Give Me Five...featuring Pete Yorn

Give Me Five…featuring Pete Yorn

Today is my younger daughter’s birthday (20 today). It is hotter than hell in Los Angeles and my anxiety is trying to throw a party in my insides that I didn’t ask to be invited to. I’m trying to breathe through it, keeping my distance from the panic party, and instead playing music, writing, baking something special for V, and writing…writing…writing.

Music, too. I mentioned music, didn’t I?


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Pete Yorn (photos by Beth Yorn)
“Never Go” by Pete Yorn – from the album, Hawaii (2022)

“Welcome home.
Missed you so.
Stay forever and never let go.
Welcome home.
We’ve missed you so.
Stay forever,
and never go.”

“Never Go”, from Pete Yorn’s latest album, Hawaii, immediately pulls me back to 2001, driving around in a borrowed pick-up truck, listening to musicforthemorningafter (his debut album) two days before my birthday. The weight of the bass and the dreamy-sad refrains, tinged with hope, feel both familiar, and older and newer, as if the past and today are meeting up for a iced latte at a small cafe, by the sea.

Take a listen to “Never Go”, and then go and check out the rest of the album (and all Pete’s discography, including the aforementioned musicforthemorningafter), HERE.

Hawaii (2022) by Pete Yorn


Soccer Mommy
“Shotgun” by Soccer Mommy – from the album, Sometimes, Forever (2022)

“Fogged up the windows in the back.
Coffee and menthol on your breath.
Uppers and my heart never meshed.
I hated coming down.
But, this feels the same without the bad things.”

Wow. I feel like I’ve been in that backseat, blood all amped up on cold coffee, amphetamines, and crush-like desire. It was more like cloves, or Marlboro Reds, than menthol, but the rest is so close to how I remember late nights in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

The end of this first verse lyric, too, feels the way my anxiety has been today, and a lot of recent yesterdays. Back then, I hated coming down from it all, the buzz wearing off, the kisses that steamed the car windows turning into waiting by the phone, never really sure what I was waiting or, or wanting.

I long for a come down now. Not in the same way, but at least with my breathing slower, and my pulse not beating like a kit drum.

If you want to hear more from Soccer Mommy, and if you want to give the rest of her new album a spin, come down over HERE.

Soccer Mommy


Ambar Lucid
“La Torre” by Ambar Lucid – from the single, “La Torre” (2022)

“A la torre me acerqué.
Rayo’ y terremoto mandé.
Le grité y lloré.
Cuando acordé.
Hace tiempo que me sigue.”

I’ve so enjoyed watching Ambar Lucid, and her music, evolve. Since I first read a blurb about her in the LA Times I’ve been a fan. Each new release, including this new single, mesmerizes and changes, as she becomes who she is next.

The above lyrics loosely translate to the following:

“I approached the tower.
I sent lightning and earthquakes.
I yelled and cried,
as I agreed.
He’s been following me for a long time.”

Ambar Lucid says of “La Torre” that it is inspired by tarot. The lyrics and lines as cards drawn, one-by-one.

If you’d like to hear more of Ambar Lucid’s music, and check-out her upcoming tour dates, click HERE.

Ambar Lucid


Sudan Archives (photo by Ally Green)
“Selfish Soul” by Sudan Archives – from the single, “Selfish Soul” (2022)

“If I cut my hair hope I grow it long.
Back long back time like way before.
If I wear it straight will they like me more.
Like those girls on front covers.”

Summer sounding songs are one of my many “playlist collections” I’ve been curating for years (other collections – songs about Los Angeles, color songs, songs colored blue, etc.) This new single by Sudan Archives is definitely going in the summer collection. From the first beats, to the summer-sun music video, to the longing for someone to like you a little bit more – yes, yes, yes, definitely a summer song.

If you want to hear more of Sudan Archives music, and check-out upcoming tour dates, swim on over HERE.

Sudan Archives (photo by Ally Green)


“Cracker Island” by Gorillaz, featuring Thundercats – from the single, “Cracker Island” (2022)

“What world is this?
What world is this?”

Speaking of summer songs to add to my ever-growing collection, the new single from Gorillaz (featuring Thundercats) is a total make-you-want-to-dance summer track that I needed very much today.

Turn this one up – loud as you can – and dance with me.

For more of Gorillaz music, and upcoming information on their music and tour schedule, dance yourself over HERE.


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