Give Me Five…featuring King Princess

Tuesday feels lighter than Monday, though the whole day-of-the-week thing still feels muddled. Sleep has continued to be just out of reach. I toss and turn, five podcasts in, when finally I drift off, only to fall head first into another bad dream. All the fixes, breathing, water, pills – none of them seem to do the trick. My insomnia is a stubborn bitch.

Music helps me get through the day. Eyes tired, mind hazy, but I’m still hitting play and singing-a-long. Want to listen along with me?


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King Princess
“Cursed” by King Princess – from the single, Too Bad/Cursed (2022)

“But endings lead to better things,
like sleeping again.”

Here’s hoping those lyrics above come true. I wonder if it counts if the ending was a job, and not a relationship. I’m going to believe it applies to all of the above.

King Princess’ single “Cursed” is poppy-summer goodness, so perfect for mid-July heat and nights when the sun doesn’t say goodbye until almost 9pm. This track is perfect for driving around with the windows rolled down. It’s all kinds of yes for first thing in the morning, too, with a cup of coffee on the side. It’s really good all of the above, good for whatever.

To hear more King Princes, walk on over HERE and click-click-click.

King Princess


Marlena Shaw
“California Soul” by Marlena Shaw – from the album, The Spice of Life (1969)

“Like a sound you hear that lingers in your ear.
But you can’t forget,
from sundown to sunset,
It’s all in the air,
you hear it everywhere.
No matter what you do it’s gonna grab a hold on you –
California soul.”

I collect California songs, and this one is special to me. It came out the year I was born. No, I don’t remember hearing it then, though I may have, but I do remember hearing it play in our blue Oldsmobile station wagon while we drove to the beach in the mid-afternoon. It was late summer, probably 1974 or 1975. My mom and I shared a cold bottle of Coke. The windows were rolled all the way down. I close my eyes and can hear my twenty-something (at the time) mom singing-a-long.

To hear more from Marlena Shaw, roll the windows down and drive on over HERE.

Marlena Shaw


Wet Leg
“Too Late Now” by Wet Leg – from the album, Wet Leg (2022)

“No, there’s nothing left to say.
I just get up and walk away.
If it ain’t broke,
don’t try to fix.
Well, life’s supposed to be this shit.”

Wet Leg is so poppy, eccentric, and fun. This is the perfect song for today to dance to. Shake off as much stress as I can, hit repeat, and do it all over again.

To hear more Wet Leg, and about Wet Leg, spin on over HERE.

Wet Leg


“Faultline” by Girlpool – from the album, Forgiveness (2022)

“Every day it’s Friday night.
I hold my body like a butcher knife.
Smiling for the camera eyes closed.
Doing anything you ask I suppose.
You tell me you would die to breathe me in.
I know there’s no excuse for oxygen.
So I will make your bed my graveyard.
Let the world run through my soft parts.”

I love the 60’s girl group feel meets bedroom pop feel to the music and vocals in Girlpool’s song, “Faultline”, and the lyrics are brilliant. I love the line “I hold my body like a butcher knife” and “Let the world run through my soft parts.” So visceral, so vivid – I love it. The “butcher knife” line especially. It reminds me of lines I use sometimes in character’s inner thoughts in my stories.

Girlpool is a new discovery for me, and I definitely want to hear more.

If you want to hear more Girlpool, too, follow me HERE.



Soccer Mommy
“circle the drain” by Soccer Mommy – from the album, color theory (2020)

“Things feel that low sometimes,
even when everything is fine.”

I’ve been so into Socccer Mommy this summer. Today I went back a bit, to 2020, and Soccer Mommy’s album color theory. “circle the drain” has been my favorite since first listen, and its still remains high on my list. It has that 90’s feel meets indie-pop that is so engaging and delicious.

I really want to see Soccer Mommy play live.

If you want to hear more Soccer Mommy, circle your way over HERE.

Soccer Mommy

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