Give Me Five...featuring Lizzy McAlpine

Give Me Five…featuring Lizzy McAlpine

April is nine days in and I feel like I slept through the start. Was that the joke this time around? The April fool stayed in dreamland. Seems the better option. Days later I boarded a plane before the sun said hello, and flew to a city I thought I wouldn’t enjoy, but did. April fool surprised as I sipped pastel-colored drinks at a once murder motel, laughing, and feeling part of the world again. Is this the start again, or is it just me finally stepping back into the fray? I’m not sure I can tell yet. It’s okay though. I’ll wait.

Today’s five songs, they came together like a plastic bead bracelet you make in summer camp and give to your June-July best friend. The one you’ll write to devotedly until one of you finds something else to devote to. One-two-three-four-five beads. Were yours in different colors, or in a pattern? I still have one in a blue jewelry box that I look at sometimes, squinting to remember who we were that summer, and how it felt to wear it around my wrist all the next school year.

Close your eyes, feel the pulse beat on the inside of your left wrist, and listen. What memories come up for you today?

Give Me Five…April 2022

Give Me Five…April 8, 2022

Available to listen on Spotify and YouTube

Song 1: “doomsday” by Lizzy McAlpine

Lizzy McAlpine
“doomsday” by Lizzy McAlpine – from the album, five seconds flat (2022)

“The death of me was so quiet.
No friends and family allowed.
Only my murderer,
and the priest who told you to go to hell.
And the funny thing is I would’ve married you,
if you’d have stuck around.
I feel more free than I have in years –
six feet in the ground.”

New discovery singer-songwriter, and new discovery album. The video plays like a mini-movie (my favorite kind), and Lizzy wrote the script for it, along with writing the song.

She grew up in Philly, went to college in Boston, and during the lockdown started an Instagram streaming concert series called #BerkleeAtHome.

Her voice and sing-style remind me of Billie Eilish and Phoebe Bridgers, with a touch of Aimee Mann. Yeah, that combo is right up my lane. And this song reminds me of a past relationship, not so long ago, that I try not to bring to mind very often. Neurodivergent and Narcissism are not a happy-ever-after kind of love. More like don’t fall overboard, unless you swim just to sink.

To me, this song isn’t about un-living oneself, but about the death of a relationship. One that should have ended awhile before, but was hard to “book the marching band” and say forever-goodbye.

If you want to hear more fly your fingers over HERE and click.

Lizzy McAlpine

Song 2: “Steal My Sunshine” by Portugal. The Man, featuring Cherry Glazerr

Portugal. The Man and Cherry Glazerr
“Steal My Sunshine” by Portugal. The Man, featuring Cherry Glazerr – from the single, Steal My Sunshine/Novocaine For the Soul (2021)

“Now the fuzzy stare from not being there on a confusing morning week,
impaired my tribal lunar-speak.”

“Tribal lunar-speak” is forever added to the oddly interesting phrases found in songs, along with “disco lemonade” and “diamond star halo” (among others). The original version of this song, by Len, is one of my Top 5 summer songs of all-time. Whenever I think “summer song”, this is the very first one that comes to mind.

I’d never heard a cover of it until today. I’m digging this one with its electro-pop, rave-ish feel. It doesn’t feel quite as “summery”, but it does make me dance around my living room.

For more about Portugal. The Man head on over HERE.

And for some more Cherry Glazerr, pop on over HERE.

Cherry Glazerr and Portugal. The Man

Song 3: “AMAZING” by Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County
“AMAZING” by Rex Orange County – from the album, WHO CARES? (2022)

“Search the definition of afraid,
and I’m sure you’ll see my face.
Who’s gonna save me now?
I hope it’s you, my babe.”

First off, I have to mention that when I first heard Rex Orange County (Alexander James O’Connor), and heard is “name”, I did not expect he was from the UK. I grew up in Orange County, and something about his style felt believable to have come from that part of Southern California. But no, he’s not, and now I hear the other side of the ocean in his singing.

This video is all kinds of adorable, and reminds me – A LOT – of Blur’s “Coffee and TV” video. I feel like green hand/thumb milk delivery guy should visit the “Coffee and TV” flat, don’t you? I feel like he’d cheer-up the whole scene.

“Coffee and TV” by Blur – from the album, 13 (1999)

If you want to hear more of Rex Orange County (from Grayshott, UK, not “The OC”) grab your milk to-go and dance on over HERE.

Rex Orange County – Photo by Owen Sweeney

Song 4: “For Violet” by Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks
“For Violet” by Arlo Parks – from the album, Collapsed In Sunbeams (2021)

“Wait, you know when college starts again,
you’ll manage.
Wait, you know that I’ll be there to kiss the damage.
Wait, you know I bought a couple books I think you’ll like.
So hold on for tonight.”

My favorite album of 2021, and one of my favorite singer-songwriters. Arlo is wonderful. This song, it is a recent favorite of mine off the album. It hurts to listen to. It hurts to remember how many times I’ve tried to keep people I love holding on. It’s hard to be a life-saver so much of the time.

Who is there to save the life-saver?

I hope I get to see Arlo play live sometime soon.

If you want to hear more of Arlo Parks, follow me HERE.

Oooh oooh oooh! She’s coming to the Fonda in the Fall. YES.

Arlo Parks

Song 5: “Nobody Sees Me Like You Do” by Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast
“Nobody Sees Me Like You Do” by Japanese Breakfast – from the upcoming Yoko Ono Tribute Album, Season of Glass (2022)

“I wanna quit moving,
I wanna quit running,
I wanna relax and be tender.
I wanna see us together again,
rocking away in our walnut chairs.”

What a beautiful cover.

This song makes me cry.

Japanese Breakfast (Michelle Zauner) is another favorite of mine, and another artist I hope to see play live soon. For more, spin-spin-spin this way HERE.

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