Give Me Five...featuring Arlo Parks

Give Me Five…featuring Arlo Parks

Mondays don’t feel exactly like Mondays when you don’t have a job. I’m still up early, still getting dressed for the day – hair and make-up included – but it doesn’t feel the same. I’m struggling with the waiting, with not working, with so many things unknown, and up in the air. But, I’m trying. I’m pushing. I’m getting through it.

My therapist told me to dance. She asked me, during our weekly appointment via Zoom this morning, if I liked to dance. I had to stop for a moment and think about it, though I’m not sure why. I love to dance. I always have. So, I’m going to give it a shot.

These five songs for today are not all of the dancing variety, but the ones that aren’t do still have sway-potential. Works for me. Feel free to join me in dancing, or swaying, too.


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Arlo Parks
“Softly” by Arlo Parks – from the single, “Softly” (2022)

“Lemon and ginger beer,
soap suds on navels.
If I upset you,
could you maybe say so?
Has something changed,
have I just missed the memo?
Tell me what I don’t know.”

I love love love Arlo Parks voice and songwriting. The storytelling in the songs, the way they flow and translate so well sung, but also feel like pages from a journal, or pieces of actual conversation. It adds so much realness and emotion to her music. Makes it all more relatable.

Oh my stars, the details and specificity in the lyrics. Lemon and ginger beer. Soap suds on navels. The clever turn of phrase with “have I just missed the memo?” So fucking good.

Hoping for a new album, that maybe this is a first single from something that is coming later this year. Fingers and toes crossed.

To hear more Arlo Parks head on over HERE.

Arlo Parks


Remi Wolf – photo by Ben Kaye
“Sally” by Remi Wolf – from the album, Juno (2022)

“Sitting watching television.
Breaking things in the kitchen,
anxious to find out.
You were just a premonition.
Showing up late as I’m turning the lights out.”

Remi Wolf’s album Juno, especially the deluxe version, is one of my favorite albums this year (and one that I’ve been playing obsessively since release). I love the 90’s indie-pop vibe to this track. The way it feels like new love/crush feelings, with all the butterflies and impatience and longing. It’s fun and funky and poppy; very summertime.

If you want to hear more of Remi Wolf, and get obsessed along with me, dance on over HERE.

Remi Wolf – photo by Hailey Collins


Hurray For the Riff Raff – photo by Akasha Rabut
“RHODODENDRON” by Hurray For the Riff Raff – from the album, LIFE ON EARTH (2022)

Night blooming jasmine.
Deadly nightshade.
Fox glove renegade.”

Another 90’s sounding song released this year that I’m super digging. I love the listing of flowers, the magic and poison, the elixer-witchiness of it. This track is so catchy, and yes, so danceable. I need to hear more. ASAP.

If you want to join me and hear more of Hurray For the Riff Raff, skip on over HERE (flowers optional).

Hurray For the Riff Raff


Gretel Hänlyn
“Apple Juice” by Gretel Hänlyn – from the Slugeye (2022)

“Sitting on your wall and sipping on your apple juice.
Looking at the people crowding ’round to coddle you.
Think it’s cool to shut me up or shut me down?
Will you.”

So much awesome music that’s hit this year, so far. I’m so into all this new song discoveries. Gretel Hänlyn has such an interesting vocal tone, deep and edgy, a little bit goth, a little bit punk, a little bit Kim Gordon-ish. I like the captured every day moments in the lyrics (much like what I commented on above with Arlo’s song). I close my eyes, listen, and can picture it all.

“Sitting on your wall and sipping on your apple juice.” There’s something so youthful in the lyric, like a childhood snapshot, yet at the same time its ageless, even in its youthfulness. There’s snark and passion in this song, all that impatience and longing, too. This fits so well with today’s five songs.

To hear more of Gretel Hänlyn, join me HERE, for more to listen and discover.

Gretel Hänlyn


“Light of a Clear Blue Morning” by Waxahatchee – from the album, Saint Cloud +3 (2021)

“It’s been a long dark night,
and I’ve been a waitin’ for the morning.
It’s been a long hard fight,
but I see a brand new day a dawning.
I’ve been looking for the sunshine.
You know I ain’t seen it in so long.
But everything’s gonna work out just fine.
And everything’s gonna be all right,
that’s been all wrong.”

A favorite song from my childhood. I love Waxahatchee’s version of this Dolly Parton song. This song, these lyrics, I feel all of it deep inside me. I am singing-a-long today. It’s going to be this week’s mantra for me.

Thank you Dolly, and Waxahatchee.

For more Waxahatchee, find yourself right over HERE.


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