Give Me Five...featuring HAIM

Give Me Five…featuring HAIM

Up before the sun, it’s been a long time since I’ve done that. It is more my nature to get up early, but I’ve been struggling a lot lately to just be me. I am making my way back to myself though. I think. I hope. Another Monday, though this one I took as a personal day. There are some things I need to deal with today, a loss to mourn, and an extra day to breathe and sort myself out a bit more. We are all still in quarantine, too. House arrest without any crime committed. Seems to be most of the world’s reality right now.

Music and books are my solaces, with a side order of some streaming TV. I want to get back to writing, but I am still feeling blocked. Giving myself a little grace and time to get back to it. A favorite writer recently said it’s the new year and I’m still just me. Yeah. I am still just me, and I’m trying to get back to her again.

Detox Yogi tea, cool water in a blue metal bottle that says “be kind”, hair dye a shade kinda like “crimson glow” counting down on my head, and music playing as the sun starts to come to the party. Good morning everyone.

Give Me Five January 2022

Give Me Five…January 10, 2022

Available to listen, and follow along throughout January, on Spotify and YouTube

Song 1: “Up From a Dream” by HAIM

"Up From a Dream" by HAIM
“Up From a Dream” by HAIM – from the album, Women In Music Pt. III (2021)

“We were lying awake,
or so it seemed,
trying to figure out what was happening.
Are we already up from the dream?
Or do we need to wake up again?”

HAIM has always been in the peripheral. I’ve known a few songs, even thrown some in a playlist, or two, but I’ve never given them a real listen. I’m listening now. I’m starting from their current album, Women In Music Pt. III and my current favorite track is “Up From a Dream”. It fits my up early morning ears quite well.

Dreams. Mine are always technicolor, 3D, THX sound with special effects vivid. I get lost in them, sometimes not wanting to be found. I wish I could record them somehow. I’d like to capture them, turn them into stories. There in me somewhere though. They have to be. They are part of me, rig

Song 2: “Let Me Roll It” by Paul McCartney and Wings

Paul McCartney and Wings
“Let Me Roll It” by Paul McCartney and Wings – from the album, Band On the Run (1974)

“I can’t tell you how I feel.
My heart is like a wheel.”

My favorite Paul McCartney/Wings song. It reminds me of Chicago and memories from when I lived there.

I recently heard this in the film, Licorice Pizza, and was immediately filled with a slideshow of memories. Music is magic like that.

Song 3: “Love More” by Sharon Van Etten and Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple and Sharon Van Etten
“Love More” by Sharon Van Etten and Fiona Apple – from the album, Epic – Anniversary Version (2020)

“Do what you said the words she said left out.
Over unto the sky where I’ll soon fly.
And she took the time.
To believe in,
to believe in what she said.”

This is gorgeous. A new discovery today that I can’t get enough of.

Sharon Van Etten’s second album, Epic, celebrated it’s 10th anniversary with a track-by-track cover album by various artists. This is Fiona’s cover of “Love More.” I don’t think I could love it more than I do this morning.

Song 4: “Less Than Zero” by The Weeknd

"Less Than Zero" by The Weeknd
The Weeknd
“Less Than Zero” by The Weeknd – from the album, Dawn FM (2022)

“I know,
I’ll always be less than zero.
Oh yeah,
you tried your best with me,
I know,
I couldn’t face you with my darkest truth of all.”

The first album of 2022 that I’ve listened to. I’m enthralled with the Dawn FM post-apocalyptic radio vibe. The opening spoken word/radio announcer had me immediately. The songs are still sinking in – but this one – “Less Than Zero” – had me at first listen.

More to come, I’m certain. I’ll keep listening from my own post-apocalyptic (midst-apocalyptic) pandemic life mainly spent indoors.

Song 5: “Perfect Day” by Karen O and Danger Mouse

Karen O and Danger Mouse
“Perfect Day” by Karen O and Danger Mouse – from the single, “Perfect Day” (2020)

“Just a perfect day.
You made me forget myself.
I thought I was someone else.
Someone good.”

Most likely a song about heroin, but I like to think it’s a song about a day spent with someone you’ve just fallen in love with.

Love this cover.

Give Me Five January 2022

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