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This past Saturday, one of my best friends and I went to see an outdoor showing of Almost Famous at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Almost Famous, as anyone who knows me can attest, is one of my all-time favorite movies, second only to Eternal Sunshine. I cannot count how many times I’ve seen it, but this was definitely one of my favorite times.

Surrounded by crypts and elaborate grave stones and statues, a band of cemetery cats, and a somewhat cool (for July) evening, we threw blankets out, along with a few snacks grabbed up at a vegan market we found, and spent our Saturday night with William Miller, Penny Lane, Lester Bangs, and Doris the bus.

When this scene came on, voices from all around the cemetery (all on thrown down blankets or low lawn chairs), started to sing-a-long. This will always and forever be the best music in a movie scene. No discussion needed.

Almost Famous (2000) – “Tiny Dancer” scene – song by Elton John

Press play, and sing-a-long. I know you want to.

Almost Famous (2000)

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