Give Me Five...Featuring Liz Phair

Give Me Five…Featuring Liz Phair

Another start of the week. Another new week of June. I had a rough couple of days, not feeling myself, not feeling well physically, or emotionally. But, I feel like I’m back to me a bit more today. I have this restlessness about me, this tug towards change. Part of me is resisting it, but another part of me knows that when my insides are telling me things I should listen. Its hard to know where to start, though.

So today, I’m going to start by taking a deep breath, a big sip of coffee, and by pressing play.

What music is helping you breathe today?

Give Me Five – June 7, 2021

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Song 1: “The Game” by Liz Phair

Liz Phair "The Game" Give Me Five
Liz Phair
“The Game” by Liz Phair – from the album, Soberish (2021)

“By this time tomorrow,
you’re gonna be so far away.
And every time I think we’re solid,
you change the game.”

So excited for the new Liz Phair album. I’ve been listening to her memoir, read by her via audiobook, and loving all the stories she’s chosen to share. It is inspiring as I try to make my way through my own set of memoir stories.

I listened to the new album while driving, from start-to-finish, and “The Game” is my first listen favorite. I think we’ve all been there, in the midst of a hot and cold relationship, never knowing where we stand, what to trust, what to believe in. I think she captures the way that feels perfectly in this song.

If you want to hear more of Liz Phair, and help support her music (and pick-up a copy of the new album for yourself), go here.

Liz Phair "The Game" Give Me Five - Song 1
Liz Phair

Song 2: “For Now” by Zsela

Zsela "For Now" Give Me Five photo by Rob Kulisek
Zsela – Photo by Rob Kulisek
“For Now” by Zsela – from the EP, Ache Of Victory (2020)

“If I gave you all,
I gave you,
all you asked of me.
Now you want in my heart –
Well go on,
take my everything.”

This song is making me cry today. I’m not sure why. I think its stirring up old memories of a love long gone. A lover who is long gone, not just from me, but from the world. There is this pain in the lyrics, a confusion of not knowing what to do, what to want, what to feel except for wanting to save the person who loves you. The person you think you love, too.

It can be so complicated some times.

“For Now”, and the rest of Zsela’s EP, is so wonderful. I’m glad I stumbled on it today.

If you want to hear more of Zsela, and if you want to help support her music, go here.

Zsela "For Now" Give Me Five - Song 2

Song 3: “home with you” by FKA twigs

FKA twigs home with you Give Me Five
FKA twigs
“home with you” by FKA twigs, from the album, MAGDALENE (2019)

“The more you have,
the more that people want from you.
More you burn away,
the more the people earn from you.
More you pull away,
the more that they depend on you.”

Wow, I’m really feeling this song today. All of it. The feel of it. The words being sung.

This one is bringing tears, too. I think I’m just in that mood today. Needing to cry, reaching for music that brings tears.

Sometimes you need to feel all the feelings. Sometimes you need to cry.

If you want to hear more of FKA twigs, or if you want to support her music, go here.

FKA twigs "home with you" Give Me Five - Song 3
FKA twigs

Song 4: “Pills” by The Perishers

The Perishers Pills Give Me Five
The Perishers
“Pills” by The Perishers – from the album, Let There Be Morning (2003)

“One may think we’re alright,
but we need pills to sleep at night.
We need lies to make it through the day.
We’re not okay.”

I’ve been rediscovering old playlists of mine, and this is a song I’d forgotten about, a song I found on one of those old playlists. It hits hard, this song, today. I didn’t think I’d get to this point in life, but I know that it is all part of me getting better. But, right now, I don’t feel very okay.

I wonder what this song made me feel back in 2011, the year of the playlist I found it on.

The Perishers "Pills" Give Me Five - Song 4
The Perishers

Song 5: “Super Sad Generation” by Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks "Super Sad Generation" Give Me Five
Arlo Parks
“Super Sad Generation” by Arlo Parks – from the single, “Super Sad Generation” (2019)

“Yesterday I heard you say,
everything will sort itself if I get to LA.”

Arlo Parks is more and more becoming my favorite artists this year. Every song I discover, and listen to, resonates with me more and more. This is my newest Arlo-song-discovery, and I’m obsessing over it today.

Arlo is fantastic. I hope I get to see her perform live someday.

If you want to hear more from Arlo Parks, and want to help support her music, go here.

Arlo Parks "Super Sad Generation" Give Me Five - Song 5
Arlo Parks

Which of today’s five is your favorite? Are there any songs you’d like me to consider for a future Give Me Five?

June Miller (Uma Thurman), Henry And June

Give Me Five – June 2021

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