“All the Good Times” by Angel Olsen

Next up for this week’s song of the day is another of the Wild Hearts singer-songwriters performing in Los Angeles later this month, at the Greek Theater. Angel Olsen was the first of the three that I discovered. It was 2016. A coworker at the time, and fellow music-obsessive, recommended Angel’s album, My Woman, that had just come out. “Shut Up and Kiss Me” was my first listen favorite. I ended up loving all the tracks, and the album, including songs on playlists and lyriquediscorde posts.

Angel Olsen

During pandemic-lockdown year two, I obsessively played her 80’s cover song themed EP, Aisles. I couldn’t tell you which song I loved more – “Gloria”? “Eyes Without a Face”? “If You Leave”? Really, all of the EP is my favorite.

This year, Angel’s newest album, Big Time, is my latest dive in and discover album. I’m swimming through all the songs readying myself for seeing her live. The opening track, “All the Good Times” is today’s song of the day.

“All the Good Times” by Angel Olsen – from the album, Big Time (2022)

“I can’t say that I’m sorry,
when I don’t feel so wrong anymore.
I can’t tell you I’m trying,
when there’s nothing left here to try for.”

Those opening lyrics pull a heart-punch. I know I’ve been there, and felt that, at the crumbling end of a relationship that was once golden. Flood magazine describes the song as a reflective hymn of acceptance, and all I can say in response is amen.

From 80’s new wave to old country (think Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn), Angel continues to blow me away. This song, and the whole of the Big Time album, is overflowing with cathartic emotion. I cannot wait to see her/hear her live.

Angel Olsen

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