – from the album, Tramp (2012)

“I’m biting my lip,
as confidence is speaking to me.
I loosen my grip from my palm,
put it on your knee.

In my way,
I say –
You’re the reason,
why I’ll move to the city,
or why I’ll need to leave.”

That line – “You’re the reason why I’ll move to the city, or why I’ll need to leave” hit deep inside me. I remember moving to be closer to someone, and I remember fleeing to get away from that same someone eventually. That line resonates in a painful, poignant, poetic way.

Sharon is one of my favorite singer-songwriters. I’m so glad I got to see her play live this year, at The Greek, with one of my best forever friends. I feel like her music speaks from her bones. That the songs speak from the point of view of woman, and of different peaks and valleys, cities and streets, and places across the United States.

Sharon started in New Jersey, spent a stint in Tennessee, and is now in LA. I feel like I can hear all those places and times in her songs.

I hope I get to see her play live again – soon – maybe next year.

To hear more from Sharon Van Etten, travel over HERE.

Sharon Van Etten – photo by Dustin Condren


Holly Humberstone – photo by Deanie Chen

“The Walls Are Way Too Thin” (Floorboards Version) by Holly Humberstone – from the single (2022)

“And we crossed paths by the bathroom,
but I’d just rather be out of the picture.
And I’ll do my utmost to talk to you.
But I just wanna be out,
I just wanna be out of the picture.”

All November I’ve had this song in whatever mix I listen to. I’ve played it on repeat, as well, over and over again. I can’t stop listening to this one, and the Tegan and Sara song that is #1 in today’s Give Me Five. Something about this song reminds me of one of the characters in the novel I’m working on. I’ve been finding songs that speak to me, or to my characters, and I need to start compiling them. Art seems to be inspiring art inspiring writing in some crazy, plot-bunny kind of way. I feel like the story, the characters, who they are, and where they are going, are flowing through me like water, like blood, like electricity.

This is the first song I’ve heard from Holly Humberstone. I want to explore more of her music.

If you want to hear more, click HERE.

Holly Humberstone – photo by Phoebe Fox


“Baby Queen” by Gorillaz – from the single (2022)

“You’ve grown up,
baby queen.
You’ve grown up,
baby queen.”

I remember the first time I heard Gorillaz. We were living in Utah. We were there just short of a year. It was one of the darkest times in my life, though there were sparks of light here and there. I remember my late husband playing that first Gorillaz CD in our basement bedroom, singing-a-long. That’s one of the spark-memories.

I’ve loved Damon Albarn since Blur, since the song “Coffee and TV”, since my 90’s brit pop obsessive period. I never got to see Blur play live. I hope I get the chance to see Gorillaz live someday.

Listening to this song today makes me wish he was still alive to hear their music now. I’d love to know what he thinks of this song. I’d love to hear him sing-a-long.

To hear more Gorillaz, dance your way over HERE.

Gorillaz – photo by Mark Allan


“Shirt” by SZA – from the single (2022)

“Broad day, sunshine,
I’ll find a way to fuck it up still.
Can’t cry about the shit that I can’t change.
Just my mind,
gotta get outta here.
Tough crowd,
I hate it,
can’t stay.”

New SZA. Check out the video (its a mini movie), then play the song with the volume way up. It is a drive around with the windows down and the volume up up up. This is a sway as you drive song, or just sway where you are. I’m swaying right now.

To hear more from SZA sway right over HERE.

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