"Doll Parts" by Hole

“Doll Parts” By Hole

Continuing the theme of riot girl summer is Hole’s “Doll Parts” from their 1994 album, Live Through This. This album, and this song (along with “Violet”), were a key part of my life soundtrack and state of mind, in 1994. I was working at Tower Records. I was a single mom. I was trying to find myself and find a life for the two of us (my daughter and I), and, yes, live through it all.

“Doll Parts” by Hole – from the album, Live Through This (1994)

you will ache like I ache.”

Courtney Love has said this about the song, “Doll Parts” (originally titled “Doll Hearts”):

“The song ‘Doll Hearts’ is an homage I wrote in 20 minutes in a girl named Joyce’s bathroom in Cambridge, Massachusetts,” Love said. “I had to write most of the lyrics on my arm in sharpie as I ran out of paper. People were pounding on the door as I wrote it. It was played for the first time an hour later, at the Virgin megastore in Boston.” – from, dazeddigital

The last few years have been a lot to live through. The hits keep coming, but I keep getting back up. My own doll parts are older now, but they are still scrappy and ready to persist, to survive, to live through this.

“Doll Parts” (live, 1995) by Hole
Courtney Love

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