“Hardline” by Julien Baker

As I continue to immerse my ears in music from the Wild Hearts tour, today’s song of the day is “Hardline” by Julien Baker. Back in April 2021, I included this song in a “give me five”. The lyrics hit me hard, reflecting on feelings and struggles I was wrestling with. I listen to it today and let it wash over me. The music and the lyrics swirl around me, landing on my chest, boring in, under my skin. I feel it still. The hit, the resonance, the ache.

This is quite a song.

“Hardline” by Julien Baker – from the album, Little Oblivions (2021)

Until then I’ll split the difference,
between medicine and poison,
take what I can get away with,
while it burns right through my stomach.”

Julien Baker

The build at the end reminds me of Arcade Fire. The raw lyrics remind me of Fiona Apple. Julien’s voice is small and big, all at the same time. There is an ache in it, and strength. I cannot wait to hear her perform live.

I really hope she plays this song.

“Hardline” (live) by Julien Baker
Julien Baker

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