Give Me Five...featuring Zella Day

Give Me Five…featuring Zella Day

The day after my new year/birthday and I’m feeling physically blah, but the rest of me is better than I’ve been in a long time (probably since pre-pandemic). Physically, I’m having allergy/headache yucks, but it’s not getting me down. I’ve got a cup of coffee, water (hydrate, hydrate), and music.

My oldest daughter made me a mid-tempo/disco-inspired playlist for my birthday that is exquisite. Two of the songs featured today are from her music gift – a fun/funky cover by Zella Day, and a new-to-me artist, Sir Chloe. I’m thinking you’ll enjoy the tracks as much as I am.

I’ve also dropped in some Mary J. Blige and Mazzy Star, as well as a new discovery artist, Jen Cloher.

Let’s press play…

Give Me Five – March 2022

Give Me Five…March 24, 2022

Available to listen on Spotify and YouTube

Song 1: “You Sexy Thing” by Zella Day

"You Sexy Thing" by Zella Day
Zella Day
“You Sexy Thing” by Zella Day – from the single, “You Sexy Thing” (2019)

“I believe in miracles.”

My best friend and I used to go dancing every Sunday, from 1988-1990, at a club called 1970. There were other clubs we’d go to on other nights, but there was nothing that compared to 1970. It was the music and the people and the buzzy bliss that flowed through the dancefloor, and our bloodstreams, that made Sundays the best nights ever.

I have a ’45 of Hot Chocolate’s “You Sexy Thing” from back then. It was one of my go-to dance songs, the kind that no matter what you were doing, or who you were talking to, you had to hit the floor and spin-spin-spin.

I love how sultry/sexy this cover is, how sensual. It feels like a seduction.

This is the first track in this set from the playlist my daughter made me. She knows I have a cover song addiction (and a forever love of the ’70s).

If you dig this like I do, you should check out more of Zella Day HERE.

Zella Day

Song 2: “Good Morning Gorgeous” by Mary J. Blige

"Good Morning Gorgeous" by Mary J. Blige
Mary J. Blige – photo by AB + DM
“Good Morning Gorgeous” by Mary J. Blige – from the album, Good Morning Gorgeous (2022)

“All the times that I hated myself.
All the times that I wanted to be someone else.
All the times that I should’ve been gentle with me.
All the times that I should’ve been careful with me.
Why did I hate myself?
So intensely.
Lord, help me.

I wake up every morning and tell myself,
good morning, gorgeous.”

I’m music-crushing so hard on this song. It feels like just the track I need to hear as I start this new year of me. The first time I heard it – like heard it, heard it (you know when you really take a song in) – it brought tears to my eyes.

Self-love is hard as fuck for me. Body image and self-hate and doubt, they’ve been part of me for as long as I can remember. Here’s to trying to quiet those asshole voices inside, and embrace me, at least a little bit.

I can play this song in the mornings (or whenever) when the voices are just too loud, or you know, just because is a really good song.

You should check out the new album this is on. This song is the title track. While you are at it, take a deep dive into Mary’s discography. You won’t regret it. You can start HERE.

Mary J. Blige

Song 3: “Mercy” by Sir Chloe

"Mercy" by Sir Chloe
Sir Chloe – photo by Lillie-Eiger
“Mercy” by Sir Chloe – from the single, “Mercy” (2022)

“If I don’t sleep,
I’ll never dream.”

The insomniac in me feels the above lyrics so deeply. I had a bad bout of sleeplessness last night, which is probably adding to the headache.

This is the second track in today’s feature from my birthday playlist from my daughter. I’d never heard/heard of Sir Chloe before. Oh my stars, I love discovering new music.

I’m digging the ’90s feel to this song a lot. “Mercy”, and Sir Chloe’s voice, have me thinking of Hope Sandoval, and Mazzy Star.Song 4: “Courtyard” by Bobbie Gentry

I need to hear more from Sir Chloe right away. If you’d care to join me, go HERE.

Oooh oooh oooh, the link above led me to tour dates. Sir Chloe will be at the Constellation Room, in Santa Ana (the city I grew up in) this May. I love the intimacy of the Constellation Room. I’m going to have to check the show out.

Sir Chloe

Song 4: “Blue Flower” by Mazzy Star

"Blue Flower" by Mazzy Star
Mazzy Star
“Blue Flower” by Mazzy Star – from the album, She Hangs Brightly (1990)

Was it all in vain?
Superstar in your own private movie,
I wanted just a minor part.
But I’m no fool.
I know you’re cool.
I never really wanted your heart.”

So, I had to hear some Mazzy Star next – and I really wanted to hear Sir Chloe fade into Mazzy, and the track “Blue Flower”.

One of my forever and always favorite bands, and one of my forever and always favorite voices (Hope Sandoval). I so wish I’d gotten to see them live.

I’m determined to see Hope someday though – I hope she continues to make new music and albums – and tours.

Currently, “Blue Flower” is my favorite Mazzy-track. This changes all the time, in that delicious way it is with bands you love.

What is your current favorite?

Wanna hear more Hope Sandoval? Head on over HERE.

Hope Sandoval/Mazzy Star

Song 5: “Sensory Memory” by Jen Cloher

"Sensory Memory" by Jen Cloher
Jen Cloher – photo by Tajette
“Sensory Memory” by Jen Cloher – from the album, Jen Cloher (2017)

I guess I’m never gonna be,
the Joy to your Slim Dusty.
But you know I’m always here,
when you get home.”

Another new music discovery. Huzzah! It’s a good day, full of magical music karma when I have two new discoveries.

I was immediately fascinated with the lyric above and had to go learn who Joy and Slim are/were. I found this…

Joy McKean managed and toured with her husband, Australian country music legend Slim Dusty for 50 years, writing several of his most popular songs. Jen Cloher is acknowledging she’s not going to fill the same role for Courtney Barnett. (source: Genius)

Slim and Joy

Here’s a little bonus…Jen and Courtney singing live together:

Go now go and check-out Jen Cloher HERE.

Jen Cloher

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