"Sometimes Always" by Jesus and Mary Chain and Hope Sandoval

“Sometimes Always” by The Jesus and Mary Chain with Hope Sandoval

Monday morning, haze in the sky as Los Angeles tends to be lately. I’m craving blue skies with cartoon clouds, but I look out my window and see only a grey blur. I try to adjust my perspective, to look beyond the doomy state of the world because we still have to live, despite the cluster of environmental and political catastrophes. Today, I am focusing on the plus column. Gratitude and such. They all say its good for mental health, for anxiety and depression (the “ship” I’m like to break-up with), and for the soul. Music has always been my medicine, and always will be, but I’ll give this a shot, too.

Inside, by the front window, are two sleeping cats. They are mirrors of each other, cinnamon-roll sleeping circles, with tales hanging off the sides of each cat tower perch. I watch them while I take my first sips of coffee and think that I’d love to have some of the peace they seem to have. To the right of Evie and Nia (the napping felines) are some of my plants I’ve accumulated over the last year, or so. I was never a plant person. Always said I had a black and blue (like a bruise) thumb. But, I gave myself another chance and have found that I’ve become a pretty good plant-parent. I talk to them. Sing to them. I talk and sing to the cats, too.

This morning’s first cup of coffee is damn fine, too. Agent Cooper might even agree.

Today’s song of the day is doing it for me, too. Music. Always music. This one today a break-up and make-up favorite. Also, a must add to any road trip playlist.

“Sometimes Always” by The Jesus and Mary Chain with Hope Sandoval – from the album, Stoned and Dethroned (1994)

“I gave you all I had.
I gave you good and bad.
I gave,
but you just threw it back.”

Most of us have had that one relationship. The hot and cold, break-up, make-up, get back together, break-up, make-up, get back together cycle that only ends when one of the two says stop. I don’t give up easily, but eventually I did say stop. It was years ago, another lifetime ago, not something I regret, but not a ride I’d care to take again.

Jesus and Mary Chain with Hope Sandoval

“Sometimes Always” was the first single off of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s album, Stoned and Dethroned. It came out in July of 1994, which makes it 28 years old. How is that possible? Time is such a mind boggler.

William Reid, the guitarist from Jesus and Mary Chain, wrote the song with a Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra kind of duet vibe in mind. I’m a huge Lee and Nancy fan, and listening to “Sometimes Always” this morning I can definitely hear the inspiration at play.

The Jesus and Mary Chain and Hope Sandoval

William asked Hope Sandoval (from Mazzy Star, at the time) to duet with Jim Reid, lead singer and William’s brother, on the song. Hope was his on-again/off-again lover at the time. I wonder if it was a bit strange hearing his brother singing this with Hope? I wonder if the song plays like a memory of that kind of love-ride to him, too?

“Sometimes Always” (live, 1994) by The Jesus and Mary Chain with Hope Sandoval

“You went away,
but now you’re back.”

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