Give Me Five...featuring Valerie June

Give Me Five…featuring Valerie June

The weather has cooled a bit today. The sun is still doing her best bright-lighting, but there’s an accompanying breeze that is a nice reprieve from the recent heatwave. I’ve been out of sorts for the last few days, and suffering from seasonal allergy ugh-ness. Today feels better, though. Less anxiety, less allergy ugh, less unbearable heat, and a more positive feeling rolling around inside of me.

The movie I watched yesterday gifted a much needed shift in perspective. The book I’m currently reading is giving me much of the same. I am keeping my eyes and heart and feelings open to these reminders, and appreciating them as they come. Getting back to my optimistic self feels good, even if some days its a struggle.

As always, I lean in to music to help in just about everything I do. Here is today’s five songs that I’m filling myself with.


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Valerie June
“Pink Moon” by Valerie June – from the album, The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers (2022)

“Saw it written and I saw it say.
Pink moon is on its way.”

One of the most dreamiest songs I’ve ever heard. “Pink Moon”, originally by Nick Drake, covered here by the dreamy-phenomenal Valerie June. This version is everything to me today. I am forever a lover of covers, and this one, just discovered today, is making my heart swell (in a good way) and adding to that breezy, breathing easier feel of today.

What do you think of her Nick Drake cover?

I hadn’t heard that Valerie had a new album out until today. What a wonderful thing to discover – a Tuesday, early July gift. I can’t wait to dig in deeper.

You should check-out more of Valerie June’s music, and also make a date to see her live, click HERE for all the Valerie-latest.

Valerie June


“To the Moon” by Junodream – from the single, “To the Moon” (2018)

“Skies falling down,
but you’re on your way to the moon.”

Staying on the moon, or with the moon, is another new discovery. I’d never heard of Junodream until today. I happened on this lovely track that reminds me a lot of AIR’s first album, Moon Safari. Dreamy-indie-pop-breezy-deliciousness is how I’d describe this song. The perfect mix of descriptors in a song that I need today.

If you’d like to hear more, float on over HERE for more listening.



Squirrel Flower
“Headlights” by Squirrel Flower – from the album, I Was Born Swimming (2020)

“Realize I’m not getting older,
but I’m not getting younger.
Headlights look different,
when I’m looking over my shoulder.”

This song, and the lyrics above, remind me of what a twilight drive by the ocean, or a hike through the trees at dawn, feel like. Dreamy is what I’m craving today, and this track is most definitely a dream to the ears.

I like the idea of not getting older, or younger, as a feeling. A feeling of time standing still, of being paused. I’ve felt that kind of pause before. Sometimes its a welcomed feeling, other times, it feels too much like being lost.

Squirrel Flower is another new discovery. Something in her voice reminds me of Tori Amos.

If you’d like to discover more Squirrel Flower along with me, we can click HERE together.

Squirrel Flower


“Feeling Myself” (Lullaby Version) by Wolf Alice – from the EP, Blue Lullaby (2022)

“Well, let’s explore the space.
It’s like I’m moving in circles.
And my love doesn’t take any shape.
I watch you as you’re watching me.
This love for free.”

I am so excited that Wolf Alice has this new lullaby-themed EP out. It is more of that dreamy-music-feeling that I am so craving right now. I love this version of “Feeling Myself”. I keep hitting repeat, again, and again, and again.

I do so hope/dream that I get to see Wolf Alice play live sometime in the (hopefully near) future.SONG 5: “MULTIPLY” BY DORA JAR

To hear more Wolf Alice’s new EP, and more of their music, sway on over HERE.

Wolf Alice


Hannah Cohen
“Dissolving” by Hannah Cohen – from the album, Welcome Home (2019)

“The waves, they are singing and rising.
I’m holding on.
Oh, and in your eyes I’m alive.
Dissolving the memories I try to hide.”

“Dissolving” and Hannah Cohen are both new to me. Something about her voice, and the feel of this song, remind me of this compilation CD of artists I had in the late 90’s called Slowbrew. It had all these dreamy, poppy, gorgeous songs on it that I played non-stop during the summer, in ’97 or ’98. It had a coffeehouse theme – music for the cafe culture, was the compilation’s subtitle, if memory serves.

Hannah and “Dissolving” feel like they could have been one of the tracks. I love that reminder, the 90’s feel, the breezy music and lilting vocals. I want to hear more.

To hear more of Hannah Cohen, too, click HERE.

Hannah Cohen

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