Ex-Hex photo by Michael Lavine

Give Me Five…featuring Ex Hex

It’s been a while. It’s been too long. I let myself fall back into working too much, losing balance, and letting go of the creative parts of me that help to keep me, well, me. It happens, even when I don’t want it to. I never really want it to, but, but, but, what do I really do to stop it? The only way to push back, to get me back, is to start all over again. I feel like I’m forever starting all over again. Maybe that’s what living is, at least for me.

Starting again on my desert novel, and starting again here. I can never start again without music (and a giant cup of coffee). So here I am, starting again…again.

Give Me Five…February 2022

Give Me Five…February 13, 2022

Available to listen, and follow along throughout February, on Spotify and YouTube

Song 1: “How You Got That Girl” by Ex Hex

"How You Got That Girl" by Ex Hex photo by Michael Lavine
Ex Hex – photo by Michael Lavine
“How You Got That Girl” by Ex Hex – from the album, Rips (2014)

I’ve been the object of your affection.
I’ve been the target of your cruel intention.
And I know just how you got that girl.”

There used to be a record store walking distance from where I live, on Myrtle, in downtown Monrovia, that I loved with all my music-obsessed heart. Whenever I’d go inside the owner would be playing an album that I’d end up taking home with me. I’d joke he did it on purpose, that he saw me – and knew my taste – from a mile away, but honestly I think he just had all-over-the-music-map taste (the kind I like to think I have, too)

This was one of those albums he was playing, one of those I took home with me.

I pulled it out this morning and put it on the turntable, then sat down to write. I feel a bit rusty, but I’m typing out words anyway. The only way back is in.

To hear more, and support Ex Hex, spin on over HERE.

Song 2: “Next Stop” by Bleached

"Next Stop" by Bleached photo by Nicole Anne Robbins
Bleached – photo by Nicole Anne Robbins
“Next Stop” by Bleached – from the album, Ride Your Heart (2013)

“Next stop, I’m waiting for the train.
Next stop, smoking in the rain.
Next stop, kissing you goodbye.
Next stop, tears in your eyes.”

This songs vibe feels like a muse to the story I’m working on, but the lyrics – especially the ones above – bring back a colder, windier, city-er memory than the desert dry heat that I’m working on creating.

Train platform, shared cigarettes, excited hellos, tearful goodbyes.

It also feels like I NEED A ROAD TRIP SOON.

Want more Bleached? Take the next stop HERE.

Song 3: “Sure As Spring” by La Luz

"Sure As Spring" by La Luz
La Luz
“Sure As Spring” by La Luz – from the album, It’s Alive (2013)

One thing I’ve found,
as I’ve moved around from town to town –
It’s so hard to get my blood to settle down.”

How have I never heard La Luz before?

Love this. The throwback psychedlic feel, the organ (so good!), and the girl group summer-ness of it – even if it is a song about Spring. I need to hear more!

If you want to hear more, too, join me HERE.

Song 4: “Hi-Five” by Angel Olsen

“Hi-Five” by Angel Olsen – from the album, Burn Your Fire For No Witness (2014)

“I feel so lonesome I could cry,
but instead I’ll pass the time,
sitting lonely with somebody lonely, too.”

I have a huge music crush on both Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten. Oh my stars. They can sing me into neverland, into dreamland, into the end of the world, into oblivion.

Want to be sung into oblivion by Angel, too? Float with me over HERE.

(I just saw that Angel and Sharon are playing at the Greek, with Julien Baker, in July…I know what I’ll be doing this summer)

Song 5: “Trailer Park Boneyard” by The Coathangers

"Trailer Park Boneyard" by The Coathangers photo by Jeff Forney
The Coathangers – photo by Jeff Forney
“Trailer Park Boneyard” by The Coathangers – from the album, Larceny & Old Lace (2011)

“Cause I m always nowhere,
till you set me free –
Go on and set me free.”

This song is definitely fitting the vibe of my story today. I keep playing it on repeat, again and again and again.

I think this is a sign to make a desert playlist to listen to, and inspire me, while I get the fuck back to writing.

HERE is some more from the Coathangers for your Sunday pleasure.

Digging these fives songs today – all these girls singing on a Sunday, while I write and drink way too much coffee.

Give Me Five February

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