"Things" by Paul Westerberg Song Of The Day June 2 Header photo by Paul Natkin

“Things” by Paul Westerberg

Going back to one of the Song Of The Day strategies from May, where one artist leads into another, and another, and another. Let’s see how long this will go.

June 1 Song Of The Day was Pete Yorn’s “June”. Taking Pete and that song and creating a Spotify radio station/playlist from it got us to today’s Song Of The Day from Paul Westerberg. It’s “Things” for June 2.

Cover photo/header by Paul Natkin.

"Things" by Paul Westerberg SOTD June 2
Paul Westerberg
“Things” by Paul Westerberg – from the album, 14 Songs (1993)

“Things I try to tell you,
but come out oh so wrong.
Seem to feel pretty good,
seem to last pretty long.
Things I don`t want to tell you.
Now there ain’t no doubt.
You lit a fire in me,
can`t seem to put out.”

“Things” by Paul Westerberg
from the album, 14 Songs (1993)
Song Of The Day – June 2, 2021

Paul Westerberg "Things" SOTD June 2 LD
Paul Westerberg

Paul Westerberg, originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is probably most known as the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for The Replacements. That’s where I first hear him. I fell for The Replacements around the time of their 1989 album, Don’t Tell A Soul, which led me to their previous releases that I’d fall for, too – Pleased To Meet Me, Tim, and Let It Be.

In 1993, I was browsing the CD racks at the Costa Mesa Tower Records and Paul Westerberg’s album 14 Songs caught my eye. I took it home with me and found myself falling again as I had with The Replacements. “Things” was my first listen favorite.

Paul Westerberg 14 Songs (1993)

Paul had this to say about the song, “Things”:

“’Things’ is one of the songs I had to coax myself into putting on the album. I didn’t want any of that confessional stuff. But I was in the car one day with (Replacements guitarist) Slim Dunlop. He said he had a song, but he didn’t want to put it on his record because it told too much. And I was going, ‘Man, that’s the one you gotta put on the record.’ And as soon as the words came out of my mouth, I knew I had to do the same thing.” (source: Man Without Ties)

Paul Westerberg

The song reminds me of being young, twenty-something young, and falling for someone. Those first rush of feelings, and the insecurities that come, too. Wanting to say something, but not wanting to say something – or maybe, not knowing how to say something. I felt this song SO MUCH back in 1993.

I still feel SO MUCH when I listen to it. It is definitely one of my favorite Paul Westerberg/The Replacements songs.

“Things” (live) by Paul Westerberg

If you’d like to hear more of Paul Westerberg, and if you’d like to help support his music, please visit here.

Do you have a favorite Paul Westerberg song? A favorite, or favorites, by The Replacements? Do you have any special/significant Westerberg/Replacements memories?

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