“Me” by Paula Cole

Continuing with the Lilith Fair theme, today’s song of the day is “Me” by Paula Cole. Paula is one of the 90’s women in music that I feel stayed underrated and is less remembered beyond the Dawson’s Creek Theme, “I Don’t Want To Wait”. I’ve read that there was controversy with her song “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone” and it’s potentially anti-feminist message, though I’ve also read her argument for the other side of that point. All “Cowboy” discussions aside, I was a big fan of Paula’s in the 90’s, most especially of this song, which I related to so strongly when it came out, and still do today.

Paula Cole

I saw Paula perform at my first Lilith Fair, in 1997. She played the main stage at Irvine Meadows, and I remember how incredible she was. Years later, while watching a Peter Gabriel live concert on cable I was surprised to see Paula as one of his backup singers. She was great in that lineup, too, as part of the Secret World Tour.

Do you remember Paula Cole? Do you have a favorite song of hers?

“Me” by Paula Cole – from the album, This Fire (1996)

“And it is me who is my enemy.
Me who beats me up.
Me who makes the monsters.
Me who strips my confidence.”

Yes, I still relate to this song today. Not all the time, but often.

Here is Paula performing “Me” live from the year I saw her at Lilith Fair.

“Me” (live) by Paula Cole
Paula Cole

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